Baby Girl (A Werewolf Fairytale)

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Chapter 12

I opened my eyes startled, I forgot where I was. Derek moved behind me, making me relax. I rolled over to face him. He smiled, “Good morning.” His hand went to my hip where he stroked my mark. His touch sent my body fluttering into a sensual dance. I closed my eyes and sucked in a breath. His lips found my neck and shoulders. Mmm, bliss. Derek pulled back to look at me again, “I like waking up to you.” I giggled, “me too.” He stood up and went to the bathroom. He came out and went into his closet, dressed and came back out. “I’ll make us some breakfast. Would you like coffee or juice?” I wrinkled my nose, “I don’t drink coffee, juice will be fine.” He kissed my lips and exited the room.

I dressed quickly and brushed my teeth and hair. I added a touch of makeup and went downstairs. The kitchen was light and bright. Derek was at the island loading two plates with breakfast. He winked at me before turning back to the refrigerator. Alpha and Sabrina were seated at a breakfast nook chatting.

“Good morning, Cass. Are we still on for today?” Sabrina asked, her eyes showing their excitement. I totally forgot we had plans to find a suit. I told Derek. I'm still game, if you are. I nodded. “Yes, absolutely. I can’t wait to see Derek in a suit.” I smiled at the thought. “Excellent. Congratulations on your marking, welcome to the family, dear.” Sabrina stood up to embrace me. “I have a few things to attend to, I’ll join you after you finish your breakfast.” Alpha sat down his news paper to kiss his mate then turned to us. “Yes, congratulations. I forgot to say something last night, I’m sure you understand.” I joined Alpha at the table.

Derek sat a plate and a glass of apple juice in front of me. “For you, babe.” He kissed my lips then sat down with his own plate. “Any news?” Derek asked Alpha. “Yes, actually. Ally came up with the idea to donate blood. She was able to and he started healing, not as much as if they were mated, but it did help quite a bit.” Derek smiled, “So they are mates, there’s no question now.” Alpha nodded, "yes, but their being mates isn’t common knowledge, his parents obviously were made aware last night, but hers were not. She did tell me that you two were the only ones that knew of their possible mating, I promised I would not reveal them. It’s up to her if she wants to say anything."

I was confused by parts of their conversation. Derek answered my unspoken question “Werewolves are a little different than humans. Since we heal faster than humans, we rarely need blood. However, if we do require it, only our mate can blood share. If you were to receive blood form anyone but me your body would fight it off.” Ah, makes sense. “So, he's going to be okay?” I looked to Alpha hopeful. “It appears so.” Derek and I finished our breakfast and cleaned up. Sabrina met us at the door, “Why don’t you two ride together, I’ll take my car. I have much to do today.”

We arrived back to the store we were at yesterday. Amelia greeted us with a smile. “Oh, the happy couple! Cass, I have a book of suit pieces, you and Luna Sabrina can pick out your favorites while I get measurements on this charming young man.” Derek was whisked away. I giggled at the look he gave me as he went. “I think an off-white jacket would look nice with black slacks, what do you think?” I am terrible with fashion, I’m so glad Sabrina was here. “That sounds nice.”

Amelia put a jacket on Derek. Sabrina and I looked at each other. “I think off-white isn’t his color," I told Sabrina. “Agreed. Maybe an off white vest with a black jacket.” Amelia switched out jackets and added a vest. I scrunched my nose, “I like the colors, but I don’t like the way they cut his chest.” Sabrina grabbed the book off the table. She flipped through the pages, “what do you think of this one?” I looked at the picture. That would be nice, but it looks short.” She turned the page. We both pointed to a jacket at the same time and we both giggled. Amelia made another switch. It was perfect. “Now for a tie?” She held up a few different ones that would go with the embellishments of my gown. Derek picked his favorite.

“Did you have a chance to choose a location?” Amelia asked as she added a few pins to Derek’s pants. Would it be bad to have it at the gazebo on the lake? I asked Derek remembering it’s a special place to his family. “We have.” Derek gave the directions to Amelia. Sabrina gasped. I turned to her, “I’m sorry, we can change the location." I didn’t want to upset her or cross any boundaries. “No, no. It’s perfect. I was just surprised, that’s all. It’s where Ruben and I had our mating ceremony as well.” She wiped a tear from her eye.

“So, my dear. How are you doing with everything? I know it’s all so new to you.” Sabrina sat back with a cup of tea. “Well, I haven’t really had a chance to breathe yet. Everything is happening so fast, but I'm taking it one day at a time.” Sabrina nodded “It would have been easier if you knew about this life prior to shifting. I did not agree with Ruben keeping it from you, but I do understand his reasons. Still. I’m sorry you had to find out the way you did.” I didn’t know what to say. Thanks? “I will be here to help you transition into Luna. I know it is a daunting task,” she pat my leg. Derek looked at me from the pedestal, Sabrina continued. “You'll be just fine, dear. I’m afraid I do have to run off. You two enjoy the rest of your day.” She kissed us both and left. While Derek went to get dressed, I sent a text to Allie.

How are you holding up?
I'm fine. He hasn't woken up yet. I need a distraction, what are you up to?
I'm just finishing up picking a suit fir Derek. I need to get some clothes. Do you want to meet me?
Absolutey! I'm leaving now, I'll meet you there.

Derek sat beside me. “I can’t believe you’re putting me in a suit.” I giggled. “You looked hot in it, besides it’s a special occasion and I’ll be in a gown.” He pushed a stray hair behind my ear and kissed me. “You’re going to be an excellent Luna.” I dropped my head, he lifted my chin forcing me to look at him. “Sabrina is so amazing and graceful, there’s no way I can compare.” Derek kissed me, “You aren’t supposed to compare to her. You’re supposed to be you. You are amazing. You are attentive and kind hearted, plus you can kick some ass. Mother isn’t a fighter, plus she’ll be there to help you. Not to mention you’ll have Allie and whoever Will mates with.” He kissed me again. “You’re going to be great.”
“He’s right you know. You’re going to be a great Luna.” We turned to see Allie walking toward us. “Not to intrude on your conversation, but I can’t let you think less of yourself. You’re better than that.” I hugged her. “Thanks.” She shook her head, “no, thank you. You were right. I thought I was going to lose him and it scared the shit out of me. I’m not letting him go. As soon as he wakes up, I’m telling him.” I smiled and hugged her again. “I’m so happy for you.”

Derek stood back watching over us. I guess you two have plans? I could feel and awkward sensation, was it jealousy? I just need some new clothes. You're welcome to join us. Derek hmphed. I'll be getting bras and panties too. Derek held a fire in his eyes as he looked me up and down. He looked like he wanted to devour me right then and there. Allie looked at him, “did I miss something?” He cleared his throat, “Not at all. I’ll leave you ladies to your shopping." He gave his credit card to Allie, "don't let her pay for anything" I rolled my eyes. He gave me a quick peck, "I’m going to go check on Dane.” Make sure to get more of those sexy lacy panties. I blushed, Derek kissed me again and headed toward the door. “Let us know if he wakes up, please,” Allie called out. “You got it.” He turned and winked at me, then he was gone.

Allie showed me the best places to shop. We started with every day wear then went on to party clothes. I got some more workout gear then we went to get undergarments. Allie threw a lacy dress thing at me. “Derek would love this.” I held it up, “what is it?” Allie rolled her eyes, “It's called lingerie, don’t be such a prude. You’re already marked, might as well show off your stuff. This is a mild one, they get racier.” It was a pretty lacy baby doll style deep purple nighty with matching lace panties. “Derek would love it, but we technically haven’t done anything yet.” Allie held up another one, this one in black. “But he marked you. And you marked him, I could smell you on him.” I put the black one back and grabbed a cream colored one. “Yes, but we didn’t go any further.” I told her everything without going into too much detail. I told her about the gazebo and how I got scared. I told her how I would’ve let him continue, but he got called away. “I had no Idea he’d saved himself. I always knew he was a good guy, but wow. So you haven’t mated yet, you’ve just marked each other. That’s interesting, usually one leads to the other.” I picked the black one up and added it to my collection after all. Allie and I went for drinks at the soda shoppe. Babe, Dane is waking up. I relayed the message. Allie jumped to her feet, “Let’s go.”

Dane had been moved to a new room that allowed more visitors. Allie led the way. When we got there, Dane still had his eyes closed. “We’ve been talking to him. His eyes keep fluttering, he's trying really hard. His parent are on their way.” Derek greeted us as we walked into the room. He pulled me close to him and held me tight. Will and Zeke were visiting as well. Allie went up to Dane’s bed. She sat beside him and held his hand. “Wake up. You’ve been scaring us all long enough.” She kissed his hand. Zeke stepped beside me with his arms crossed over his chest. Hmph.

Dane’s eyes fluttered. “That’s it, come back to us sleeping beauty,” she continued. Dane let out a grunt. “Come on tough guy, don’t be such a baby.” She gently kissed his lips. She went to pull away, but he held onto her face. He kissed her harder. “look who’s calling who a baby,” he whispered as he wiped a tear from her cheek. She laughed. He looked around the room. “I guess the secret is out.” Will stepped forward clearly confused, “What secret?” Everyone laughed. Zeke grabbed him in a headlock and scrubbed at his head. “They’re mates, ya idiot.” Zeke let him go. “Oh, that’s why she was here last night. I thought she just gave Cass a ride.”

Allie looked to Zeke, he nodded his head. “Come on slacker, let’s get some training in.” He and Will left. “Man I’m glad you’re alright. I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for Allie you wouldn’t be.” Derek spoke as he shook his hand. “Cass and I will leave you to it. Welcome back, I’ll see you later on.” Dane nodded his head “Yeah.” He looked to Allie. I heard him ask Allie what Derek meant as we were closing the door.

We passed Keith and Laura on our way out. We went to Allie’s car so we could put my bags into the back seats of his truck, I text her to let her know. “You really got a lot,” He said after the seventh or eighth bag. “Yeah, I really didn’t have much of a wardrobe before coming here.” He stopped when he got to one bag in particular. I quickly grabbed it from him, “that is not for you to see yet.” I put it in the truck and slammed the door before he could grab it back. “Yet? So it is for me to see at some point?” I locked up Allie’s car. “Maybe." Derek laughed.

Derek drove toward home with me sitting next to him. “Where are we putting everything?“ Derek asked as he kissed my fingers. “What do you mean?” He smiled, “I mean our mating ceremony is in three days. Do you want to just put everything at our house so you don’t have to move it later?” That did make sense. Wait, our house? Three days? I swallowed the lump in my throat. I looked at Derek, really looked at him. He felt me watching him and smiled. “I would like to show you the house, or you can just stare at me.” I thought about all we’ve done together. I’ve known Derek since Sunday, not even a full 72 hours. Talk about moving fast. But we’re not just some humans dating. We’re werewolves and we’re mates. We’re supposed to be together. As Allie said he’s my perfect match. I love him and I want to be with him forever. I can’t image life without him. “Our place.” Derek made a turn, “great.”

We pulled up to a large house. There were two more similar to it situated on either side. It looked like Zeke’s with the balconies, which I loved. But it was a solid wood, like a cabin. Derek grabbed as many bags as he could carry at once, leaving me with just three. We walked up the steps onto the wrap-around porch. The front door was wooden with a glass inlay. I opened the door since his hands were full. “Welcome home.” I marveled at what was to be ours, our home. “I’ll give you the tour in a minute, let’s get these bags put away first.

Derek took the steps two at a time and stopped in front of a set of double doors that were open on both sides. The room was huge! It had light white speckled carpeting just under the bed in a curve. The rest of the floor was a light wood. Opposite the double doors was another set of double doors leading to a deck. There was a fireplace and sitting area with bookshelves and television on one side of the room. On another side were the bathroom and closets, yes two closets.
“This one is for you, love.” He switched on the light and sat the bags on a bench that was in the middle of the closet. One side of the closet had shelving another had bars with hangers. In the middle was a vanity and chair. The best part, there was a window allowing natural light into the closet. It made me giggle in delight. “Do you want to go through these now or later?” I sat my bags down with the others, “Later. I want to see this place.” Derek smiled and took my hand. “Your wish is my command.”

The second floor held two more bedrooms each with their own bathroom, a laundry room, and a smaller room that was next to the master. “This can be your office, unless you want to turn it into a nursery.” He laughed when I gasped. At the end of the hall was another set of stairs. “I took a hint from Zeke.” The third floor was wall to wall entertainment room. It had a different set up, but the games were the same, it also had a snack bar area. “I’m glad you took the hint. I absolutely love this. I can’t wait to have people over to hang out.”

Derek lead me back down to the bottom floor. We began in a cozy sitting room that had the same white speckled carpet that was in the rooms and on the stairs. It had a fireplace and comfy looking furniture. He then lead me to his office. “I know it’s ridiculous, but father’s is even bigger. This room is also soundproofed to keep meetings private.”

He then showed me the dining area that held a table big enough to seat 10 people comfortably. Behind a door was a separate food storage pantry, complete with deep chest freezer. Finally he showed me to the kitchen. The floor was the light wood throughout the bottom floor. The appliances were stainless steel including the dual ovens. The speckled quarts island fit 4 barstools and had a drop in sink big enough for Zeke’s diner. There was also enough room for a breakfast table and chairs.

“Well, what do you think?” Derek asked leaning against the island. “I think I could live here,” I said nonchalant with a shrug of the shoulder. Derek shook his head with a sardonic smile, “you drive me crazy.” He scooped me up placing me on the counter. He kissed me hard and long. I pulled back so I could look at him, “I love you, Derek.” I kissed him softly emitting every emotion I felt for him into his lips. His hands went to my face. He kissed me with the same passion.

My phone rang in my pocket, making me jump. The ID showed Old man. I answered the phone “Hey old man." Zeke wanted me and Derek to come over for dinner tonight with the rest of the family. Derek nodded. “Of course, we’ll be there.” I hopped down form the island heading for the stairs. “Where are you going?” Derek asked trailing behind me. “I’m going to start putting my things away, after that we can get some pizza. I’m starving.” I didn’t let Derek help me because I didn’t want him to see the lingerie. He said he had some business to take care of and stayed in his office.

I finished quickly and went to join him. I knocked on the door to his office. He looked up from his computer and smiled, “You ready?” I nodded. He grabbed his keys and put them in my hand. “You drive. You need to start learning the area.” I took the roads slowly, I hadn’t driven for a few months. His truck was easy and smooth to drive. We made it to Vinny’s after Derek corrected me on a few almost missed turns.

“Cass!” Matt called from across the restaurant. I waved to him. Nate snuck up behind me and barked like a dog. I nearly jumped through my skin, luckily Derek was there to catch me, and literally keep me in my skin. The twins were laughing hysterically along with the two friends they were with. I whacked Nate’s arm, “Nate! That wasn’t funny, I almost shifted, smart ass.” He rubbed at his arm, “I know, Will told us what happened yesterday, that would’ve been awesome! I think you bruised me.”

“Serves you right. You should know better than to mess with her by now." Derek shrugged his shoulder. “We’re going to train after lunch, wanna come?” Nate asked hopeful. “Only if I get to take you both on at the same time.” The twins looked to each other. “You’re on!” “Oh yeah!” Derek laughed, “then let’s get you fed." He ordered a pizza, wings, and fries, plus a Dr. Pepper for me. The food came out piping hot and we dug in.

The twins introduced us to their friends, Trevor and Felix, while waiting for us to finish. They’re rogues that they met at the movie theater. They left their pack because they were a “disgrace,” what ever that means. They’re only allowed on pack territory as long as they’re supervised. They stay at the pack house for now. “Are you guys coming to the training center?” Felix, his long brown hair pulled back into a braid, nodded his head, “Yeah, we’re looking forward to meeting their dad. They’ve really talked him up.” Trevor continued “Yeah they say he’s the best trainer there is.”

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