Baby Girl (A Werewolf Story)

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Chapter 4

I decided I wanted to stay with the Davis’s. After breakfast Zeke and Gina began cleaning up while Allie showed me to the guest room. It was a large room, bigger than the studio. It had it’s own bathroom, a queen sized bed, and a walk-in closet. But the best thing was the balcony. The view was incredible! The trees were beautiful, the air was fresh and crisp. The sky was blue with puffs of clouds here and there. This is exactly what I had been craving for weeks.

“Cass, you want to go shopping with me?” I turned to Allie. She had a hopeful expression on her face. I was never a shopper, per se. I got most of my clothes at the salvation army. I didn’t want to disappoint her though. “Yeah sure. Only, Zeke said I should stay in pack territory until I get my wolf under control.” She giggled. “There are places to shop in pack territory. It’s not far from here.”

I slowly nodded. “Okay. I guess I can go then.” Her smile brightened. “Great! Oh Daddy sent the boys to get all your things, so it should all be here when we get back. Do you want to change or anything before we go?” I looked down at my clothes. I wore a plain tank top and jeans. “Do I need to?” She smiled “Of course not, you look great. I just want you to be comfortable. Some girls like dressing up to shop.”

“Oh. Well, I’m not one of those, that’s for sure.” Allie giggled. “Great. I’m not either.” She grabbed my hand and lead me to the garage which held her car and several other vehicles. She was cute. Her hair was shiny and pulled back into a perfect braid that reached her mid back. She wore make up, but it was natural looking. She wore a slim pair of light jeans and a cute white top with black sleeves and a black pocket. She wasn’t plain, but she wasn’t fake either.

We were riding back toward the hospital. “Oh, I need your number. The boys and mom will probably want it too. Here, text me and I’ll send them all a text.” I looked down at my lap. “I don’t have one. Zeke is the only person I really talked to and he was always at the diner.” Allie made a turn and stopped in front of a group of stores. There were several restaurants, some with outdoor seating. There were a variety of shops and stores. There was a gas station, and even a bank. People were walking in and out, going on with their every day lives. “We’ll have to fix that first. This way."
She lead me to an electronics store and had me pick out a phone. “Birthday present from Daddy.” She winked. My eyes grew bigger at that statement. “I can’t just have Zeke buy me a phone. It’s a monthly bill.” She shooed my concern away. “Sure you can. He told me too. Look.” She held up her phone.

Get her a phone, and don’t let her tell you no. Birthday present from me.
Typical. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. I picked out the least expensive one that had internet connection. As soon as it was ready, I got Zeke’s number and sent him a text.
Thank you, Old man. You’re the best!
Love ya, Baby girl. Happy birthday.

The big softie. That brought a tear to my eye. No one has ever said that to me, or texted in this case. “Hey, are you alright?” Allie was concerned by my getting choked up. “I’m fine. I’m just a little overwhelmed by all this. You all are so nice to me and you don’t even know me.” She nodded her understanding. “Daddy has been telling us about you since the day you showed up at the diner. You’re practically part of the family already. You know he loves that you call him old man. He thinks its hilarious.” I giggled. “Alright, next stop. I need shoes. Come on.”

We walked past a few shops to get to the shoe store. They had everything. I looked down at my torn old converse that I bought used a year ago. I missed my combat boots. Allie was trying on a pair of heels. “What do you think?” I had never worn heels. They looked alright to me, I guess. “They look fine. I’m sorry I’m not good with fashion, especially shoes, so my judgment is probably worthless. I’ve only really worn combat boots and converse.”

“Do you want to try something new for a change? Its okay if you don’t like them, but sometimes change can be fun.” This was certainly a change. She was right though. I would never know what I like if I don’t try them. “Sure, I’ll try some.” I looked around until I found a few pairs of shoes to try on. I had a pair of combat boots (of course). But I also found some street shoes, a few sandals and flip flops, and what Allie called ballet flats. They were all surprisingly very comfortable. Allie treated me to 3 pairs of shoes “for my birthday” but I bought my boots. I ended up with the ballet flats, a sandal, and a pair of chucks.

We took the bags to her car and decided to get some lunch. We decided on pizza “This is the best pizza for miles, trust me. I recently went on a road trip, I tried every pizza place and ice cream shop I came across.” I was used to the cheap pizza in town. It wasn’t bad, but I really had nothing to compare it to. We entered Vinny’s and the fresh aromas hit my nose. I inhaled and my mouth began to water. It wasn’t just a pizza shop, they had a wide selection of American-Italian delights. They had pastas and breads of course, but they also had desserts. Cannoli’s, tiramisu, even Italian ice was listed on the board. Allie looked at me like, yeah girl, I know. “What do you want on your pizza?”

We decided on a deluxe, we were about to start eating when Allie started quietly growling. It was soft, but I could hear it. I looked behind me to what she was looking at. Two girls, what I would describe as your typical hoebags, walked in. One had dyed black hair, the other was dyed blond with dark roots. They both wore makeup that was at least 3 shades too dark covering their entire face with dark eyeshadow and red lips. They were dressed in really short skin-tight dresses. Their boobs were pressed up but their tops hung so low I was afraid of a nip slip. They completed the trashy look with really tall heels. Did I mention it’s lunch time. They looked like they were going to a frat party and looking to score.

“Allie, how’s that sexy brother of yours? I miss him.” Blond haired Hoebag smirked. Allie rolled her eyes, “better, now that he dumped your skanky ass. Vanessa, why do you torture yourself, you know he doesn’t like whores.” Allie retorted making me chuckle to myself.

“You better watch it. When I’m Luna you’ll be packing your bags.” Black haired Hoebag decided to chime in. Ally raised an eyebrow to her. “Priscilla, you should be careful. Delusions are a sign of mental illnesses, you might want to get that checked out.” Gosh, I love Allie. Not only is she kind and real, but she’s also witty. With Zeke as a dad, I’m sure she’s tough too. I am definitely going to hang around her more often. Priscilla growled, lacking a comeback. Allie beat her to a retort. “Run along. Unlike you two I care about what goes in my mouth, and my pizza is getting cold.

I couldn’t hold in my snickers. Allie was amazing. Black haired hoebag, Priscilla, looked my way. “What the fuck are you laughing at? Who are you any way and what are you doing on my territory? You’re not from my pack.“ Oh, she’s so lucky I’m hungry. I would rip her apart. I looked her up and down. Just looking at her, I could tell she’s not a fighter, she wouldn’t stand a chance. She'd be a waste of time.

Allie clicked her tongue “there you go with the delusions again. Really, hon I’m worried about you. But since you asked, this is my sister Cass. You two hoes might want to get used to her being here. Cass meet the biggest sluts in Wyoming. Priscilla and Vanessa. Priscilla thinks she’s dating the Alpha’s son because he was drunk one night and made out with her. But really he can’t stand her.” Priscilla growled. Allie smirked then continued. “And Vanessa over here was dating Will, but the dumb whore ruined that when she was caught giving head to a human that’s still in high school.” It was Vanessa’s turn to growl.

Priscilla really wasn’t very smart, she just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. “Allie, I think you’re the one that’s becoming delusional. Everyone knows you don’t have a sister.” She turned to me. So as I already asked, who the fuck are you.” I just smiled. Allie called me her sister. I was so touched. Allie rolled her eyes, her face clearly showed she’d had enough. Allie got to her feet. She was tiny and barely came up to Vanessa’s chin. But she wasn’t afraid. Allie growled. “Move along or I will make you.” She looked both of them in the eye. “Whatever Allie.” Vanessa said before they both left with their tails between their legs.

“Wow, you're fierce.” I told Allie before I tore into a slice of pizza. It was really good, Allie wasn’t kidding. I bet it would’ve been better hot. Allie laughed. “I’ve always hated those two. They’re all talk. But they know I would kick both their skanky asses and not break a sweat.” She started eating her pizza. “Zeke taught you, didn’t he?” she swallowed her bite. “Of course. And I train constantly with my brothers. Daddy told us you’re pretty good too. He said we need to spar. When I shift he’ll teach me to fight in my wolf form. I cant wait.” Her eyes sparkled.

The thought of fighting in wolf form sounded exciting to me too. But shifting again did not. Zeke said it only hurts the first time though. “When are you 18?” I asked her. “April 2nd. So pretty soon. What was it like to shift?” I thought back to all the pain. “It was scary and painful. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I didn’t know about any of this until this morning.”

Allie looked confused. “You didn’t know you were a werewolf? Daddy never mentioned that. When he found you, he just told us you were a young rogue and he needed to look after you.” I shook my head. “I had no idea. Alpha told him not to say anything unless I came here, since I never did, he couldn’t.” Allie became thoughtful. “What is it? You look like you’re thinking about something.” She smiled. “Oh, I was just wondering who your mate will be and if he’s in our pack.”

“Mate?” I know the definition of mate, but I don’t know what it means for a werewolf. Allie had a surprised look on her face. “Oh, Cass.” She giggled. “Your mate is the one person in the world you’re meant to be with. He’s your perfect match.” I didn’t know what to think about having a mate somewhere. Allie continued. “When you find him you’ll know. He’ll have the best scent and once you lock eyes, you’ll be drawn to him like a moth to a flame. It’s not one sided, he’ll feel the same about you. Some mates mark each other as soon as they meet, but I think it’s something that should be done in private. I think I know who my mate is already, but I won’t know for sure until after I shift.”

Allie and I went back to eating. I never had a pizza that tasted so good. We finished the whole pie, just the two of us. Allie sent my number out to different people while I cleaned up our table. I went to get a refill of my soda when Allie came up to me. “So, what are you planning on wearing to the barbecue?” She gave me my phone. “I was just planning on wearing this.” She looked me over. “Its your 18th birthday. It’s kind of a big deal in pack life. The barbecue is in honor of you for your birthday. I would suggest dressing up. There’s going to be a lot of people there, including the Alpha and his Luna. But it’s totally up to you.”

“I thought the barbecue was going to be just us.” I started wringing my hands. A party for me. This is a first. “I’ve never had a birthday party. I don’t know. I… I… “ I looked up at Allie. She’s been nothing but nice to me. She knows the way things work. She’s Zeke’s daughter. I think I should trust her. “What do you suggest?” She smiled at me. “I’ve got an idea… how do you feel about dresses?” My eyes bugged and I swallowed a big lump in my throat.
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