Atoned Souls MC - Dorian "Rabbit" Ponder -- BOOK 1

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19-year old Katrina Collins is a college student, living on her own, and stays to herself. Having escaped from her abusive home-life, she vows to keep her nose in her studies and not alarm anyone as to who she really is. 30-year old Dorian Ponder is the VP of Sacred Souls MC. He spends most of his time at the clubhouse or doing work for the clubhouse, and he has usually just settles for a club whore than invest in a woman when he needs to get a piece. When Dorian hasn't been home in almost three months, so when he pulls up he realizes that he now has a neighbor. He could never plan how different his life is about to become when he meets Katrina.

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Chapter 1

<Dorian "Rabbit" Ponder>

I haven't been home in almost three months. I miss my own bed, sitting on my own couch, watching my own tv, using my own shower. I just miss my own stuff. Since I'm not shackled down to an old lady, and I don't have any kids to deal with, I do a lot of the out-of-town jobs for the MC. I'm also in pretty high demand because I have a scary ability to find out information about things that otherwise can't be found.

I pull up in my driveway, turn off my bike, and take a deep breath...finally I am home. As I am getting my duffle bag unhooked from my bike, a car pulling into the house next door catches my eye. Out steps this very petite brunette girl, and I feel bad for looking at her because she doesn't look old enough to be legal. She doesn't even look up at me, but I can tell she is a very beautiful girl. God, if you are listening...please let this be a sign that a college girl sorority has moved in next door to me.

I wait a couple of minutes in hopes that my new neighbor might come back out to her car, but I lose patience and decided to get myself in the house and clean up. I walk into the house and take my bag straight to the laundry room to put clothes in the washer. I strip down tossing those clothes in the washer as well so I can wash these nasty ass clothes. Now for a well-deserved hot shower! When I walk into the bathroom, I look out of the window and notice my neighbor is sitting at a picnic table under the huge oak tree in the yard. She has a pile of books in front of her, and she is writing at a speed that I can't even comprehend. I wonder what has her studying so hard.

I get done with my shower, admire my toned body in the mirror, get dressed and head to the kitchen to see if I happen to have anything left in the freezer that I can cook for dinner later. Ha! I hit the jackpot. I have two steaks that I had already marinated and froze a few months ago. That will do. Looks like I will be grilling this the backyard...

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