Falling for Us

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Chapter 9 - Michael’s POV

Next day at 9:30 in the morning... I open my eyes as I sigh deeply and I get up from my old bed as I walk toward my old bathroom to take a long shower and changed.

I walk down of the stairs after I got ready as I see Anastasia is in our kitchen with my parents, I gulp slowly as I walk into our kitchen and I see my mom is cooking foods with Anastasia and I sigh deeply.

I walk toward my mom as I hug her tightly after she notices that I walk to her as I feel my mom hugged me back tightly.

“Hey sweetie.” Mia smiles softly as she rubs my back softly and she asks in a curious voice, “How are you doing?”

“I’m good.” I sigh deeply as I nodded slowly.

Mia nodded as she pulls away from me and she notices that I look like I want to cry so badly and she says, “No, you’re not fine because I could tell that you’re hurting.”

I sigh deeply as I nodded slowly and I say, “I am... I am just hurting so badly and I don’t know how I can handle it.”

“How come?” Mia raises her eyebrows in confusion as she sighs deeply after she noticed that I didn’t say anything for a few seconds and she says, “I know... I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you or Mackenzie last month for Thanksgiving dinner, I know it is hurting you badly, Mike...”

“It is mom!” I snap as I look at my mom with a glaring look and I shake my head slowly.

“Mike...” Lincoln looks at me with a warning look as he shakes his head.

“Really dad?” I look up at my dad with a glaring look for a second and I say, “I didn’t find out because my friends were here with me for Thanksgiving dinner...” I mumble softly as I sigh deeply after I put my hands on my face to calm myself down because I’m so pissed off and hurt so badly.

“It wasn’t the right time.” Mia mumbles softly as she sighs deeply and she says, “I went to the doctor after you moved to VA.”

I look at Mia with a shocked and angry look and I ask in an angry voice, “You what?!”

Mia jumps up softly at my outburst as she closes her eyes for a second and she says, “Yeah... I passed out...”

“Why?” I raise my eyebrows in confusion as I wrap my arms around my chest and I say in an angry voice, “I mean I drove there for 2 hours... unpack my stuff at my new apartment and you didn’t bother to tell me or Mackenzie that you have cancer!!!”

Anastasia sighs deeply as she sees I look really angry and hurt...

My parents should’ve not kept their secret from me or Mackenzie... it pissed us off...

I feel Anastasia’s hand on my back to rub my back to calm myself down but I’m really pissed off and I say, “I’m going to take a walk...”

“Michael...” Anastasia shakes her head as she looks at me with a begging look and she says, “Let her explain to you...”

I shake my head as I sigh deeply and I say, “I don’t think it’s a good idea.” I walk out of our kitchen and left Anastasia with my parents.

I don’t understand why I did do that, just walk away from them... I’m just shocked and speechless about it, but I’m more hurt because I don’t really want to lose my mom over cancer, it broke my freaking heart!

I sigh deeply as I shake my head slowly and I walk around for a little bit to think deeper about what I really need to do.

30 minutes later... I came back to my parents’ house and I finally calmed down since I have been thinking deeper about how I really feel about my parents because I was really sad and I have no idea what to do.

I notice Anastasia is sitting on the porch with her laptop since she’s working on her book.

Anastasia looks up at me from her laptop as she smiles softly and she says, “Hey Mike...”

“Hi.” I sigh deeply and I say, “I’m so sorry...”

“That’s fine... I understand but you need to talk to your mom about how you feel because your mom is concerned about you.”

I nodded slowly as I sigh deeply and I ask in a curious voice, “What are you doing for the rest of a day?”

Anastasia shrugs and she says, “Ummm... I have no plans so far since I’m going to work on my book all day long.”

“Oh okay...” I smile softly and I ask in a curious voice, “Do you want to go somewhere with me like going out to eat for dinner and see the Christmas light?” I see Anastasia looks at me with a happy look after I noticed that Anastasia had been sitting outside and doing work on her book.

“Sure, I can go with you as long as you will express your feelings to me.” Anastasia looks at me with a worried look.

“Okay, that’s fine.” I sigh deeply as I look at Anastasia with a happy look and I say, “Move over.” I walk toward the bench where Anastasia sits since Anastasia had her legs up on the bench and I see Anastasia’s legs pull down as I sit down next to her.

“Would you explain to me?” Anastasia raises her eyebrows in confusion as she looks up at me from her MacBook since she was working on her new book.

I sigh deeply as I shake my head and I let my tears fill up on my eyes and I say, “I don’t know.”

Anastasia looks at me but does not say anything... she lets me speak since she wouldn’t interrupt me at all.

“I mean... it hurt me so badly that my mom has cancer... maybe brain cancer... I know it would definitely hurt my dad and my sister.” I shake my head as I let my tears fall down on my cheeks and I say, “I really don’t want to lose my mom at all... I’m really scared.”

Anastasia pulls me a hug since her laptop on another side so she wouldn’t break her laptop if her laptop fell. She lets me cry out on her shoulder.

I have been crying for a few minutes, I just don’t understand why my mom should not have cancer, it broke us so badly.

Anastasia sighs deeply and she says, “I know it hurts you so badly which I really understand...”

I nodded slowly as I look up at my mom and she smiles weakly and I say, “Hi mom.”

“Hi sweetie... lunch’s ready if you guys hungry.” Mia sees we pull away from a hug.

“Okay...” I smile softly as I see Mia walks back inside as I see Anastasia looks at me with a neutral look since she smiles softly and she puts her hand on my cheeks to wipe my tears away from my eyes.

“Here you go.” Anastasia gets up from the bench as she grabs her laptop and she says, “Come on, I think you need to talk to your mom.”

“Okay.” I get up from the bench as I walk toward her and we went inside of my parents’ house.

I sigh deeply as we went toward our kitchen to grab food for lunch and I notice that my mom is really tired and my dad is helping her...

I smile weakly as I see my dad looks at me and he nodded slowly since he understands how much I was in pain.

Mia sighs deeply and she asks in a curious voice, “Are you ok?”

I nodded slowly as I sigh deeply and I say, “I should be.” I see Anastasia grabs food on my plate and her plate and I say, “But... I’m really disappointed that you didn’t tell me or Mackenzie about your cancer, mom.”

Mia nodded in understanding and she says, “You know you can ask me anything if you want.”

“Okay... what kind of cancer do you have? Brain?” I see Mia nodded as I close my eyes for a second and I open my eyes and I ask in a curious voice, “How long do you know about cancer?”

“About 4 months after you moved to VA to chase your own dream for a job.” Mia sighs deeply as she smiles weakly and she says, “I have been going to the hospital for chemotherapy and radiation... I feel okay right now... your dad has been taking care of me and making sure I’m okay.”

“Really?” I see Mia nodded slowly as I sigh deeply.

I notice that my mom seems a little off and she has her darker brown hair like caramel hair, she looks really beautiful even though she has cancer, it broke her so badly, she looks a little thin and she has her hair which it’s really good but I know that her cancer would probably kill her...

Anastasia looks at me with a sad look after I snap out of my thought as I gulp slowly.

Mia looks at me with a neutral look and she says, “Go ahead eat... you probably are hungry.”

I nodded but I have no words through my mouth... I walk toward the dining table to eat my lunch with Anastasia.

20 minutes later... Anastasia and I finished eating our lunch and I told Anastasia to get ready because we would go out for a while.

I’m sitting on the chair with my mom and we talked a lot and we expressed our feelings, it helps us a lot... I went upstairs to get ready.

I hope I have a good day with Anastasia today...
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