Falling for Us

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Chapter 14

My Present:

I sigh deeply as I see Anastasia is still sleeping on my parents’ couch since we have been here for a couple of days... my mom told me that Mackenzie is coming over tomorrow to stay with us for a while...

I turn around to our family room TV to watch a movie since I couldn’t even sleep at all... I couldn’t even stop thinking about my conversation with my mom.

I see Mia walks into our family room with her robe on and she’s smiling softly.

“Hey Mike... why are you up?” Mia walks toward our other family room couch as she sits down.

“Can’t sleep...” I sigh deeply and I say, “I can’t stop thinking about you like you have cancer... it just pissed me off...”

“I understand, Mike...” Mia sighs deeply and she says, “But your dad and I will go to the hospital for chemotherapy and radiation for a while... but you and Anastasia need to go back to VA and focus on education for a while.”


“No buts Michael... I’m serious...” Mia sighs deeply and she says, “Since your dad and I are living in DC. But I have been thinking about moving somewhere with your dad when you become older...”

“Really?” I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

“Yeah, your dad and I discussed about it and we love DC so much... I would go to the hospital in DC all the time.”

“You know if I’m going live in VA with Anastasia and her friends, it would take me like an hour or two hours away from DC.” I smile softly.

“Yeah, that’s true.” Mia smiles softly and she says, “Ana is so sweet.”

I turn around to Anastasia as I see Anastasia’s still sleeping peacefully with her messy bun hair, she wears her tank top and sweatpants, she has a comfortable blanket covering her on the couch and I nodded as I turn around to my mom and I say, “Yeah, very so much... I’m really glad that Ana is here.”

“Same here, I don’t like Liz at all.” Mia shakes her head and she says, “That’s hard because she didn’t do the right thing for you.”

I shake my head and I say, “No, she cheated on me like three times and I gave her many chances... I heard that Liz is dating someone else new.” I shrug and I say, “I’m happy for her so she can focus on her own life and her own boyfriend instead of me.”

“I agree with you Mike... when I met Anastasia on Thanksgiving break, she is very sweet and smart, she knows what she’s going to say... I think she is the one for you in the future.” Mia smiles softly and she says, “You have been single since you were 18...”

“Yeah... I love being single, I don’t have to worry about adding more stress on me like I had chest pain before.” I sigh deeply.

I had chest pain a few times because I was so stressed out due to Liz, she cheated on me and she caused me to feel more stressed out, I had to go ER because my chest became painful and I had a hard to breathe because my chest wouldn’t stop pain for 2 days straight... my parents were so worried about me and they wanted to make sure I was okay...

“I understand, that’s why Anastasia always wants to make sure you’re okay and she didn’t really want to see you feel sad all the time.” Mia sighs deeply and she says, “When you went out to take a walk, Ana was helping me with dishes and clean our kitchen and she wants to make sure I’m doing okay, then Anastasia went outside and work on her book, Ana asked me about my book since she loves my book so much.”

“Yeah, your book is so good mom.” I smile softly.

“I know... but I’m sure that Anastasia is a great girl for you... I hope you and Anastasia will be together... maybe marry her one day.” Mia smiles softly.

“Mom... don’t...” I sigh deeply as I shake my head, it’s my big fear that she wouldn’t see my wedding or meet her grandchildren...

“I know... I know it is really hard... but your dad and I will fight my cancer and I wouldn’t ever leave you or Mack...” Mia smiles sadly and she says, “I promise...”

“I know mom... I’m going to wake Anastasia up so we can go to bed.”

“Okay sweetie...”

I smile softly as I see Mia get up and she walks away from us as I turn around to Anastasia and I put my hand on Anastasia’s arm to shake her gently to wake her up and I say, “Ana...”

“Mmmm?” Anastasia’s still sleeping.

I chuckle softly and I say, “Wake up... we should go sleep on the bed...”

Anastasia opens her eyes and she says, “The couch is so soft and very comfortable.” Anastasia sits up as she yawns.

I chuckle softly and I say, “I know it is... but get up.” I smile softly as I get up from our couch and I see Anastasia get up from our couch and I say, “But... I think we will sleep on the couch tomorrow if you want to.”

“Okay, I’m in.” Anastasia smiles softly and she asks in a curious voice, “What’s our plan tomorrow?”

I shrug as I sigh deeply and I say, “I’m not sure but I know that my parents are going to the doctor to talk about cancer, I think I want to go with them.”

“Okay, that’s fine... but do you want me to come?” Anastasia walks with me to the stairs.

“Ummm... if you want to? Maybe you would be bored.”

“Nah, I can go with you...” Anastasia smiles big as she looks at me.

“Okay, thank you for coming with me.”


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