Falling for Us

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Chapter 15

4 weeks later... I am at the hospital with my parents and Anastasia, we have to go back tonight to VA... because Anastasia and I couldn’t miss more class and work, our bosses understood about my situation with my family...

I see Anastasia is using her phone to talk to her mom since I’m in the waiting room with Anastasia while my parents are in the room with the doctor.

“Okay mom... I’ll call you later tonight, love you mom... bye.” Anastasia pulls her phone away from her ear as she puts her phone down on her purse and she says, “Sorry about that, my mom was kinda little worried about me.”

“That’s fine.” I smile softly as I see Anastasia has her messy bun and she has her black legging and white hoodie and I say, “Thank you for coming with me, I do appreciate that...”

“Anytime, I’m glad that I could come.” Anastasia smiles softly.

Anastasia and I had been hanging out a lot the past 4 weeks, we drank a lot of coffee together since she made so good coffee, I don’t think I want to be with anyone else... only her...

“What’s your plan tomorrow?” I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

“Work... for sure...” Anastasia sighs deeply and she says, “I couldn’t miss work more...” Anastasia grabs her hair to tuck behind her ear and she says, “I mean... I love DC a lot...”

“I know. Same here!” I chuckle softly as I see Lincoln walks out of the room and he walks toward us and I say, “Hey dad.”

“Hey... mom is still in her hospital room, she’s doing okay.” Lincoln smiles weakly.

“Dad... it sounds like you guys have bad news.” I raise my eyebrows in confusion as I’m getting nervous...

Lincoln sighs deeply and he says, “She is on stage 3 of her brain cancer...” Lincoln shakes his head and he says, “But she’ll be okay...”

I look at my dad with a sad look but I have no words out of my mouth... I nodded slowly as I feel Anastasia puts her hand on my back to rub my back softly.

“Your mom wants to see you.” Lincoln looks at me with a sad look and he says, “Since you and Ana will go back to VA today, her doctor wouldn’t let her get out of the hospital for a while.”

“Oh okay... I’m going to bring Ana with me.” I turn around to Anastasia as I look at Anastasia with a sad look and I ask in a curious voice, “Can you come?”

“Sure.” Anastasia nodded slowly.

“I’m going get coffee, do you guys want one?” Lincoln looks at us with a confused look as he sees our head shakes by 'no'.

“Ummm... we are okay... but we will grab a coffee before we leave to go back to VA.” I smile weakly as I see my dad nodded and we walk toward Mia’s hospital room as we walk into her hospital room and I say, “Hi mom.”

“Hey guys.” Mia smiles big as she sits up slowly and she asks in a curious voice, “Do you know what time you guys leave to go VA?”

“Umm... like 4:30pm... because we would drive there for 2 hours.” I shrug as I see Anastasia sitting on the chair while my mom and I are talking.

“Okay... since it’s 1:30pm right now... I will be fine because your dad will be with me for the whole time.” Mia smiles softly.

“I know mom...” I sigh deeply and I say, “But I can’t help it, I’m worried about you.”

“Don’t worry about me, focus on your education.”

“Okay mom.”

2 hours later... Anastasia and I just left the hospital, I promised my mom that I’ll call her tomorrow evening to chat with her, my mom does really like Anastasia a lot because my mom is really happy that she had a chance to meet her, I sigh slowly, we drove to VA right now since we are still in Baltimore, MD...

Anastasia turns around to me as she looks at me with a worried look and she asks in a curious voice, “You ok?”

I shake my head as I sigh deeply and I say, “No...”

Anastasia drives to the side of the road as she presses a warning triangle and she says, “Talk to me.”

“I don’t want to lose my mom.” I look at Anastasia as I let my tears fill up on my eyes and I say, “I’m really scared...”

“I know... I’ll always be here for you no matter what, ok? I know it’s really hard and it really sucks...” Anastasia looks at me and she says, “If you need me to stay at your apartment, I can.”

“You don’t have to do that.” I smile softly as I let my tears falling down on my cheeks and I say, “Thank you.”

“You sure?”

“I’m positively sure.” I smile weakly as I sigh deeply and I wipe my tears away from my eyes.

“Okay...” Anastasia nodded as she drives us to my apartment since she picked me up from my apartment since I didn’t want to drive myself.

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