Falling for Us

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Chapter 22

4 months later... I’m at the hospital with my mom, she’s having a bad time with her cancer, it kills her sometimes but she’s doing well right now...

I’m sitting on the chair as I sigh deeply and I see my mom’s still sleeping on her hospital bed, I am calling Anastasia on my phone since Mia is still sleeping on her hospital bed.

I hear her gorgeous voice as I smile softly and I say, “Hey Ana.”

“Hey handsome... you ok?” Anastasia raises her eyebrows in confusion.

“I guess so...” I sigh deeply and I say, “It’s really hard...” I close my eyes for a few seconds as I open my eyes and I notice my mom’s still sleeping and I say, “I’m sad that you’re not here with me.”

“I’m sorry Mike, I need to focus on work and school.” Anastasia shrugs and she says, “I’ll be here no matter what...”

“I know... I feel more comfortable that you’re here with me.” I admit as I smile softly and I say, “You always make me smiles on my face all the time.”

“Well because I love to make you happy... I know it’s really hard for you. I completely understand and I want to know if you need anything.” Anastasia smiles softly, I could tell Anastasia smiles at me through the phone.

I couldn’t stop thinking about my conversation with my mom about Anastasia because I slowly am falling in love with Anastasia... I don’t know how I could tell her that...

“I’m glad you are in my life.” I smile softly as I see my mom opens her eyes and I say, “My mom is up... don’t you mind if I call you later?”

“Of course not.” Anastasia smiles softly.

“Okay... thank you... I’ll call you later.” I sigh deeply as I pull my phone away from my ear and I see my mom’s looking at me as she smiles softly at me and I say, “Hey mom.”

“Hey Mike, are you okay?” Mia raises her eyebrows in confusion as she sees I get up from the chair and I walk toward her hospital bed as I sit down on her hospital bed.


“Michael, what’s wrong?” Mia sighs deeply as she looks at me with a worried look.

“I’m hurting that you have 4 stages of your brain cancer.” I sigh deeply as I shake my head and I say, “I really don’t know how to handle that you will die.”

Mia sighs deeply as she nodded in understanding and she says, “I know it’s hurting you so badly... but you have to live your life.”

I look at Mia with an angry look and I say, “Mom----”

“Michael, stop it... you have to live your life... I know you love Anastasia so much, I’m not even stupid because she always makes you smile on your face and always be there for you and I know you do love her... she loves you too... I could tell by her expression... you should be with her... no matter what...” Mia smiles softly.

“I know but if you die, I would be so focusing on your death mom.” I sigh deeply as I smile weakly.

My mom isn’t wrong about how I feel about Anastasia because I do really like her and I do falling in love with her but I’m really scared about what will happen because my mom is going to die and I wouldn’t be around her anymore.

“Sweetie, don’t focus too much okay?” Mia sighs deeply.

“Okay mom.” I smile weakly.

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