Falling for Us

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Chapter 23

My Present:

3 days later... Anastasia, Mackenzie, Lincoln, and I are at home with Mia... Mia wouldn’t make it... we are in their bedroom, we are sitting on their bed.

I see Anastasia looks at me with a worried look as she sighs deeply, she wouldn’t say anything because she knew it will hurting me so badly. She gives me a weak smile.

“Michael...” Mia sighs weakly as she sees I turn around to Mia and she says, “You’re so handsome... you better keep Anastasia... remember our conversation...”

I nodded as I smile softly and I say, “I will mom.”

Mia looks at Anastasia as she smiles weakly and she says, “You’re so good to my son, I really don’t want Michael to lose you... he does really like you... I know you do like him.”

Anastasia nodded as she lets her tears falling down on her cheeks and she says, “I will.” Anastasia puts her hand on my shoulder as she squeezes my shoulder lightly.

3 hours later... we had been talking to Mia for a hours but Mia keeps in and out conscious and Anastasia, Mackenzie, and I are in our kitchen to give Lincoln and Mia time.

Mackenzie sighs deeply as she closes her eyes to try to not break down in tears and she says, “It would be so hard.”

“I know Mack...” I shake my head as I look at Mackenzie and I say, “It’s okay to cry.”

“I know...” Mackenzie sighs deeply as she opens her eyes and she says, “It’s really hard.”

“Trust me... it is.” Anastasia sighs deeply and she says, “Your mom does really like me a lot and she told me to make sure you guys would be okay.”

“I’m glad that you’re here with us.” Mackenzie smiles weakly as we see Lincoln walks out of their bedroom and we see Lincoln has been crying a lot.

“Your mom died.” Lincoln sighs deeply as he shakes his head and he says, “She’s gone.”

Mackenzie broke down in tears and she starts crying hard as she walks toward Lincoln to give him a hug tightly... for me... I couldn’t speak... I’m just speechless...

My mom died... she’s gone... I couldn’t stop listening to what Lincoln says to us... I’m angrier about cancer... cancer killed my mom.

“Mike?” Anastasia looks at me with a worried look as she sees I look at Anastasia and she sighs deeply and she says, “Come on...”


“Anywhere...” Anastasia pulls me up as she walks out of their condo with me and she says, “Cry out.”

“I’m fine.” I mumble softly.

“Michael... cry out... I know you’re hurting right now.” Anastasia looks at me with a sad look.

I look at Anastasia as I broke down in tears and I cry harder. I’m so angry... I want my mom back... I want her laughs and she always loves teasing me, Mackenzie, and Lincoln so much... she’s my best friend...

“It’ll be okay...” Anastasia rubs my back with her hand and she says, “Keep crying.”

I couldn’t stop crying for hours... it’s not fair... I don’t really understand why...

3 weeks later... 3 weeks was really horrible... I couldn’t eat or sleep for 2 weeks, I had been crying a lot and I felt so overwhelmed with what happened with my mom... Anastasia was so wonderful to take care of me and make sure I’m okay... she cooked foods for me when I couldn’t make it for myself, she always sleeps on my bed with me which I don’t mind at all. I know Mackenzie is hurting really bad right now... Caleb is with her.

I sigh deeply as I put my black jacket on and I see Anastasia is sitting on my bed since she’s waiting for me to get ready, she isn’t rushing me to hurry... she’s amazing...

“You ok?” Anastasia raises her eyebrows in concern as she sees I shake my head and she asks in a curious voice, “Do you need space?”

“No, I’m okay... my mom told me to not push you away.” I smile weakly as I sigh deeply and I say, “Mackenzie has Caleb, I have you, but I’m not sure about my dad... because he is really broken inside.”

“Yeah...” Anastasia sighs deeply and she says, “He slept on his bed where his wife died...” Anastasia shakes her head and she says, “I know how he feels.”

“Really?” I see Anastasia nodded as I sigh deeply.

Anastasia looks so gorgeous, she has her hair down with curly, she wears her black dress and black sandals, she loves her dress, she bought it 2 weeks ago. I love her dress, I went with her to the mall another day...

“You ready?” Anastasia looks at me with a worried look as she sees I sigh deeply and she asks in a curious voice, “What’s on your mind?”

“I don’t know...” I shake my head as I sigh deeply and I say, “I just missed my mom... I just don’t understand why could I feel this way...”

“Like what?” Anastasia raises her eyebrows in confusion.

“Is it wrong I want to give up on my life?” I see Anastasia closes her eyes as she sighs deeply and I say, “I mean... since my mom died, it just hit me really hard and I don’t know how can I handle it.”

“You’re not the only one... when my grandma died, I want to give up on my life... it’s really hard because I keep thinking like why her...” Anastasia sighs deeply and she says, “I had a dream about her when I passed out from overdose with pills, she begged me to not doing stupid... then I woke up at the hospital and I realized that I don’t want to die.”

I nodded in understanding as I keep quiet for a few seconds because I have no idea what to say.

“But we are here for you ok?” Anastasia smiles softly and she sees I nodded.

“I know... I’m glad that I have you in my life.” I smile softly as I sigh deeply and I say, “Let’s do it.”


3 hours later... we left Mia’s funeral, it was really difficult because I had been crying a lot and a lot of people say sweet things about her which it melts my heart because my mom always put everyone’s smiles on their face no matter what.

Anastasia and I are going to grab food for dinner because I was really hungry, my dad is at his parents’ house and Mackenzie is with Caleb... I guess we want to be alone...

“What do you want to eat?” Anastasia raises her eyebrows in confusion since we are at IHOP restaurant.

I look up at Anastasia as I see Anastasia has her favorite hoodie and her light blue jeans since we went home to change before we went out and I say, “I have no idea.”

Anastasia nodded as she smiles weakly and she says, “Okay.”

I hope I’ll feel better soon...

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