Falling for Us

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Chapter 1 - Michael’s POV

August 2020.

I’m 20 years old, my mom is 38 years old, my dad is 42 years old, and Mackenzie is 18 years old... I am still living with my parents and sister. I am packing my stuff to move to my new apartment because I don’t really want to live in a dorm anymore.

I sigh deeply as I see my mom walks into my bedroom and she smiles softly.

My parents are our world because they have been through so much in their relationship, marriage, and parents.

“Hey mom.” I see my mom walks toward my bed and she sits down on my bed and I ask in a curious voice, “You okay mom?”

Mia sighs deeply as she nodded and she says, “Yeah, I’ll be fine... I mean you’re the second child that you will go to college.” Mia looks at me with a sad look.

I nodded slowly as I sigh deeply and I ask in a curious voice, “Yeah, but are you mad at me that I don’t want to stay home for college?”

“Of course not.” Mia smiles small as she sees I keep packing my clothes in my suitcase and she says, “I’m really proud of you for chasing your own dream but you need a new girlfriend.”

I roll my eyes as I sigh deeply and I say, “Mom, you know I’m single right now, I’m just focusing on myself right now. I’m not even worried about the relationship yet.”

“I know but you dated your ex-girlfriend and she cheated on you and you left her.” Mia sighs deeply and she says, “I thought she was a good girl.”

I wince softly as I look up at my mom from my suitcase and I say, “She cheated on me because she made out with someone else, mom.” I shake my head as I put my other clothes in my suitcase and I say, “She broke my heart.”

“I know.” Mia sighs deeply and she says, “I’m sorry.”

“That’s fine mom.” I smile small.

2 hours later... I drove to VA from DC because I had been living there for the whole of my life and I decided I should live in VA...

I am still in my car since my stuff is still in my backseat, trunk, and passenger seat and I’m listening to music right now.

I yawn as I sigh deeply because I’m really tired as hell.

Now I feel regret to drive myself to VA for college since it would be 2 hours drive.

I shake my head slowly as I clear my throat because I really don’t want to fall asleep and have a car accident.

I decided to take a break for a little bit.

2 hours later... I finally arrived at my new apartment as I walk into my apartment and I noticed that I have a nice apartment. I picked two bedrooms and two bathrooms since if my new friends want to come over for a night which I don’t mind.

I sigh deeply as I grab all the boxes and my stuff from my car, it’s so exhausting but it’s worth my time.

I finished unpacking everything as I am laying down on my bed and I decided to call my sister Mackenzie because she has been crying after I left home.

My sister Mackenzie and I have been best friends and she’s the best sister ever in my life, she’s 18 years old and she loves to hang out with me and my parents so much and she’s so smart and she is very sassy as hell.

I sigh deeply as I grab my phone from my nightstand and I dial Mackenzie’s number on my phone as I press the speaker on my phone.

I hear Mackenzie’s voice through my ear as I smile softly and I say, “Hey Mackenzie.”

“Hey Mike.” Mackenzie smiles softly and she asks in a curious voice, “You are in VA right now?”

“Yeah, I just got here a few minutes ago...” I yawn and I say, “I’m okay.”

“I know you’re doing okay but I just missed you.” Mackenzie sighs deeply as she shakes her head and she says, “I really don’t want you to leave me.”

“I know Mackenzie but I’m in VA right now but you can come over here one day.” I smile as I sit up on my bed and I ask in a curious voice, “Is mom and dad with you?”

“No... I’m at my friend Caleb’s house right now. I mean... we are watching a movie.”

Since Caleb and Mackenzie knew each other because they bump up into each other when we learned that Caleb is our neighbor right now, it sounds so lovely because I am very protective of Mackenzie... Caleb does already know that... he wouldn’t hurt Mackenzie and they have been dating for a couple of years...

“Oh okay... I just want to call you and let you know I’m safe.” I smile.

“Okay... thanks for letting me know, Mike... I hope your college treats you well... I’ll call you later.”

“Okay, goodnight Mackenzie.”


I pull my phone away from my ear as I press the end button and I sigh deeply.

Next day... I decided to go to the store because I need to buy food and drinks because I really love cooking food but I like football...

I sigh deeply as I shake my head slowly and I have been going to 6 stores for foods, drinks, and furniture for my apartment, it has been stressful and exhausting.

I just got home and I brought all the foods, drinks, and furniture in my apartment from my car, I noticed a guy walking toward me as he smiles at me.

“Hey, I’m Adam. Nice to meet you!” Adam puts his hand out so he can shake my hand.

I put my hand on his hand as I shake his hand and I say, “I’m Michael... nice to meet you.” I smile softly and I ask in a curious voice, “Do you live here?”

“Yes, Dylan and I live together for a while because we are a football team and roommate.” Adam smiles and he says, “I guess we are a neighbor.”

I chuckle as I nodded and I say, “Yeah, we are.” I yawn.

“How about you can come over to the football field so you can get to know us?” Adam suggests as he looks at me with a confused look.

“Sure, if it ok with you.”

“Of course! But do you have other majors except for football?” Adam raises his eyebrows in confusion.

“Well... culinary.” I shrug and I say, “I love foods a lot.”

“Same here! I’ll see you later.” Adam smiles.

“Okay.” I smile as I open my apartment front door and I walk into my apartment as I close my apartment front door.

Here I come for my freshman year at University of Virginia.

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