Book 1 - Falling for Us

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Chapter 33 - Michael’s POV

2 weeks later... I see Anastasia’s still sleeping on our bed since I’m still up... I sigh deeply, it’s 5:45 in the morning, I couldn’t even sleep at all, I slowly having trouble falling asleep, I decide to get up from our bed, I walk out of our bedroom as I walk toward our balcony door to open the door softly so I wouldn’t wake her up.

I step on the tan hard floor as I walk toward the fence to lean down so I could think deeper.

I do really miss my mom so much, I wish I could see her for the fucking last time... I don’t really understand why my mom isn’t there in my life anymore... she fucking dead for damn good.

I sigh deeply as I look up at the sky, still dark but I could see stars, it’s looking beautiful... I smile weakly as I feel my tears fill up on my eyes, I shake my head... I don’t want to show my emotions to people since Anastasia knew me so well, she could—tell that I was hurting like motherfucker...

I close my eyes as I take a deep breath to calm myself down before—I break down in an emotional way, I can’t cry over my mom... I already did cry many times for my mom...

Found out that she has brain cancer...

Fought as hell for her brain cancer and she has a lot of symptoms...

She passed away on her bed...

I sigh deeply as I feel Anastasia’s hand on my shoulder, I sigh shakily as I shake my head... I have no idea what to say.

“Babe... what’s wrong...?” Anastasia’s chin on my shoulder as she could hear my breathing shakily.

“I missed my mom.” I sigh deeply to calm myself down as I shake my head and I say, “She died... I really wish she’s here—on the fucking earth!"

Anastasia sighs deeply as she pulls away from my shoulder and she makes me turn around so I could see her gorgeous face, she has her glasses and she has her messy bun, she has my black shirt which she looks so gorgeous with my long shirt atop her thigh, I could see she smiles softly on her face.

“Babe... I know you’re hurting so badly, I do understand your pain... trust me.” Anastasia looks at me with a sad look.

I sigh deeply as I nodded slowly, I just missed my mom so much… I say, “It’s so hard.”

“I know sweetie…” Anastasia puts her hands on my cheeks and she says, “She loved you so much with all of her heart, she is always in your heart and she would always watch you from heaven… she would wish she could hug you so tightly babe.”

“Me too…” I sigh deeply as I look at Anastasia and I ask in a curious and soft voice, “How am I so lucky to have you in my life?”

“Well… you always need me so I’m here for you babe.” Anastasia smiles softly and she says, “Come on, we should go back to sleep babe.”

“Okay babe… but a question?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“How do you know I was here?” I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

“I woke up and you weren’t on our bed and I went to check on you, I saw you here…” Anastasia smiles softly and she says, “I just want to see if you’re okay.”

“I’m okay now because you’re here with me babe.” I smile softly.

Anastasia nodded as she smiles softly, she looks into my blue eyes and she says, “Come on… we have to get up for classes.”

I groan and I say, “I wish we could stay at home.”

“Awww poor you.” Anastasia rolls her eyes to causing me laughs softly and she says, “Babe… come on.”

“Meanie.” I shake my head as I walk into our family room with Anastasia and I say, “Thank you for talking to me, I feel a lot better.”

“Anytime, I’m glad to help you but if we have classes in the afternoon, we must have coffee.” Anastasia shrugs as she sees I close our balcony door and lock it.

“Definitely…” I smile softly as we walk toward our bedroom and I say, “I love you.”

“I love you too honey.” Anastasia walks into our bedroom as she walks her side of our bed and she says, “Get some sleep babe.”


Later that day… we kinda overslept which it’s my fault… so we arrived at our second class and we are sitting on the chair.

Anastasia sighs deeply as she grabs her notebook from her backpack and she sips her stronger coffee to wake her up and she says, “I swear I’m going home and sleep in.”

I chuckle softly and I ask in a curious voice, “Do you work today?”

“Nope, thank god.” Anastasia sighs deeply as she looks at me with a tired look and she says, “I am not mad at you but I am not a morning person.”

“I know you’re not… I’m sorry honey.”

“Babe, it’s fine.” Anastasia smiles softly as she sees our professor walk toward her table and she says, “Lovely.”

I chuckle after I notice Anastasia looks at me with a glaring look.

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