Book 1 - Falling for Us

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Chapter 34 - Anastasia’s POV

3 weeks later… I woke up as I see Michael isn’t on my bed, I guess he’s at work… I sigh deeply as I get up from our bed and I walk toward our bathroom to take a shower because I knew I have a girls’ day out with my sisters and my best friends.

I feel unhappy a little bit, I have no idea why… I turn our hot water on as I’m taking my PJ off and I let my hair down since my hair was in a messy bun, as I sigh deeply, I’m really tired but I’m so thankful I have a day off today and tomorrow.

I step into our shower as I feel hot water go through my body and my hair, I sigh relief because a hot shower is my most favorite…

I close my eyes as I’m standing in our shower for few minutes, I don’t know what happened to me, I just feel off lately…

30 minutes later… I finished the shower and washed my hair, then I fixed my hair, it took me like an hour after I turned my water off and I walk toward our walk-in-closet to grab my white sweater and jeans, I think I should wear vans shoe since it would be matched, and it would be so cute.

I sigh deeply as I heard Michael walks into our bedroom and I raise my eyebrows in confusion and I ask in a curious voice, “Michael?”

Michael smiles weakly as he walks toward our bed and he sits down on our bed and he says, “Hi.”

“Hi… I thought you have work today…” I raise my eyebrows in confusion as I walk toward our bed and I put my clothes down on our bed and I say, “You have a day off tomorrow.”

“Yeah…” Michael shrugs as he sees I get ready to go out with my girls and he asks in a curious voice, “Are you going out?”

“Yeah… I told you last night.” I put my sweater shirt on after I grab my sweater shirt from my bed and I say, “So since you’re home…” I trail off as I sigh deeply and I ask in a curious voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Michael sighs deeply and he says, “Have fun.”


Michael interrupts me as he shakes his head and he says in a soft voice, “I’m okay…”

“Fine.” I shrug as I put my jeans on and I see Michael looks at me with a neutral look and I say, “We will talk when I get home tonight.”


45 minutes later… I arrived at Starbucks with Sophia and Violet since other girls are at Leah’s condo, I kept quiet because I’m really angry at Michael, I would have a conversation with him tonight.

Sophia raises her eyebrows in confusion as she sees I look angry and she asks in a curious voice, “Okay, what’s your deal?”

“What do you mean?” I raise my eyebrows in confusion since we are in my car since we are in a drive-thru, I look up at Sophia from my phone.

“You’re angry…” Sophia sees I sigh deeply and she says, “Before you say something or ’I’m fine’, dude… I don’t want to hear your crap!”

I roll my eyes and I say, “Michael seems off and he wouldn’t tell me what’s wrong with him. I feel like I’m frustrated with him.”

“Why?” Sophia asks in a curious voice since she wants to know what’s going on with me.

“Because he supposed to go to work today. Something’s up.” I shrug as I see the cashier bring our drinks since I already order our drinks for us and the other girls. I smile softly after I bring our drinks box to Sophia since I’m driving us to Leah’s condo, I brought other drink boxes to Violet and our foods, I glared at Violet because I hope she won’t drop or fall or we would be mad.

We are driving to Leah’s condo right now.

Sophia sighs deeply and she asks in a curious voice, “Did you ask him?”

I nodded and I say, “Yup.”


“He won’t tell me.” I shrug as we arrived at Leah’s condo and I say, “I just want to have fun with you guys please…” I see Sophia sighs deeply as I shot Sophia with an 'I’m fucking serious Sophia' look.

“Fine.” Sophia rolls her eyes as she unlocks my car doors.

I sigh deeply as I turn my engine off and I grab my key out of the ignition, I got out of my car and we walk toward Leah’s condo, I feel my phone is vibrating in my back pocket as I raise my eyebrows in confusion, I grab my phone from my back pocket of jean and I see Michael’s number on my screen.

I groan quietly as I press the answer button and I ask in a curious but irritated voice, “Yeah?”

“Are we okay?”

“I don’t know since you wouldn’t tell me what’s wrong…” I shrug as I walk into the building with Sophia and Violet and I say, “You didn’t tell me that you probably have a day off today…”


“Just stop…” I sigh deeply as I shake my head and I say, “Stop…” I see the elevator opens as I walk into the elevator with Sophia and Violet and I say, “I guess we would talk later when I get home.”

“I don’t care anymore…” Michael mumbles softly.

I raise my eyebrows in confusion and anger, I don’t understand why he acts toward me, he is so angry… and he wouldn’t talk to me…


“Nope, I don’t want to hear about it anymore.” Michael shouts in anger.

I jump up as I close my eyes slowly to calm myself down and I pull my phone away from my ear as I press the end button and I decide to turn my phone off because I fricking know Michael would blow my phone up…

I see Sophia and Violet looks at me with a worried look after I open my eyes, I shake my head and I say, “No… not now.”


We walk out of the elevator as we walk toward Leah’s condo and I see Violet knocks on her front door.

Leah opens her front door as she smiles big and she says, “Hey guys!”

“Hey Leah.” I smile weakly as we walk into Leah’s condo and we see Maddison, Harper, and Mackenzie are sitting on her family room couch.

“Anastasia, what’s wrong?”

“Michael.” I sigh deeply as I shake my head and I say, “I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“You sure?”


20 minutes later… we are sitting on Leah’s family room couch and we’re drinking coffee since I bought coffees for us.

“So… what’s up with you lately?” Maddison raises her eyebrows in confusion and she sees I look stressed out.

“Nothing really.” I sip my coffee as I sigh deeply and I say, “Michael just make me mad.”

“Oh okay… we don’t have to talk about it.” Leah smiles softly.

I’m so thankful for Leah… speaking of… Leah finally beat cancer, she’s doing great… she’s still with Tyler… he is with guys, I think…

“So, any movies we should watch?” Mackenzie smiles softly.

“Prom Night.” I smile.

Later that evening… my girls and I had been watching movies all day and caught up, I feel a lot better but I would talk to Michael tonight because he seems off and he made me feel angrier… I noticed Mackenzie looks at me with a worried look.

“Ana, come here.” Mackenzie walks toward Leah’s bedroom with me and she asks in a curious voice, “What did my brother do to you?”

“I have no idea because he is getting angrier at me for no reason because I really thought he has work today, he seems quiet and wouldn’t tell me.”

“Did he talk to you?”

“Nope.” I sigh deeply as I see Mackenzie nodded in understanding and I say, “I know Michael’s your brother but Michael needs to tell us what’s wrong.”

“No, I agree with you… I mean… Michael always quiets all the time.” Mackenzie shrugs as she walks toward Leah’s bed and sits down on her bed.

“Yeah…” I shrug.

“So, are you and Michael okay right?”

“Of course…”


“Sometimes we do argue but I guess we are fine… I probably would talk to him and see what’s up with him.” I shrug.

“I agree… do you want to go home?”


“You sure?” Mackenzie raises her eyebrows in confusion.

I nodded as I sigh deeply and I say, “Yup, I’m definitely sure.”

“Okay… I can tell the girls that you would leave.” Mackenzie smiles softly.


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