Book 1 - Falling for Us

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Chapter 39

Later that night... I open my eyes as I see Michael is still sleeping on my hospital room couch, I sigh deeply, I was so exhausted from crying all day long... I close my eyes to relax for a few seconds and I open my eyes, I sit up on my hospital bed as I grab my phone from my hospital room table, I decided to call my best friend Leah.

I hear Leah’s voice was sleepy, I raise my eyebrows in confusion and I say, “Hey Leah.”

“Ana!” Leah sighs relief and she says, “Thank god that you’re doing okay.”

“Yeah, I’m okay... but not really best.” I admit as I shake my head and I say, “I mean... I have an emotional breakdown...”

“Talk to me.” Leah sighs deeply.

“I mean... Henry raped me and abused me, I couldn’t trust anyone else. I’m really scared to be around people.”

“I do understand, I mean... Henry did really hurt you in past, but Michael really freaked out when he arrived home from work, he saw destroyed at your apartment... he was scared because he thought he would lose you.” Leah sighs deeply and she says, “You’re so lucky to be alive.”

“Me too.” I sigh deeply and I say, “I’m okay tho.”

Leah nodded and she asks in a curious voice, “A question for you?”


“Why are you up so late?” Leah raises her eyebrows in confusion and she smiles weakly.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” I admit as I shake my head and I say, “It’s stressful.”

“I understand, I mean... when Henry kidnapped you, we did really thought that he killed you.” Leah closes her eyes tightly and she says, “But when Michael called me and told me that you’re here and alive...

I smile softly as I nodded and I say in a soft voice, “Yeah... very lucky...

“You need to get some sleep.” Lucy yawns and she says, “Because I’m tired.”

I giggle softly as I nodded and I say, “Okay... I’ll call you later.”


I pull my phone away from my ear as I sigh deeply, I see Michael is still sleeping on my hospital room couch, I slowly feel comfortable with him because I do feel afraid to be around people...

Because Henry kidnapped me and raped me, which hurts me so much that I am dealing with it for the rest of my life... Henry did really broke me and inside of me... when Henry forced me to sex with him, he abused me and he didn’t care about how I feel.

I close my eyes for few seconds because hell... I want to cry out of my eyes so badly... I sigh slowly to calm myself down before I would have anxiety. I open my eyes as I see Michael is still sleeping peacefully, he’s so cute, I do love him all of my heart and I would tell him what happened to me when I’m ready... but not now...

I lay back down on my hospital bed to make myself more comfortable as I pull my blanket cover me and I close my eyes and fall asleep... I hope I will feel better tomorrow.

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