Book 1 - Falling for Us

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Chapter 41

2 weeks later… I finally going home today, I have been stuck at the hospital for 2 weeks, my ribs are healing very well, I’m glad… I sigh deeply as I see Michael walks into my hospital room with Sophia and Kaylee.

I smile softly and I say, “Hey guys!”

“Hey Aunt Ana!” Kaylee walks toward me as she hugs me softly so she won’t hurt me.

“You know, you can hug me tight, Kaylee.” I smile weakly as I see Kaylee pulls away from me and I say, “I’m okay.”

“I know.” Kaylee smiles softly and I say, “I heard that you and Michael will stay with us.”

I nodded and I say, “For temporary.” I smile softly and I say, “Until Uncle Michael finds a good condo.”

“Okay. So, I think I could hang out with you tonight if it ok with you?” Kaylee raises her eyebrows in confusion.

“Sure.” I smile softly.

2 hours later… Michael, Sophia, Kaylee, and I are at Sophia and Damon’s house since I would have a lot of medicine for pains… Michael doesn’t trust me to have them because they probably would think I would do dumb things… I have been struggling a lot lately.

We are in my temporary room with Michael and Sophia, I’m sitting on my bed while Michael is unpacking my stuff, Michael refuses to let me do what I suppose to do because they wanted me to take it easy.

“Guys, I’m fine…” I raise my eyebrows in annoyance as I see Michael and Sophia are still unpacking my stuff.

“I know but we do want you to take it easy.” Sophia smiles softly and she says, “But we are excited for you to come and stay with us.”

I nodded as I see Alexander walks into my bedroom with Damon and Kaylee, I smile softly and I say, “Hey guys!”

“I brought food for you.” Damon brought my favorite food as he sees I smile big and he asks in a curious voice, “Is it ok?”

“Yeah… of course.” I smile weakly as I see Damon put my food bag down and I say, “Thank you.”

“Anytime.” Damon nodded and he turns around to Sophia as he smiles softly and he says, “Babe, I’m going to work.”

“Okay honey.” Sophia smiles as she kisses him on his lip.

I sigh deeply as I see Sophia giggles by Damon’s words since he whispers to her. I notice that Michael kept quiet and not really say much for a while.

I think I would ask Michael what’s going on later…

45 minutes later… I’m laying down on my bed with Michael since Michael fell asleep before he goes to work, he couldn’t miss more days from work, his boss knows that I went through so much and I was really depressed for a couple of days.

I yawn since I’m so tired as hell… I see Sophia walks into my bedroom as she looks at me with a worried look.

“What?” I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

“Are you feeling okay?” Sophia raises her eyebrows in concern as she walks toward my bed and she sits down on my bed in front of me since Michael is still sleeping next to me.

“Yeah… I’m fine… I’m just tired.” I shrug as I see Sophia nodded and I ask in a curious voice, “What are we going to do tonight?”

“I have to go to my office to work for a little bit, Damon will go out with his friends for a while. Alexander would be sleepover with his friends.” Sophia sighs deeply and she says, “Kaylee would be with you, she likes to hang out with you.”

“Really?” I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

“Of course! Is it okay with you?” Sophia sees I nodded and I smile.


Later that night… Michael left to go work, I’m laying down on my bed with Kaylee, we are watching our favorite movie called The Family Stone movie. Since we love Christmas movies.

“I mean, I don’t understand why people don’t like Everett’s girlfriend.” Kaylee shrugs.

I giggle softly and I say, “I mean they think Meredith is not the right girl for him. But Meredith is really happy with Ben.”

Kaylee nodded and she says, “I was really sad that their mom died from breast cancer.”

“Yeah, I cried like many times…” I sigh deeply and I ask in a curious voice, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” Kaylee raises her eyebrows in confusion and she looks at me with a happy look.

“No offend…” I see Kaylee nodded slowly and I ask in a curious voice, “So… if your parents die one day, do you and Alexander want to live with me and Michael?”

Kaylee nodded and she says, “Yes, please…” Kaylee smiles big as she looks at me with a happy look.

“Okay.” I smile softly as we are still watching a movie.

I think I would like to stay with Sophia, Damon, Alexander, and Kaylee for a while. Because maybe it would help with my depression and my anxiety about what happened to me.

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