Book 1 - Falling for Us

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Chapter 44


Next day… I’m in the building where I would go for my therapist appointment with Michael… Sophia, Damon, Alexander, and Kaylee have work and I’m stuck with Michael… Michael told me that he wanted me to go to the beach with him which it’s fine with me.

I sigh deeply as I’m sitting on the chair since Michael and I are in the waiting room and I have no idea what should I say…

I’m so damn nervous…

Michael looks at me with a worried look and he asks in a curious voice, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just nervous.”

“It’s okay babe, I’m right here.” Michael grabs my hand lightly as he squeezes my hand lightly to let me know he’s here with me.

I nodded as I smile weakly and I say, “Thank you.”

“Anytime sweetheart.” Michael smiles softly.

“Anastasia Hathaway?” Jodie looks around as she sees I get up and she asks in a curious voice, “You’re Anastasia Hathaway?”

“Yes.” I get up from the chair and I follow her as I walk into the hallway to go to her office and I see Jodie smiles softly as she lets me in her office.

I walk into her office as I walk toward her office couch and I sit down on her office couch as I see Jodie close her office, I see Jodie sits down on her office chair across me…

Here we go…

“Hi Anastasia, I’m Jodie… can you tell me why you are here?” Jodie looks at me with a happy look but not too happy…

“I’m here because my ex-boyfriend Henry kidnapped me, abusing me, and raping me… he died in front of me because he killed himself.” I sigh slowly to calm myself down.

“Before you would tell me what happened to you… you know you can cry, cuss out, being angry, and yell… this room is a safe place for you okay…?” Jodie sees I nodded and she asks in a curious voice, “You prefer Michael be here with you?”

I sigh deeply as I nodded and I say, “Only if it’s okay with you.”

“Of course… if it will make you feel comfortable with Michael being here with you when you tell us about what happened to you okay?” Jodie sees I nodded and she says, “I’ll be back okay.”


I feel so nervous to talk to him about what happened to me but I think it’s time for us to talk about what happened to me, maybe it will make our relationship become a little more improved than before.

I see Michael and Jodie walk into Jodie’s office as Michael walks toward Jodie’s office couch where I sit, Michael raises his eyebrows in confusion.

“Do you want to tell us what happened to you…?” Jodie looks at me with a confused look and she says, “You can stop if you don’t feel uncomfortable okay.”

“Okay…” I sigh deeply and I say, “I remember when I got home from work, Michael told me that he was still at work, I didn’t respond to him… then I walked into my apartment where I live with Michael… and…” I pause to calm myself down and I continue to say, “I saw Henry was sitting on the couch, I froze because I didn’t know what should I do next… and I was so angry about why he was there, then I was really scared and freaked out, he destroyed everything at our apartment, I was crying hard because I was so scared… then I begged him to stop over and over again… then he grabbed me and threw me in his car and I was so scared… I didn’t have my phone with me because he threw my phone hard against the wall.” I let my tears fill up on my eyes as I sigh deeply, I feel Michael scoot closer to me as he pulls me closer to hug my side and I say, “My body was hurting a lot because of him, then I was praying for myself to stop him and leave him but I was stuck… he said, ‘I’m so happy that you’re mine forever’, it gave me a chill… then we arrived at his old apartment and he threw me to his bed and tied me up, and he started fingering me…” I let my tears falling down on my cheeks and I continue to say, “Then I begged him to stop, he refused to listen, he hurt me so badly, then he started raping me for 3 times, I cried and then he left the room, I was still stuck in tied up, my arms and legs hurt so badly, then the second day, he yelled at me and he didn’t really give a fuck about me in pain… he said, ‘that what how I feel when I saw you are with Michael’… he kicked me on my stomach and ribs, harder… I screamed in pain… I was crying so hard; I was so angry and crying… he won’t give me food or drinks when I fucking begged him… he laughed and he didn’t really care.” I sigh deeply as I close my eyes for few seconds because I really want to cry so badly… I open my eyes as I see Jodie and Michael looks at me with a worried look, but I can tell Michael’s getting angrier and I continue to say, “He forced me to suck his dick when I said no many times… he got so angry with me and he was so angry and yelled loud at me and he said, ‘I should’ve stayed strong with you but no you decided to be with Michael…’ then he raped me so hard, it caused me in so much pain.” I sigh deeply and I continue to say, “I was really sick and weak… I thought I would die… like I wouldn’t see my family, friends, and Michael…” I sigh shakily because I’m crying harder… I say, “He kept raping me for damn 4 days… then… he yelled at me and he abused me then I was so weak because Henry refused to give me foods or drinks… then he grabbed his gun and he was crying because he wanted me back and I said, ‘No, because I love Michael’ and he screamed at me to shut up, I was crying… because I was so scared and I really thought I was going to die… then he put his gun on his head and he says, ’you will remember forever when I die.′ Then he shot himself, I screamed and cried… then Michael, Derek, and my dad came with a few cops, I begged Michael to take me off…”

Jodie sighs deeply as she looks at me with a sad look and she asks in a curious voice, “And does it scare you…?”



“Because I feel Michael would leave me because of bruises on my body.” I sigh deeply as I see Michael looks at me with a sad look.

“How do you feel about how Anastasia went through so much with her situation?” Jodie raises her eyebrows in confusion.

“Honestly… I’m so angry because Henry shouldn’t have kidnapped, raped, and abused my girlfriend!” Michael snaps as he sighs deeply and he says, “I’m so angry and I’m fucking blaming myself for what happened… I haven’t got any good sleep for weeks and I was so worried about her… she had been crying nonstop for weeks when she was at the hospital…” Michael puts his hands on his face and he says, “I don’t know how I can help her to go through with this.”

“Okay… do you love Anastasia?” Jodie looks at Michael with a confused look.

“Yes, I really do love her… with all of my heart…” Michael looks at me as he sighs deeply and he says, “But I just don’t want anything to happen to my girl…”

I sigh deeply as I sniff softly and I see Michael puts his hand on my hair and he strokes my hair and I don’t want to say anything, because I love him…

“Yeah, I would keep blaming myself for what happened to her but I do care about Anastasia no matter what… she’s an amazing girlfriend to me, one day… she would be my wife in the future.”

I spread my smile softly while my tears keep falling down on my cheeks, I knew that I do love him… he is my world and my heart.

But I’m really scared about having a relationship with him… I just feel like not being myself…


“Hmm?” I turn around to Jodie and I say in a soft voice, “Sorry.”

“It’s fine, what’s on your mind?”

“Honestly… I’m so scared of being in a relationship, I mean… when Henry raped me and abused me, it would trigger me a lot.” I sigh deeply and I say, “I don’t want to leave Michael because I do love him so much, I just don’t want to hurt him.”

“It’s very normal to feel this way, Ana… but Michael wouldn’t ever leave you, you know why?” Jodie sees I shake my head and she says, “He does love you. He does care about you… he doesn’t want to lose you.”

“I know…”

“But I know you do need some a vacation; you guys can go 2 or 3 weeks’ vacation.” Jodie smiles softly and she says, “You guys deserve to have one.”

“I think it’s an amazing idea…” I smile softly and I say, “We do.”

“We would discuss later.” Michael smiles softly as he looks at me with a happy look.


1 hour later… Michael and I had been spending time with Jodie and express my feelings more about what happened to me and our relationship with Michael… hell… I think it’s slowly getting better.

I’m so thankful for Michael for being there for me no matter what.

Time for our vacation.

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