Book 1 - Falling for Us

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Chapter 47 - Michael

Next day… I open my eyes as I see Anastasia’s still sleeping, she seems so beautiful while she’s sleeping, but I feel Anastasia’s head is burning up, I raise my eyebrows in confusion as to why her head is burning up…

I put my hand on Anastasia’s forehead as I feel her forehead burn up, I sigh deeply as I pull my hand away from her forehead and I get up from our bed as I walk out of our bedroom and I walk toward our kitchen to make tea for my baby girl.

I walk toward our bedroom after I finished making tea for Anastasia and I made my coffee, I see Anastasia is laying down on our bed but not sleeping, I sigh deeply.

“Hey.” I see Anastasia looks up at me as I walk toward our bed and I sit down on our bed as I give Anastasia of her tea and I say, “I made a tea for you.”

“Thank you.” Anastasia grabs her tea carefully as she’s drinking her tea and she says, “My head hurt so badly.”

“You have fever babe.” I look at Anastasia with a worried look and I say, “We can relax…”

“Okay.” Anastasia sighs deeply and she says, “Tea always help me.”

“I know babe.” I put my hand on Anastasia’s stomach as I rub her stomach softly and luckily… Anastasia didn’t flinch… I say, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Anastasia smiles tiredly.

“Get some sleep babe, I’ll take care of you ok?” I see Anastasia puts her teacup on her nightstand and she lays back down as she closes her eyes.

2 hours later… I open my eyes as I see Anastasia isn’t on our bed, I raise my eyebrows in confusion and I get up from our bed as I see Anastasia is sitting on the tub in our bathroom, I raise my eyebrows in confusion and concerns.


“Yeah?” Anastasia looks up at me with a tired look.

“What’s wrong?” I walk toward her as I kneel down in front of her and I see Anastasia sighs deeply.

“I had been throwing up for 40 minutes.” Anastasia closes her eyes for a few seconds and she says, “I have no idea why…”

“Do you feel dizzy?” I look at Anastasia with a worried look as I see Anastasia nodded and I ask in a curious voice, “Do you want to go to ER to check on you?”

“No, I’ll be okay… but maybe you can go to the CVS store to get me a DayQuil and NightQuil so I would feel better.” Anastasia sees I sigh deeply because I don’t convince that Anastasia will feel better…

“Okay…” I smile weakly and I say, “I can go to the store for you if you want me to.”

“Please do babe.” Anastasia sighs deeply as she looks at me with a tired look.

“Okay… I’ll take you to our bed so you can get some sleep and I can cook lunch for us while you sleep.” I get up as I put my hand out so Anastasia puts her hand on my hand and I help Anastasia to get up and I ask in a curious voice, “Better?”

“Yeah, just bring trash can… just in case if I would throw up again.” Anastasia sees I grab the trash can and we walk out of our bathroom as we walk toward Anastasia’s side of our bed.

“Sit down babe.” I see Anastasia sits down on our bed and I ask in a curious voice, “You hungry?”

“A little bit.” Anastasia lays back down on our bed as she sees I put our comfortable blanket cover her and she says, “You’re an amazing boyfriend.”

“I know… I’m trying my best.” I chuckle softly as I lean down to kiss her forehead and I say, “Get some sleep babe.”


Later that evening… I arrived back at our cabin, I cooked lunch for me and Anastasia, I did check on Anastasia to make sure she’s doing okay. She’s still sleeping.

I decided to cook chicken soup for us since Anastasia wants to feel better and not being sick.

I hear my phone rung as I grab my phone from our kitchen counter near the stove and I press the answer button and I ask in a curious voice, “Hello?”

“Hey Mike.” Mackenzie smiles softly.

“Hey Mack, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, I just want to check on you and see if you’re doing okay.” Mackenzie smiles softly.

“I’m doing okay but I have been taking care of Anastasia because she’s not feeling really good.”

“Awww… I hope she’s doing okay; I miss you bro, we should hang out one day.” Mackenzie smiles softly.

“I hope so! How’s dad?” I keep stirring foods in pots on our stove.

“He’s doing better but he has a girlfriend.” Mackenzie sighs deeply.

“Oh really?” I raise my eyebrows in shock and confusion.

“Yeah, he called me and told me. I thought you knew.”

“Nope, I didn’t know until you told me.” I sigh deeply and I say, “I’ll call him when I get back from vacation with Ana.”

“Okay, are you mad?”

“Yeah, I’m pissed because he didn’t tell me like why—he wouldn’t call me and tell me instead of you.” I sigh deeply and I say, “No offend.”

“I know… but when you come back home, talk to dad as calmly conversation.” Mackenzie smiles softly.

“Okay, Mack… I’ll call you later.” I pull my phone away from my ear as I press the end button and I sigh deeply.

I’m surprised that my dad has a girlfriend, I knew my mom died for like 5 or 6 years, I missed my mom so much but hell… I don’t know how I would feel about it. If my dad’s girlfriend treats him really well, okay I’ll accept it.

I sigh deeply as I heard Anastasia walks toward our kitchen and I turn around to Anastasia and I smile softly.

“Hey honey.” Anastasia sits down on our high chair in our kitchen and she says, “I smell delicious foods from upstairs.”

I chuckle as I smile and I ask in a curious voice, “I made chicken soup, is it ok?”

“Definitely… who was on phone?”

“Mackenzie, she told me that my dad has a girlfriend.” I shrug as I see Anastasia looks at me with a confused look and I say, “I don’t know… I feel like it’s crazy.”

“Because your mom had been gone for 5 or 6 years, I think your mom didn’t want your dad to wait longer like stay single when your mom died.” Anastasia raises her eyebrows in confusion.

“Maybe… I mean I don’t want someone to replace him as my mom.” I sigh deeply.

“I understand.” Anastasia sees I bring her bowl of chicken soup in front of her and she says, “You can talk to your dad.”

“I know.”

“It’ll be okay.”


I agree with Anastasia, I would talk to my dad but it made me feel worried about my dad because I don’t want him to go through like he had to deal with his first and second marriage. Beth died from suicide because they lost their babies and my mom died from cancer… it was really difficult… I hope my dad will understand about how I feel or Mackenzie’s feeling.

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