Book 1 - Falling for Us

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Chapter 49 - Michael

3 weeks later… our vacation has been so much fun; I don’t want to leave to go home yet with my beautiful girlfriend.

I see Anastasia puts her comfortable clothes on since she decided to wear a white sweatshirt and her black legging, she smiles softly when she saw me.

“Hey babe.” Anastasia walks toward me since I’m sitting on our bench near our window and she asks in a curious voice, “What’s on your mind babe?”

“Us… I just don’t want to go back home, I mean we had so much fun for 3 weeks, babe…”

“I know babe but sadly… we have work in 3 days, I promised Sophia and Kaylee that we would have a girls’ day out.” Anastasia shrugs as she looks at me into my blue eyes, my sky blue eyes… and she says in a soft voice, “Do you ever know you have damn handsome eyes of yours?”

I laugh softly as I nodded and I say, “Thanks to my parents.” I shrug.

Anastasia rolls her eyes and she says, “Punk.” Anastasia puts her hands on my cheeks and she says, “I’m so blessed to have you in my life babe.”

“Trust me, same here!!!” I smile big and I ask in a curious voice, “Do you want to have kids with me?”

“Yes.” Anastasia smiles softly and she says, “I have been thinking about it lately… I mean… I’m 24 years old, I just want to have kids with you…”

“Really?” I see Anastasia nodded and I say, “God, I love you so much!!!”

“I love you too babe.” Anastasia giggles softly and she asks in a curious voice, “What are we going to do today since it would be our last day here?”

“Hmm… we can go out for dinner tonight but I want to cuddle with you on our family room or balcony with a fireplace near us and talk.” I see Anastasia nodded and I ask in a curious voice, “Is it okay babe?”

“Of course! I just don’t want to do anything fancy babe.” Anastasia smiles big, god I love my damn girlfriend, she knew I don’t want to do anything fancy…

My ex-girlfriend always wants to do a fancy restaurant or expensive shopping… I hate it… but with my beautiful girlfriend, we would always buy foods that we love or would try with me.

“I’m so lucky to have you, I don’t care how many times I tell you.” I smile.

“I know you do.” Anastasia smiles big as she walks away and she says, “Come on babe.”

“Okay… I’m coming dorky.” I follow her and I ask in a curious voice, “Are you hungry babe?”

“Yeah.” Anastasia walks toward our kitchen to grab foods from our fridge that we made last night.

“What’s on your mind?” I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

“Kids…” Anastasia looks at me with a nervous look.

“Really?” I see Anastasia nodded and I ask in a curious voice, “Are you scared?”

Anastasia nodded and she says, “Yeah… I mean… I kept asking myself like… would I be a good mom or how would I take care of them…” Anastasia looks at me with a worried look.

“Babe…” I walk toward her as I see Anastasia looks at me with a worried look and I say in an honest voice, “You will be an amazing mother, you would always take care of them because I took care of you and you took care of me, you always have been there for me when I lost my mom from cancer, I almost wanted to give up on my life, you stopped me from my suicidal thoughts… I know you would take care of our future kids’ babe.”

“I know.” Anastasia sighs deeply and she says, “I trust you.”


3 days later… Anastasia and I arrived back home from Colorado, we had so much fun but sadly, I have to go to work, luckily… Anastasia has a week off…

I’m in my own office since I have a lunch break, my boss needs me so I’m waiting for my boss to come because has the best news for me.

I yawn as I see Frank walks into my office and I smile softly and I say, “Hey Frank.”

“Hey Mike.” Frank walks toward my office chair and he says, “I have a letter for you.”

“Okay…” I raise my eyebrows in confusion as I see Frank grabs my letter from his pocket and he puts my letter on my desk in front of me.

“You can open it.” Frank smiles big.

“Okay…” I raise my eyebrows in confusion because I’m so confused…

I open my letter slowly to careful to not rip it off as I read my letter, it took me 45 seconds to realize that I’m moving to NYC.

“Yeah, you’re officially going to NYC.” Frank sees I look at Frank with a shocked look and he says, “The restaurant owner came here to see your foods, he loves your foods so much and he called me and told me that he wants you to move to NYC permanently.”

“Really?” I smile softly and I say, “I’m speechless… I mean we have been here since I moved here.”

“I know… I mean…” Frank sighs deeply and he says, “I know about you and Anastasia went through a lot because Anastasia got kidnapped, raped, and abused by her ex-boyfriend, I do understand… but I think you need to talk to your girlfriend.”

“Okay…” I sigh deeply and I ask in a curious voice, “How long I would move there?”

“A year… you would go there next year so you can prepare for yourself for a few months.” Frank smiles softly.

“Okay…” I see Frank nodded as he walks away from me.

Wow… I got an amazing job offer in damn NYC… I wouldn’t want to leave Anastasia and our friends and family, but I don’t know about how Anastasia feels, I’m so worried… I will tell her when it’s the right time…

I’ll see you there in NYC.

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