Book 1 - Falling for Us

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Chapter 52 - Anastasia

March 2026.

2 months later… I’m 2 months pregnant, I slowly have a bump inside me… it made me smiles big on my face… I sigh deeply since we are on our way to NYC.

I turn around to Michael as I see Michael is still driving us to NYC, he smiles softly when he looks at me and I ask in a curious voice, “What?”

“Nothing, you look so beautiful.” Michael looks down on my belly and he says, “You’re showing…”

I look down as I nodded and I say, “Yeah… I hope we would have our boy.” I look up at Michael from my belly and he smiles softly.

“How come?” Michael’s still driving us to NYC.

“Because I think our son would be a mommy’s boy like you did with your mom.” I smile softly and I say, “I mean… your mom was amazing… I looked up to her.”

“I know you are.” Michael smiles softly and he asks in a curious voice, “You ok?”

“No… I’m really angry at my dad.” I scoff in disbelief and I say, “He doesn’t understand… about how I fucking feel.”

“I know babe, but when your dad would understand, he would apologize.” Michael smiles weakly.

“I hope so.” I sigh deeply as I look down on the book that I have with me, it called Remembering June by Lina Wesson, it’s my most favorite book ever, and I couldn’t put my book down, I’m planning to buy another book.

3 hours later… I open my eyes as I see Michael’s still driving and he smiles softly.

“I need to go pee.” I giggle softly as I see Michael nodded and he drive us to McDonald’s.

“You hungry babe?” Michael sees I nodded and he says, “You can go to the bathroom and I will order our foods.”

“Large fries, two—” Michael interrupts me.

“I know your order babe.” Michael chuckles softly.

“Oh okay.” I smile and I say, “Thank you, babe.”

“You’re welcome beautiful, anytime…”

15 minutes later… Michael and I arrived at McDonald’s and we are inside since I went to the bathroom to use it, I feel so sleepy.

I walk out of the bathroom as I walk toward Michael where he’s standing near the wall and I see Michael’s looking down on his phone.

“Hey.” I see Michael looks up at me from his phone and I ask in a curious voice, “Did you order foods?”

“Yes babe, I did.” Michael smiles softly as he sees I walk closer to him and he asks in a curious voice, “You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m okay… I threw up and I had to pee.” I sigh deeply and I say, “I can’t wait for my morning sickness to be over.”

“I know babe.” Michael pulls me closer and he asks in a curious voice, “I bought you tea, is it ok?”

“Yup, so perfectly okay with me babe.” I smile softly.

“Okay babe.” Michael smiles as he puts his hand on my belly and rubs my belly softly and he says, “I swear I couldn’t stop thinking about it!”

“About what?” I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

“Our baby inside you.” Michael looks up at me from my belly as he smiles big and he says, “You’re going to be an amazing and sexy mother ever!”

I shake my head while I laugh softly and I say, “I think I’m in love with you ever more.”

“Really?” Michael smiles big to show his handsome teeth as he sees I nodded and he says, “Well… I’m glad I met you at your job.”

I laugh as I nodded and I say, “Thank fucking god.” I see Michael laughs and I say, “Because you showed me how much you do really love me so much.”

“Very!” Michael smirks as he hears our number for our foods and he says, “That’s us babe… be right back.”

“Okay…” I smile big as I pull away from him and I see Michael walks away from me.

I’m watching Michael walk toward the desk for food as he smiles big.

Damn… how the fuck am I so lucky to have him in my life, he did really change my life big time, I love him so much with all of my heart and I don’t really want to lose him because he always is there for me no matter what when I needed him, he always being supportive and gave me some space if I ask him, he knew I went through and he always makes me smiles and laughs…

I see Michael looks at me with a worried look as he walks toward our foods and drinks and I ask in a curious voice, “What?”

“You had been staring for a while, you ok babe?”

“Yeah, I’m okay babe… I’m just thinking.” I smile softly as I grab our food bag so I can help Michael and I ask in a curious voice, “So are you going let me to drive or?”

“Do you want to?” Michael sees I nodded and he says, “Then sure babe because I need a break from driving.” Michael chuckles softly as he sees I nodded.

“Okay… so we can eat first then we would be on our way to NYC.”

“Yup.” Michael smiles.

1 hour later… Michael and I are on our way since I’m driving to NYC right now, Michael fell asleep, he had been driving for 3 ½ hours… I yawn slowly as we are almost in NYC since we are in Baltimore right now.

I hear my phone rung as I press the answer button on his CarPlay since Michael lets me use his CarPlay for my phone.

“Hello?” I’m turning the left side of the road since we are on our way to NYC.

“Hey Ana.” John sighs deeply.

“Oh… hi dad…” I smile weakly as I raise my eyebrows in confusion and I ask in a curious voice, “What’s up?”

“I want to know if you are in NYC.” John sighs deeply as he hears I’m driving and he asks in a curious voice, “You driving?”

“Yes dad, I’m driving… I suggested that I would drive to NYC since Michael drove for 3 hours… so why are you calling me for?”

“Because I just haven’t heard from you for 2 months, I thought you are still angry at me because I didn’t approve you about moving to NYC with Michael.” John raises his eyebrows in annoyed but I could tell his voice is angry.

I scoff in disbelief as I’m driving us to NYC and I ask in an annoyed voice, “Are you fricking kidding me, dad?”

“I’m not kidding…”

“Really? Because if you knew that I went through a horrible situation with Henry!!!” I shout as I see Michael opens his eyes in a confused way and I sigh deeply as I drive to pull over so we won’t have a car accident and I say, “I think you do really want me to stay in VA no fucking matter what!”


“No, you listen, dad…” I sigh deeply as I turn my car off and I say, “Henry hurt me so badly, I almost died twice because of him… I screamed for help for 4 damn days!!! Henry was going to kill me but instead, he killed himself… you know why?” I hear John becomes quiet and I continue to say, “I almost wanted to die every fucking day… I didn’t go to sleep when I was at the hospital for 2 weeks, I had been crying so many times… I screamed… because of a nightmare… I want to die. I feel like I would be a bad mom if I would be stuck in VA forever… I think I know why you want me to stay in VA because you want to see me suffer.” I sniff softly as I sigh deeply and I say, “I love VA but I think it’s best for me and my family to move to NYC, no matter if you like it or not.”

John sighs and he says, “Okay.”

“Okay…” I sigh deeply and I say, “If you don’t approve of my idea about moving to NYC, I don’t think you would be in my life…”

“Anastasia!!” John raises his voice as he shakes his head and he says, “Wow…”

“I’m being honest with you, dad!” I snap as I see Michael looks at me with a worried look and I shake my head.

“I’m sorry.”

“I have to go; I’ll call you later.” I press the end button before John says something as I close my eyes to calm myself down before adding more stress on me.

I feel Michael put his hand on my belly as he rubs my belly softly and I close my eyes for few more minutes because Michael knew how to calm me down…

“Babe, you ok?”

“No.” I sigh deeply as I open my eyes and I see Michael looks at me with a worried look and I say, “My dad is making me angrier.”

“Because he doesn’t approve you…?” Michael sees I nodded and Michael says, “When your dad sees a real reason, he would apologize to you.”

“You’re right…” I sigh deeply as I feel Michael’s hand on my breast and I ask in a curious voice, “What are you doing?”

“To calm you down babe… is it okay?”

“Yeah…” I smile softly as I see Michael looks at me into my green eyes and I feel Michael pulls away from my breasts and he smirks at me and I ask in a curious and annoying voice, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Nope, don’t worry, I’ll make something that you wouldn’t stop begging me for more.” Michael smirks as he nodded and he says, “Let’s go, babe.”

“Fine.” I roll my eyes as I turn my engine on and I say, “Thank you for talking to me babe.”

“You’re welcome but we would talk more when we are at our new house okay?” Michael sees I nodded.

4 hours later… Michael and I finally arrive in NYC, it was so hard to find our beautiful house so Michael decided to drive because he was afraid that we would have a car accident, I know it sounds weird… but we arrived at our beautiful house and we saw a mover’s trucks are here, we are so excited to get our things out and put somewhere in our house.

I’m sitting on our new bed since I’m 2 months pregnant and I want to be careful because I don’t want something to happen to me or our baby inside me.

I see Mackenzie walks into our bedroom as she smiles big and she raises her eyebrows in concern when she notices I look sad and frustrated.

“Ana, what’s wrong?”

“My dad wanted me to stay in VA…” I shrug as I see Mackenzie walks toward our bed and she sits down on my bed and I say, “I feel like my dad wouldn’t really understand about how I feel.”

“Talk to me.” Mackenzie makes herself comfortable while guys are downstairs or in other rooms to unpack things, Michael knew what I want for our house furniture for our house… so I’m going to give him space.

I see Mackenzie looks at me with a sad look and I ask in a curious voice, “Had you got raped or abuse by your ex-boyfriend?”

Mackenzie sighs deeply as she nodded and she says, “Yes, my ex-boyfriend Kevin, he cheated on me like 3 times and broke my heart… I went through a really hard time… he raped me when I wasn’t ready for sex last-minute… he was so angry at me and decided to rape me without my consent…”

“And how does it make you feel that way when you found out that I was kidnapped, abused, and raped by Henry?” I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

“I feel really angry at Henry… I mean Michael was looking for you for 4 days straight… he was so angry and so worried about you… but…” Mackenzie pauses to calm herself down and she says, “When Michael found you… he was in so much pain and he was crying nonstop when he took you to ER… he felt like it was his fault for not coming home to you…”

I close my eyes for a few seconds to not break down from my emotions as I open my eyes and I see Mackenzie nodded and I say, “All I could remember is that; he killed himself in front of me and thought I would think about it all the time…”

“Like… you want to die too?” Mackenzie raises her eyebrows in concern.

I sigh deeply as I nodded and I say, “Yes…”

“Do Michael know?”

I nodded and I say, “Yeah; he knew… but he thought I was just kidding but I’m really serious considering about suicide because Henry did really damaged me and my dad doesn’t really understand where I came from…” I let my tears falling down on my cheek and I say, “I do really want to die every day so I wouldn’t feel any pains.”

“What about your family?” Mackenzie raises her eyebrows in confusion and she says, “You know we love you and care about you but my mom did try to kill herself many times… my dad saved her many times and she felt like she deserved to die.”

“I don’t know about my family… I mean they would be angry and heartbroken.” I sigh deeply and I say, “I didn’t know your mom tried to kill herself many times…”

“Yeah, my dad told me about that after I ignored her for weeks because her ex-friend told me about what’s going on with my mom, I was so angry at my mom but I finally understood why she felt that way because she lost her ex-boyfriend who was on the drug.”

“Really?” I sigh deeply.

“Yeah… but if you feel like you want to die, you will go to rehab or psych ward for a while because my mom told me that it was really difficult for her.” Mackenzie smiles weakly and she says, “You need to talk to Michael about how are you feeling, Ana.”



“Please… no… I don’t want to talk to Michael about it, because if I bring up about it, he would be feeling sad and blame himself for what happened to me.” I see Mackenzie sighs deeply.

“Okay…” Mackenzie smiles weakly.

“Thank you.”


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