Irregular Feelings

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Alex was brought up with every opportunity, and a bright mind to add. She's no Einstein, but she most definitely carried a 4.0 GPA with ease. Though when she was finally done with all the mandatory school she found herself lost. No passion for anything equals no desire to continue on in life. Thankfully she had an understanding aunt that got her going in life. Might not have been the best starting place, but it was something. Aunt Lynn got her a job working at a mental ward. There Alex find comfort again in routine. Get up at 6:00, arrive at work by 7:30, and complete her daily tasks by 3:15, then allow herself into the pool room and swim some well needed laps till 4:30, and finally getting back around 5:30. Alex does not have OCD she just likes simplicity. However, what happens when an escapee picks Alex to be their ticket out? Eugene is a high risk patient, that was locked up after a killing spree, murdering over twenty-four people in the matter of three days. He's lawyers pleaded insanity, and some how got Eugene the luxury of a patted cell and straight jacket. Alex might have a bland life now, but Eugene is about to spice things up.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 - Clock In, Clock Out

Ever feel like your going nowhere in life, and that your just there for no particular reason. You don't quite feel like a side character in someone else's story, you feel like somthing worse. Maybe just the extra that fills in the empty background.

That's how Alex feels, though she decides to distract herself from it, whenever she gets the chance. No she doesn't take drugs, or sleep around, or anything close to that. She has morals, she just wants to escape reality. Alex loves to bury herself in books, manga, movies, and anything else that has the ability to bring her elsewhere.

Alex is missing passion towards something. She used to have one back in school, but now that she's out in the real world she can't help but feel out of place. Alex knows that every day life doesn't hand out grades. Her place of work only cares if she shows up on time, and does a good enough job by the days end.

Alex sits in her aunts office looking up at the ceiling. She and her aunt have been talking for about twenty minutes now, and Alex is growing impatient. Alex knows she had agreed to these annual sessions, but today the only thing on her mind was a cliffhanger. A certain book at home was calling her name, and it was getting louder and louder and louder. All she wants is to get home and finish the five hundred page novel, even though she only started reading it the day before. Alex attempts to hurry things along by changing the subject.

"Are we even allowed to be doing this?" Questions Alex

"Doing what?" Lynn says in response.

"These therapy lessons. I mean first off, we are doing it in your place of work, and secondly I'm your niece. Isn't there some doctor rule about not being able to council your own family, isn't it like a conflict of interest or something?"

"Therapy sessions, not lessons. And to ease your worry, I've already clocked out. That means I'm doing this on my own time, and these aren't necessarily therapy sessions. Im just your aunt wanting to talk and catch up with you, making sure your doing okay in life. Its always good to have someone to talk to. We also work in the same building, yet never talk to each other."

"So this is like dinner time, but sence we don't live together we talk here instead?"

"Yah. I guess. I just don't want to be emotionally distanced from you, especially sence the literal distance between us is so short."

"I can understand that. Anyways I'm full up on our social visit today sooo... yah got to go."

"What's the hurry? Got someone waiting for you at home?" Aunt Lynn jokes.

"Oh har har." Alex says with sarcasm glazed eyes. "If I did would it hurry things along." She says while standing up and folding her coat over her arm.

"No, I was just making a joke. Where you going? We didn't finish yet." Lynn says with a pouty tone.

Maintaining eye contact with her Aunt, Alex exaggerates a tiptoeing movement toward the door. "You couldn't tell? This is my subtle way of sneaking away."

Lynn gives up and with one hand waves in the air, while saying "Fine go, I didn't want you here anyway." Alex smiles and Lynn smiles back.

Before Alex put her foot through the door Lynn asks "What's the rush anyway?"

"Oh I just want to finish a book im reading. Killer cliffhanger and all that."

"Of course. You go have fun. See you Monday". Lynn says back with a small nod.

"Yah, later."

Alex looks at her watch, 3:44. 'Nice I got out twenty minutes early, hahaha.' She thinks to herself.

Having already clocked out at 3:15 she heads to her car. Walking through the parking lot she starts looking through her bag. Rummaging through it hoping today wouldn't be the day her keys where lost in the black hole she calls a purse. Stopping a few feet away from her car, Alex finds what she thinks is the strap to her keys and pulls it out quickly. She got her keys ,but also dislodged her phone making it fly through the air. Having done this so many times before, she just watches in frustration as it hit the ground. Picking it up slowly, before flipping it over to the screen. "Haha!" She cheers allowed looking at the some how unbroken screen.

She looks up and sees someone beneath her car, tucked under enoughto where they were off the ground. On the passengers side facing away from her.'Huh.' She thinks then decides to continue to her car. Opening the driver door and getting in. Placing her phone in her bag and then the bag near her feet.

Before closing the door she leans out and peaks under the car.
"That's not a very good hidding place."
She says before alarms ring out from the building. Alex glances at the building then back at her unexpected passenger. "So do want to ride in the cab ooorrr are you good down there?"

He looks at Alex and says nothing. Alex now making eye contact, then says "I think my trunk is empty too. Im just saying it doesn't look very comfortable down there."

Still saying nothing he lowers himself down. "Not sure if you want to get in the actual car or not, but im getting light headed now. Ssooo ill give yah 30 seconds to get in before I start driving."

Alex sits back in her seat and closes the door. She grabs her seat belt and proceeds to put it on. Then she hears a knock on her passenger window. Alex looks up and she can now see the guy clearly. Handsome face, nicely built body, and alot bigger than what he looked like when he was under the car.

Alex lowers the window. Looks him up and down and gives a what up nod. He rests both his arms on the car then asks "Uh, can you open the truck sweat heart?" He says in a deap husky voice.

Alex smiles then lifts her hand up holding her keys, then presses a button that pops the trunk. He looks Alex up and down before leaving the window and entering the trunk.

When it closes Alex shifts her car out of park and drives to the gate. There is now a line of at least five cars leading out. Alarms still ringing out from the building she reaches to her radio, to turn it on. "Hope you don't mind my music, because the one they're playing for you is quite annoying." Alex says loud enough for him to hear.

Alex feels pleased with her joke when she hears a small laugh coming from the truck. She finally gets to the gate and rolls down her window. Jack the gate guard bends down to eye level. Reaching out and twirling her hair in his fingers.

"Hey Alice, sorry for the hold up. We just had a break out. Just checking the cars for stowaways."

Jack always called Alex, Alice. He's had it wrong sentence the beginning, she feels to scared to correct him now.

"Ah. That's what its about. I just thought another kid from B wing pulled the fire alarm again." Alex says trying to hide the discomfort she feels around him.

Staring down at Alex hair between his fingers he informers her "No I heard it was one of the maniacs that got loose."

Alex's eyes widen "Oh, did they call the cops yet?"

"Yah, but there taking there sweet time getting here. Hey I don't want to hold you up any longer then I should."

"Okay. Aren't you going to search my car like the others?"

"Nah Alice, I know you. Your good." He says tucking her hazelnut hair behind her ear. "Hope you have a good weekend, see you Monday." He waves and backs away from her car.

"Yah, you to Jack."

Alex pulls out of the parking lot and looks in her rear view mirror. Looking as the next car has all four of its doors now open including its trunk. For onece a creep came in handy. Alice has a smile on her face that reads: I can't believe I got away with that.

When the ward is out of sight Alex pulls off into a dirt road. Making sure no one can see her.

She parks the car and leaves it running. She gets out, leaving the car door wide open, and walks around to the trunk. She just about to open the trunk when Jack's voice repeats something he said earlier. "It was one of the maniacs that got loose."

What was she thinking helping him escape. She knew something was wrong when he was under her car, when he hid in the trunk, when the alarm rang loudly through the building, when Jack mentioned a maniac. So why did she do it? Alex is wondering this herself. She didn't stop to think that the way she reacted to the situation was beyond normal.

Alex, still stuck in her own head, didn't realize the man in her trunk had bent down the seat into the cab. He got out of the car and found his way behind her.

She decides that she's already dug herself into a giant ditch might as well dig a little deeper. Its not like things could get worse. Alex opens the trunk and he's not there. Panic starts to spread across her face. As she looks deeper into her trunk to wear the now lowerd seat is, two arms snake around her waist and pick her up. Alex screams.

"Ta da!" The guys says with a chuckle following after. He shoves her in the trunk, and before she could exit the same way he did, he slams it closed. Everything goes pitch black.

Fun fact about Alex, she has an anxiety disorder, of sorts. She thought it was gone when she graduated high school, but turns out that it was very much not. It just needed somthing to trigger it. Her abdomen began to feel an intense pressure, causing her breathing to become extremely difficult. The pain started to spread and her tears began to flood out.

Now it's not impossible to do things while in the middle of an anxiety attack just outrageously tough.

The guy began to wonder why he didn't hear any screaming or banging coming from the inside of the trunk. Though her behavior has be anything but normal from the time he met her, he just expected a little more fight.

"Hey sweetheart you okay in there?" He asks while knocking on the trunk. Stopping to listen for a while he hears a small cry.

"Hello?" He says while opening the trunk very slowly. Peeking his eyes in right at the moment any light can.

He has the trunk open all the way now, just looking at Alex. "Huh." Alex has folded herself into a ball and is hyperventilating; with her eyes wide open. She's able to see what's going on, but she can't move.

"What yah doing there sweetheart?"
He says. No response from Alex.

"Uhmm, what was it that guard at the gate called you? Alice right?"

No doubt Alex wanted to correct him, but her vocal cords refused to cooperate.

He bent over the trunk and began to pick her up. Still in a almost paralyzed state Alex was able to produce a scream. Not a very good one, it sounded like a whisper escaping her lips. He heard her cry but ignored it.

He closed the trunk and carried her bridal style to the passanger side. Setting her inside and reaching over her to put her seat belt on. Still leaning over her he looked into her eyes. To stabilize himself he had his left hand on top of the car and a part of his knee resting on the seat.

He reached up to her face and grabbed her chin. Moving her head around, he could see her eyes stayed glued to his. "So your still in there?" He smirked then released his grip, and shut the door as he got out.

Going around to the drivers side he got in and adjusted the seat. Alex had fallen over, and was now leaning on the door. He picked up her bag and pulled out her phone.

"Wow you should really put a lock on this." He says while turning it on.

He swipes through a couple of screens before finding Google maps. He clicks the home option and Alex's address pops up.
"Thirty minutes? Why do you live so far away?" He asks not expecting an answer.

"Not sure if you can hear me or not, but i'm Eugene. It's nice to meet you Alice." Eugene pulls out of the dirt road and follows the map on Alex's phone. Now on their way to Alex's house.


- 2180 words

Im going to try and keep my chapters about this long or longer.
Hope you like my story so far.
Don't forget to vote and comment ;D
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