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Family Affair - 3 CHAPTER SAMPLE

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Declan This was not supposed to happen. I liked easy and uncomplicated. Anita was neither of those things. I didn't even know who she was when I first met her...when we first got together and by the time I did it was too late. I mean, what we were doing wasn't wrong, but my brother, Mase, might not agree. Anita I wasn't looking for anything, but I found him, not that I knew who he was.. This was only going to end one way, with me hurt and my family angry and disappointed. We were adults and able to make our own decisions, although, I had a history of bad decision making. When this went wrong it was going to be too close to home and I could only hope that I wouldn't lose my sister, Olivia, because of it.

Romance / Erotica
Elle M Thomas
Age Rating:

Chapter 1



Pacing the corridors of my club, Dazzler, I can’t disguise my nervousness that everything needs to go off without a hitch tonight. My brother, Mason, is coming over. Not that he knows it yet and his girlfriend, Olivia, is going to propose.

Mase has no clue what Liv has planned for him, but he will accept her proposal. He is totally smitten. His girlfriend has somehow completed him, and he is a much happier person now, fulfilled. I don’t go in for one true love and all that shit, but if I did, I’d say that’s what they have. He has been married before, to Arianna, but honestly, it was never like it is with Liv. Mase has had countless girlfriends but from the second he set eyes on Olivia, he changed. His sole purpose in life appeared to be capturing the very beautiful brunette, but if I am honest, I have no clue who caught who really.

There will be a full-on party here tonight and we’ll have the run of the place as I don’t open the club on Tuesdays. An adolescent titter escapes me as I recall almost catching Mase and Liv mid shag on a previous Tuesday when they had used it for some private dancing. Yeah, that is what my brother assured me they were doing. Although, having seen Olivia dance I can vouch for the fact that it’s akin to shagging to music.

I am genuinely pleased for them both as they each deserve to be happy and I love my brother. Olivia has had a shit life all in all. Her parents split up when her and her brother were kids, the father disappeared and then the mother moved into some religious commune where the head of the ‘church’ systematically abused, beat and raped Olivia, amongst others. When his crimes began to catch up, he, Raymond Daniels, went on the run, but only as far as Olivia who he beat and assaulted one last time and what a last time. She lost the baby none of us knew she was expecting that night. Yes, they definitely deserve to be happy. Raymond? He is being sentenced today for his crimes and that is where Mase and Olivia are now, along with her long lost brother and father and his new family. I suppose some good has come from it, although I know Mase still has reservations about the brother and the father, but Liv wants to be one big happy family so he will play ball unless they cross him.

With a frown I wonder how a parent does that to their kid; abuses, facilitates the abuse or simply moves on to build a new life without their child. Mase and I have had four step-dads and numerous step-siblings over the years, but not once have we felt anything other than loved and safe. As if by some kind of maternal magic, my phone rings and it’s my mother.

“Hi Mum, are you okay?”

“Yes, darling, fine. Have you heard from Mase?”

I can tell from her voice that she has or has at least heard something about him.

“I haven’t,” I confirm.

“Your dad called. That awful man has been sentenced to in excess of eighty years.”

“Wow…how’s Liv, and Mase?” I ask, unsure what else to say.

“Your dad said Olivia is remarkably together, Mase not so much so…he’s quiet and brooding,” my mother reveals and is clearly concerned.

“Mum, he’ll be fine. We’ll all keep an eye on him and after tonight he will have everything he wants,” I say in an attempt to reassure her nerves and worries.

“He won’t have the baby Olivia lost, neither of them will,” she almost whispers, sadly.

“No, but they will have other babies and I think that will be sooner rather than later.”

“Of course. Are you okay, Declan?” she asks, and I smile at how fortunate we are to have her as our mother.

“I am great, Mum,” I tell her because I am. I am happy. I have my business and an endless supply of pretty girls, speaking of which a very hot little brunette has just entered the building. “Mum, I have to go, but I will see you later. Don’t worry about Mase, he’s got Liv, so he’ll be fine.”

I immediately go in search of the pretty dark haired girl dressed in shorts and a very brief vest. I find her in my kitchen, with her back to me, chatting to Kelly who usually works behind the bar but is helping me out with decorations today. I stand in the doorway and take in the scene before me. Clearly the girl I saw is from the catering company which is owned by Olivia’s father who is at court with her. I have no idea what Kelly is talking about with the other woman as my brain refuses to think, see or hear anything that isn’t her sexy as fuck arse that is hanging out of her tiny shorts. This woman is a serious contradiction with her dark hair and fair skin, her short height and fuller, voluptuous curves that seem to be screaming to be touched and caressed.

The noise of her laughter startles me, mainly because the sound that resonates from her is the most divine thing I have ever heard. I cough in some kind of shocked and nervous reaction alerting them both to my presence.

“Hi, Dec. This is Anita, she’s the caterer.” Kelly reveals the beautiful lady’s identity.

She has the darkest brown eyes I have ever seen and a face that could and probably does stop traffic because she is that beautiful. I lower my glance to her chest which is tightly ensconced in a vest that only emphasises her boobs. They really are magnificent and equally as curvaceous and inviting as her behind, both of which are in total contrast to her tiny waist and frame. She is like an adult doll maker’s blueprint for immoral thoughts and as I prepare to delve into immoral and quite possibly depraved thoughts, she, Anita, smiles a sweet and seriously hot smile that has me hard in an instant.

“Kelly, could you go and collect the balloons and tea lights?”

She grins, confirming she knows exactly why I want the place to myself. More importantly, why I want Anita to myself.

I am a man whore and have no issue with that. I like sex, a lot; hot, frequent, all variations on sex but most of all I am looking for uncomplicated sex. The idea of sex with one person for the rest of my life brings me out in a cold sweat. The monotonous, formulated sexual encounters that so many couples are grateful for is not my thing at all. I want excitement, unpredictability and no emotions.

Kelly leaves us alone and then I speak to Anita, a simple introduction. “Dec,” I say with an outstretched hand and only then do I notice that she is in no position to accept it.

With her hands full of a piping bag I see her grin. Then with a glimmer in her eye she licks her lips until they are glistening with her own saliva and it takes all of my powers of restraint not to go and add my own. This woman is a strange one with her innocent expression and knowing eyes. She’s teasing me.

“Like she said, Anita.” She proceeds to pipe what looks like lemon butter icing onto a huge tray of cupcakes.

I am rooted to the spot watching her navigating the piping bag, the off white creamy mixture oozing from the nozzle under her control. God, I need to stop watching porn I decide as I consider my narration of what she is doing. With the last cupcake completed and another tray being started, she stops to point the bag at me and allows a little icing to dribble from the end. Yes, I really need to reduce my porn viewing.

“Would you like a taste?”

I am sure she must mean the icing but one look at her glittering dark eyes and the way her tits are almost heaving out of the confines of her vest disputes that.

“The icing?” I ask, thinking that this girl is a stranger and the last thing I need is a slap or for Olivia’s dad to tell Mase that I have been sexually harassing his staff.

“If you like.” She grins and I am reassured that I am not going to get slapped but I might just get lucky

“Why not?” I close the distance.

Slowly and deliberately she squirts a small blob from the bag onto her finger to offer it to me. I immediately accept the sweet and sticky substance, sucking and lapping her finger in the most sexually explicit way I know, which considering the depths of my deprivation is pretty disgusting. The sound of her moans echo around us in the otherwise silent kitchen, spurring me on and she actually groans when I nip her fingertip confirming that we are both imagining that it is not her finger in my mouth. I pull it from my mouth and reach for the piping bag. With none of the finesse she showed when she wielded it, I am streaking the sticky sweet concoction on the skin between her breasts. She shudders and whilst it might be down to the temperature of the icing, I suspect it’s more to do with sexual arousal and expectation. I quickly lean forward and then with a single, deft upwards stroke of my tongue I consume the icing, which is, as I suspected, lemon.

“Mmm,” I rumble against her skin causing her chest to rise and fall which satisfies me hugely.

I am like a starving man here, in need of sustenance and she is the only meal that will satisfy my appetite. With her low, gravelly whimper, I am almost crippled. I don’t need any further encouragement it seems as I lunge forward and cover her lips with mine whilst lifting her, my hands full of her fleshy behind that I am using to hoist her up onto the counter where we begin to devour each other.

We are like animals on heat. Within seconds we are shedding clothes, briefly breaking our lip to lip contact in order to facilitate the removal of barriers. I am losing it here I realise when I end up fumbling like a fourteen-year-old boy, unable to find the clasp on her bra when she pushes me off.

“Front fastener, Stud,” she announces as she pushes her breasts towards me, the fastening now obvious.

I frown at my failure to figure her bra but then grin at her calling me Stud, which is pretty ridiculous, but I don’t care and choose to reciprocate with nicknames. “Very nice, Cupcake,” I tell her as in one deft movement the clip is undone, the lace fabric gaping, allowing her glorious tits to come into view. “Fuck!” I cry as I see the perfectly full globes of her breasts complete with tightly pulled, erect nipples that are as hard as bullets. They really are glorious.

“Foreplay first,” she grins. “Foreplay, an orgasm and then the fuck,” she tells me before grabbing my head and pulling me back in to kiss her again.

I know that Kelly will give us enough time but I don’t want to risk her, or anyone else busting us and I love a woman who knows what she wants so I need to get a move on with foreplay and an orgasm before we consider the fucking. Quickly, I relieve her of her sexy little shorts and even smaller pair of pants and am taken aback again to find her completely bare. Not that I haven’t known a bare woman before, but this woman is all contradictions with her big innocent eyes and naked pussy.

Slowly, deliberately she spreads her legs for me and I am stunned to see she her glistening pussy opening before my eyes. Yeah, she is a total paradox of a woman, but I find it hot. I reconsider my porn viewing and think I might just need to watch more, with this woman maybe. I lean in and kiss her again, but this time I worship her breasts at the same time, cupping, stroking and then squeezing the heavy, full globes before closing in on her tautly pulled nipples that have her crying out when I eventually reach them. I am deliberating feasting on them when she pulls one of my hands from her breast and places it between her splayed thighs.

“Dec, she whines. “Make me come before anyone else arrives.”

I am reminded by her words that we are at serious risk of being discovered and the last thing either of us wants is to be rumbled in such an obviously compromising position.

Clearly, I pause a little too long before replying because I feel her tense before she breaks our kiss and in a low whisper says, “Sorry, I don’t know why I’ve done this.”

She sounds on the verge of tears and her glistening eyes seem to confirm this, but there’s more, she looks embarrassed, ashamed and that is what bothers me most because we have done nothing wrong.

“Hey, ssh,” I say in an attempt to reassure her. “If you don’t want this then you say and we’ll forget it, but if you want it,” I add, really hoping she finds her earlier bravado because apart from the feeling that this might be the best thing either of us could do I am more concerned that my balls will drop off if I don’t get off soon. I really am harder than I can recall being before and all rational thought, not that I am prone to that, well it disappears at the second my dick gets hard. “Do you want me, Cupcake?” I ask with my best endearing smile and she nods. Thank fuck.

I recall that she wanted foreplay, orgasm and then fucking so drop to kneel between her still spread thighs and pull her arse to the edge of the stainless steel counter she is still on so that I can feast on her in order to tick off foreplay and orgasm for her, after all we don’t have time on our side.

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