Family Affair - 3 CHAPTER SAMPLE

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Chapter 2


Today started off as being totally shit, well today was just the icing on the cake after several shit weeks but it’s kind of picking up now with this handsome barman wedged between my thighs. He is clearly aware of the lack of time we have judging by how quickly he gets to work. Glancing down I smile at the top of his head that’s covered in thick, dark brown hair that I am tempted to tug on as his tongue sweeps the full length of me.

With the whole of my sensitive and intimate flesh coming to life as his tongue dips into my core I feel my legs trembling and hear a whimper escape from my mouth. My handsome friend appreciates my enthusiasm and his approving glance up confirms that. I feel suddenly self-conscious to be under his scrutiny, although he has now averted his eyes from mine.

Closing my eyes, I wonder what the hell has got into me. I stifle a very juvenile giggle and response when I feel a finger slide inside me. But this is not me, I don’t do anything wild, unpredictable or reckless, not anymore. I used to but then fate or karma decided to kick me in the arse and my behaviour caught up with me and changed me forever.

“Oh God!” I cry as my thoughts of the past are broken by the burn in my pelvis radiating up and out until I can feel that I am about to combust in sweet ecstasy. Stud, as I named him is sliding another digit inside me as his tongue begins to lap against me. My nub of pleasure is swelling. I can feel it along with the soft tissue around it. “Yes, yes,” I chant as his tongue forms loops and laps around my clit, driving me crazy with desire as every touch drives me closer to release. “Don’t stop,” I plead and he doesn’t disappoint me, in fact his efforts are increased in speed and quantity until I am literally riding his face I realise with shame and horror but am helpless to do anything but continue, pulling his face further into me whilst grinding into his bloody genius tongue, fingers and face.

I can barely think, see, hear or talk now as the whole of my body convulses and twitches, inside and out. It is like someone has plugged me into the mains. Electricity surges through me until I am a mass of sensation, burning, aching and stinging that courses through my core and everywhere beyond until I am limp and spent.

Deep, warm eyes are on me again, the handsome barman stands before me, between my still splayed thighs. I wonder if I have had some kind of seizure because I have lost minutes. Precisely the minutes between him giving me the best orgasm of my life and right now. Him standing here, smiling, clearly appreciating the view I am affording him, not that I understand why because he is gorgeous enough that he could have any woman he wants. Before I go down the well-trodden road of self-deprecation he laces his fingers through my hair to pull me closer and closer until I can feel his breath on my face, and honestly I can smell my juices on his breath.

“Cupcake, you are seriously compromising my schedule for the day,” he tells me with a slightly lopsided smile that actually makes him even more attractive. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asks, shocking me because he doesn’t seem the sort to question doing this. He is confident enough that I don’t doubt he does this regularly and his skills would support my idea that he has had lots of practice.

I nod that I am sure. This might be the one thing I have been sure of for years.

“Yes,” I confirm and he is sheathing himself with a condom, easily sliding into me, inching into me slowly, but never once taking his eyes off mine.

“You feel so good, Cupcake,” he tells me and I smile, a full on toothy smile that confirms I love him calling me Cupcake, regardless of how pathetic it might be.

“Hmmm, you’re not so bad yourself, Stud,” I reply as he grins his reciprocal appreciation of my use of Stud again and then he begins to move in earnest.

From the first stroke I am gasping and moaning. My hands are reaching for him and with my them on his shoulders I am pulling him closer until there is nothing between us and my legs are winding around him tightly, drawing him closer and closer until there is almost nothing to separate us.

“Jeez,” he hisses through gritted teeth as my short nails dig in more firmly as I feel the fluttering low in my belly beginning to gather pace. “Come on,” he whispers against my neck where his mouth is nestled tightly.

His thrusts are quickening, becoming slightly less controlled telling me that he is almost there, but I need a little more so slip a hand between us to find my drenched sex. With two fingers moistened with my own juices I am circling my clit. He is pulling back slightly, to watch my fingers between us. Quickly he adjusts our position so that he is pushing my thighs wider, opening me up, giving himself a ringside seat to me arousing myself while he fucks me with increasingly faster thrusts.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he tells me and that is the thing that makes me blush…I am okay, average in terms of attractiveness but I am not classically beautiful, I know that. “Shit! I’m going to come,” he warns, advises and threatens at the same time.

The sensation of the tissue around and beneath my clit swelling gives me the final push and while he is hissing and shouting indecipherable sounds I am screaming and crying in blasphemous and quite foul terms about just how good I feel.

It’s probably only a matter of a minute that we remain joined in our strange little huddle and then his phone rings, breaking the moment. He ignores the insistent ringing but passes me my clothes and then we both redress in silence.

He keeps looking at me, as if he wants to say something and just as he begins to with a simple, “Shall we grab a drink?” Kelly calls through to him.

“Dec, balloons and tea lights are here.”

She appears in the kitchen and looking between us she smiles a knowing smile but before she can say anything his phone rings again and this time he reaches into his pocket for it and answers. “Hey, bro,” he says with an easy grin before mouthing a see you later to me but I have no clue if that is simply his version of goodbye.

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