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Short stories, ideas, rough edits

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A selection of short stories, chapters from longer stories not yet written, ideas for future stories. All rough edits in need of perfecting in both story and SPAG.

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Natalia and Aidan


I'm going out tonight, unwillingly dragged by my sister Elle. I've been moping around for the past 6 weeks after finding my fiancé fucking his secretary. How cliché, a late business call, I went to surprise him and there he was, pants around his ankles, balls deep in that naive 19 year old with the perky tits splayed out across his desk. Neither of them saw me coming but they sure as hell felt the heavy books i started flinging from the bookcase by the door before running out of there. I laid low at Elle's house for a few days whilst he cleared his stuff from our flat, then went back home, surrounded by memories and sunk into a depression. Elle has decided enough is enough and I have to get out of the flat. So here I am, applying my makeup, swigging vodka from the bottle, trying to psyche myself up for my first night out in months. Elle has been trying to convince me that the best way to get over him is to get under someone else, but honestly I'm not sure I can face being intimate with anyone right now, even my Tom Hardy fantasies can't get my fanny fluttering like they used to.

I finish my make up, grab my bag and take a look at myself in the mirror. Biker boots, fishnet stockings, denim skirt, black tank top, leather jacket, chestnut hair straight and shiny and enough vodka inside me to believe that heading to the grungy little club down the road with my sister is a good idea. Grabbing my keys, I lock up and wander downstairs to meet the girls. Elle and her best friend Sim are leaning against the wall, smoking and waiting for me.

We walk the half mile to the club, the girls chattering around me about some guys they are hoping will be there tonight, a few names I recognise but none I've ever met before. Until i hear the name Aidan Simons, fuck. I haven't heard that name in years. Aidan was my high school crush, the bloke hardly even knew I existed but he was front and centre of my horny teenage dreams for a long time. Last i heard he'd moved away and was working in a bank, no longer the scraggly haired guitarist I once dreamt of but a boring suit. Luckily Elle and Sim didn't notice the catch of my breath at the mention of his name, too busy talking about Matt and Max, the twin brothers they are hoping to divide and conquer this evening.

We push our way down the stairs into the underground club. The ceilings are low, exposed brick walls on either side and a long, neon lit bar lines one end of the room. It's busy and therefore sweaty already. I check my jacket into the cloakroom and make my way to the bar. If I'm going to survive tonight I need another vodka. I lean over the bar and shout my order to the woman serving, struggling to be heard above the heavy bassline of the music that's making the bottles on the bar shake in time to the beat.

Drink in hand, I notice a vacant high table and rush over. I sit and wait for Sim and Elle, i can see them at the bar, ordering shots of tequila, flirting with the bar man, and looking around for the twins. I'm already feeling out of place and like a third wheel and I've only been here for 10 minutes.

*more scene setting filler*

The alcohol had given me enough of a confidence boost to head to the dancefloor and start moving to the Pendulum track that was playing. The girls are beside me, arms in the air and swaying their hips when the twins approach them from behind with some friends in tow. Over the pounding beat I'm introduced to Matt and Max who in turn attempt to introduce me to their friends. I hadn't really bothered to look up as the names were reeled off, i didn't intend to be here long, just long enough to get my sister off my face, but nodded Hello to Tom and Dan, and then Aidan. I looked up and our eyes locked, my breath caught and I'm pretty sure I blushed from head to toe as a smirk slipped over his still absolutely perfect mouth. With sparkling eyes he nodded hello, turned and went to the bar.

Well shit. Clearly he didn't remember me, but now I look like an absolute idiot. Great. A promo girl comes past with a tray of shots, i chuck a tenner at her and down 4 in quick succession. That'll help. Nope, now I just feel embarrassed and a little more tipsy than I'd like. I head outside for a cigarette and to give myself a stern talking to. I will not shrink into myself, not become that gawky 15 year old he used to know, not become the doormat that my now ex-fiance Mark so clearly thought I was. I'm Natalia Grayson. I'm 27 years old and damn I'm better than this. I don't need male attention to feel good about myself, but well, sometimes it helps. I'm no model, but I'm not hideous either. I know I stand directly in the middle of average, could be better. I'm a good person with a good job and great friends. I don't need anything else and I don't want it.

I shimmy my way back down the stairs, feeling slightly better after my little pep talk, and find the girls on the floor.

Max is still with them but everyone else seems to have disappeared. I slot back into the space next to them and throw myself into dancing, if i can lose myself in the music, focus on moving my body, i may even start to enjoy myself. I close my eyes, throw my hands up in the air and really get into it, the song changes to Tinie Tempah, Pass Out, and i start moving my feet, swaying my hips, really getting into it. Suddenly my skin starts to prickle, that sixth sense that you're being watched. A throwback to the animalistic roots of hunter and prey. My eyes spring open and i scour the room, everyone is lost in the music, i must have imagined it. Then i notice him, leaning against the brick wall, a small smile at the corner of his mouth. Aidan. He breaks his stare and winks at me and my heart stops for a second. I blink to see if I'm really seeing what I'm seeing. My high school crush, in converse and skinny jeans, a tight fitting black shirt over muscular arms, ink just peeking below the short sleeves, dark, closely cropped dair and eyes so dark they could belong to the devil, just fucking winked at me. And now, he isn't there. People have moved into my line of sight but he isn't against the wall anymore.

Elle taps my shoulder and tilts her head questioning, clearly concerned that I've stopped dead in the middle of the dance floor. I offer her a weak smile, shake my head and try to throw myself into the music again.

3 songs later my mind is still reeling over Aidan. I'd never admit it to anyone but my dreams of him have never been innocent and that wink sent me fluttering in a way i haven't felt in a long time. But I'm back, eyes closed, arms out to the sides, about to epically slut drop when someone grabs my hips from behind. My hair is being pulled off of my shoulder, a calloused finger dragging across my neck. I feel his breath on my neck, I can hear him breathing in my ear, I can smell Hugo Boss, I know immediately it's him. 'Natalia, you haven't changed at all and it's so damn good to see you, but don't turn around'. His finger let's my hair drop and trails slowly down my spine before returning to my hip. Goosebumps have broken out all down my arms, a shiver runs through me, my nipples pebble under my thin tank too and I'm seriously regretting the lace bra I'm wearing with no padding to obscure my arousal at all.

My skin is burning where his hands hold firm contact. My top had ridden up slightly and the skin to skin contact has me all kinds of hot and bothered. His grip is firm as he pulls me back into him and continues to move to the beat of the music i can no longer hear over the drumming of my blood in my ears.

I can feel him now. His firm chest against my back, his hot breath on my neck, his arousal nestled against my lower back. I can feel it all. And I don't know what the hell to do about it. The words he's spoken to me are the most he ever has, and i don't understand why he doesn't want me to turn around. We remain, glued back to front, moving gently to the music but in constant tight contact for another song. Then comes the finger across my neck again. The whisper in my ear that immediately causes a visceral reaction, my panties are soaked. 'You have no idea what you do to me, you didn't in school and you don't now. Elle tells me a man broke your heart. I may not be able to fix that, but i can make you forget Nat, I can make you forget everything but what's happening here and now. Do you want that? Don't lie to me now, you can't deny this isn't turning you on. Your nipples could cut glass through that skimpy little top of yours, and I bet, i bet if i dipped beneath that tiny little skirt of yours, your needy pussy would be dripping for me wouldn't it….. I've always wanted this, let me help you forget, tell me you want this too '.

I'm stunned into silence. This can't be happening. A decade ago I would have given my right arm for this. Now, now I'm suddenly terrified. What the hell am I doing? Can I do this? Should i?

One of his hands trails up from my hip, his huge, firm, possessive hand, splays out across my body, stopping at my rib cage. His thumb grazes the underside of my breast and I gasp. He takes this as encouragement whilst my mind is still reeling and reaches higher with his thumb, catching my nipple and causing a shiver through my body.

'So Natalia, what's it going to be? Do you want to get lost in the moment with me?'

Without thinking, I nod gently, almost unperceivable but he understands. In response grinds his hips forwards and I can feel his rock hard cock against me, and i know this is affecting him as much as its affecting me. If my underwear could spontaneously combust, that move would make it happen. I whimper as his hand continues to graze my nipple, so lightly, so deliciously, I crave for more. For a pinch, a bite, a suck, more.

Someone stumbles into me and suddenly I remember where we are. In the middle of a dance floor, with my sister a few meters away. Thank god it's packed and being pressed up against one another is necessary, no one would know but this feels so naughty. I'm electric with sexual tension right now and am clenching my thighs together in order to create some friction, some release.

The hand he's had firmly on my hip starts to trail downwards, toying with the hem of my skirt, fingers dragging across my fishnets, skimming the lace around the edge of my panties. Tracing my ass cheek with the tips of his fingers. He's driving me wild. Soft, barely there touches, but I'm hyper aware of every movement is body makes, of my breathing that is now heavy and stuttering.

His knee comes between mine, adjusting my stance, spreading my legs ever so slightly. I feel his lips graze my neck, such a simple touch and I'm on fire, lava is pooling between my legs.

He's breathing heavily now, he speaks, breaking my focus momentarily from the need I'm now feeling. 'Are we doing this Nat? Do you want me to touch you? To make you come, right here on this dancefloor, surrounded by all these people. Such a naughty girl. But I need you to say it. Tell me you want that'. I nod, no idea what's overcome me. I've never done this before, this isn't me. But I'm desperate with desire, Mark hadn't touched me in months before we broke up, i know why now, and well, this is Aidan. Teenage me would never forgive me if i walked away from this opportunity and something tells me this is a one time deal. 'don't just nod Beautiful, I need to hear you say that you want this, that you want to feel me, I know you do, i can feel the dampness of your thighs, the heat radiating from that skimpy lace you call underwear, your nipples have been saying yes since I arrived, just say the word'

I turn to face him, instantly missing the pressure of his hands on my skin. His eyes sparkle in the darkness of the club, he knows what he's doing to me and by the feel of the hardness now poking into my hip, he's enjoying this as much as I am. I curl my arms around the back of his neck, run my fingers through his soft hair and as confidently as I can manage for someone so out of her comfort zone I breathlessly say ' I want you Aidan, I've always wanted you. Make me feel again, please I need this' he bows his head as if he's waiting for more, he really wants me to say this. 'Please Aidan, touch me, make me come, right here, please'.

Without missing a beat, his mouth is upon mine. His tongue pushing into my mouth, hot and heavy, dancing around my tongue. He pulls back slightly, gripping my bottom lip between his teeth, the pain delicious as he pulls away. I'm holding onto him for dear life as my knees go weak, tugging at his hair, a small moan escapes my lips.

His left hand is back at my chest again, this time however, rather than just teasing, grazing my nipple, he pinches and pulls at it, making me wimper with pleasure. I spread my legs a little further, adjusting my position slightly, hoping that the hand hovering just below the hem of my skirt will make contact with the heat radiating from underneath.

He takes the hint, his fingers graze against my upper thigh, teasing. He brings his hand to the front, between us, hiding what he is doing from the people surrounding us. His thumb grazes the front of my knickers and I gasp. He pulls back slightly, a knowing smile reaching all the way to his sparkly eyes. He does it again and I moan. His fingers are tearing at the lace now, edging inside my underwear. I use my hands to steady myself against his chest as his finger drags through my wet slit, as he hits my clit i bury my head into his shoulder to keep from screaming out. I need this so badly, I need more, I squirm against him, trying desperately to gain more friction. His finger slips back down and pushes inside. Instinctively my muscles clamp down on him, keeping him in place. I feel a growl rip through his chest as he pulls back and inserts another finger into my needy cunt. Positioning his hand just so he starts to move, finger fucking me in time to the beat of the music surrounding us. The heel of his hand rubbing deliciously against my clit. This won't take long, I'm so close to the edge and he knows it. He stops moving and with his free hand pinches my nipple again, his head ducked into my neck, nibbling and biting his way along my collar bone. That's all the encouragement I need as I start to ride his hand, pushing into the heel of his palm. His fingers curl, pressing hard against that spot inside that is guaranteed to make me see stars. My vision goes black as I lean into his chest, holding onto his strong, inked arms, and scream into his shoulder as my orgasm rips through me.

He keeps his fingers in place as I convulse around him, coming down from the high he drove me to. Once he's sure I'm done, he pulls them out with a painful slowness. He brings his glistening hand to my mouth and spreads my juices across my lips. He leans in and kisses me deeply, tasting the product of my orgasm from my lips.

And then, he is gone. Where, i don't fucking know. He was right there, in front of me, and then he wasn't. On shaky legs I walk to the bathroom to clean up. My lipstick is all over my face, my hair disheveled and my underwear, well it's only fit for the bin now. I make myself presentable, place my destroyed lace into my handbag and head outside for a cigarette. I need it after that. I scour the club for him as I walk towards the door but he isn't there.

Outside I head down the road slightly and into an alleyway. Leaning against the cold brick I light my cigarette and take a deep breath. What the fuck happened tonight. I don't do shit like that. What was I thinking?

From the darkness of the alleyway a hand reaches out and pulls me into the shadow. I let out a scream before a sliver of moonlight shows Aidan's features to me.

He pushes me harshly against the wall. 'Natalia, little Natalia, you've had your fun, now I think it's my turn don't you'. I nod weakly as I hear the zip of his jeans release. He's in front of me, his cock hard and ready, springing forth from his boxers. Fuck. His hand creeps under my skirt and he releases another delicious growl when he finds my lacy panties no longer a barrier to him. He plunges 2 fingers back into me as his free hand gathers my wrists above my head, holding me against the cool brickwork. He bows his head and sucks my pebbled nipple into his mouth. I'm moments away from my second orgasm when I feel his hard length slip between my soaked folds. Rubbing against me, I whimper with need. I'm pinned to the wall by my wrists and his strong hips, unable to move even if i wanted to. My skirt now pushed up around my own hips, exposed, in just my boots and stockings.

'You want this Nat, you want me inside of you. You see what you do to me. This won't last long, I can't. I've wanted you forever and now I'm going to take you'. With that, he thrusts his hips forwards and despite his size and girth being way more than I'm used to, I'm so slick with need that he pushes inside easily. I close my eyes, allowing myself to be aware of everything I'm feeling as he ploughs into me. The bite of the wall against my back, his strong grip on my wrists, the fullness between my legs, the grunts coming from and the soft moans coming from me. It's all too much, its building again, i can tell he's close too. He sucks my other nipple into his mouth and that's it. My vision blurs, my legs buckle and I'm there, at the top of the rollercoaster. My orgasm rips through me as I feel his hot release deep within me.



I wake up with a pounding head, a mouth drier than the desert and a desperate need to pee. I drag myself out of bed and head to the bathroom, i catch sight of myself in the mirror and freeze. There is lipstick smeared across my cheeks and a scratch down my chest that I definitely didn't put there.

Coffee, i need coffee before I can deal with what did or did not happen last night. On the way to the kitchen i check both my bedroom and the sofa to make sure no one else is in the flat. Nope. Just me. Whilst the machine warms up I check my phone. Fuck, 5 missed calls and a whole bunch of messages from Matt and Tom.

'where the hell are you?'

'seriously dude not funny, if you've left just let us know'

'WTF did you do to Natalia? She's fucking crying dude'

'You fucked her. You fucked her and you left. What the fuck are you playing at man? This was your chance'

'Just pick up the phone dickhead'

'Fine. Go and run away. Whatever'

Natalia. Fucking Natalia. She clearly had no idea, that girl has had my balls in a vice for years. I started fantasising about Natalia when we were about 15. We had PE together in school and damn that girl in shorts and a tight t-shirt did not help me run laps. When her shirt rode up playing netball it was a shit straight to my dick. When she bent over playing hockey and I caught a glimpse of cleavage or her long toned legs, fuck, she caused me to miss a few goals. I haven't seen her in years, the last time might have been someones 21st where I was no doubt off my chops on something.

When I was reintroduced to her last night, especially after hearing what that fucktard of an ex had just done to her, well i couldn't fucking help myself. Seeing her blush when we were introduced, watching as she downed shots and tried to control her breathing. Maybe this wasn't just a one way attraction. Maybe just maybe she was interested in me too.

I didn't, or couldn't, go slow with her. It was an all or nothing moment and damn i went with all. Creeping up behind her, whispering in her ear, touching her warm soft stomach, grazing my thumb over her pebbled nipples. Damn. She was putty in my hands in seconds. Breathing heavily, grinding back against me, looking over her shoulder, those delectable nipples just waiting to be sucked. I couldn't stop myself. When she turned around and begged me to make her come, well, who the hell was I to deny her?

The memory of slipping my fingers inside of her, of the needy little moans she released as she rode my hand, the look of ecstacy on her face as her muscles contracted around my fingers and she unraveled on me. I don't know what came over me as I swiped my fingers across her lips, but the need to taste her overwhelmed me and to sample her juices from her lips, the best kiss I could ask for. The sweet, musky, absolutely unique taste of her, like a thunderbolt to my cock as it clearly remembers the latter part of the evening.

After a little taste of her I knew I had to walk away. Walk away before I fucked her. Even half cut I knew that she deserved a ton more than a quick fuck and I'm in no position to give that to her. She's just left a serious relationship and I'm a perpetual fuck up, definitely not boyfriend material. I did something I'm not proud of. I left her, whilst her eyes were closed, whilst she was coming down, I slipped away and out the door and practically ran down the road. I threw myself into the dark alleyway and lit a cigarette, shaking. I'd just finger fucked to orgasm the girl I've been crushing on for the past 13 years in the middle of a crowded club and then ran away. 15 year old me would be fucking disappointed.

So when she appeared at the end of the alleyway, cat-like features illuminated by her lighter, I just couldn't help myself. I was uncomfortably hard after everything that had just happened, the front of my boxers soaked with precum, i had to have her. So i reached out and grabbed her, the scream she let out made me wonder if id made the right choice or if i was about to be accused of assault or rape. However the shadow of recognition across her face and the glint in her eye told me this isn't a mistake and that she'd come willingly into the dark with me.

With very little communication between us I had her bound against the wall, hard nipple in my mouth. The noises escaping her had me almost blowing without even touching her. Drawing my hand up her milky thigh and discovering that she was no longer wearing that shred of lace she called underwear was a delight. Sliding my fingers back into her wet, wanting cunt felt like home. Fuck, my thought process comes flooding back to me, the deep carnal need to be inside her, without thought of a condom or any discussion.

My cock was out of my jeans and sliding between her hot, slick folds before I could stop and consider that i was fucking her, my dream woman, in an alleyway. So hot, so tight, so wet for me. I wasn't going to last long but I wanted to make it good for her too. I gripped her against the wall and ploughed in hard and fast, tilting my hips and adjusting the angle to hit the right spot, grinding my pelvic bone against her clit as I pushed into her, my thrusts increasing exponentially. I was on the edge then, and I could feel her coiling to the top of the precipice too. Biting down on her neck she unravelled around me, my name ripped from her lips as she tightens around me. That's it, done for, I saw stars as I shot my load deep inside her. We were still clinging to each other moments later when her fucking sister came out shouting for her.

And then I did exactly what I shouldn't have. I pulled back, told her she should go to her sister and walked away towards a cab. Leaving the most exciting and long anticipated fuck I've ever had stood alone in alley, tits out, skirt around her waist, our combined arousal dipping down her legs.

And that is why I can't even contemplate texting my friends back this morning. Frankly I can't contemplate anything this morning. Nothing more than going back to bed and hoping that it was all an amazing, super realistic dream instead of the biggest mistake of my life.
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