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what happens when three highschoolers meet the kings of mafias? three of them are pregnant and get kicked out of their house , the cruel mafias save them , the get close and fall in love ,but does the other mafias like them too? will they be separated? or will destiny bring them together? will the highschoolers be mafias too? are their family mafias too?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

*earths pov*

sunlight peeked through my curtains as i woke up and looked at my phone and it was 6 am and i have to wake up my sibling because i know they wont wake up on their own , i went downstairs to wake them up. Fluke’s room was open as i went inside to wake him up , he groaned a lot but woke up.

Fluke : ao...its just 6am!! why did u wake me up now??

Earth : todays is prem’s birthday u idiot!!

Fluke : oh yeah , i forgot..( sleeps back )

Earth : fluke!! u idiot!! wake up!!

Fluke : oyy..ok fine!!!

i went to prems room , i dont really need to wake him up because he already woke up

Earth : u woke up?? so soon??

Prem : phi..todays my birthday !! how can i wake up late??

Earth : aishh..anyways happy birthday my cute little nong!!

( goes and hugs prem )

Fluke : let me join!!

Prem : ( chuckles )

Fluke : happy birthday na!!

Prem : thank you phi~

Earth : we hv school today , remember?

Fluke : yeahh , ugh.. i hate it

Prem : by the way phi , where’s mom and dad??

Fluke : as usual prem , they went on a modeling trip..

Earth : lets go downstairs now

Prem : yeah im hungry now, so u go brush your teeth and get ready phi

Earth : ok

i am going to my room to freshen up , oh dad’s calling now

Dad : hey

Earth : hi dad..

Dad : u guys got up early today??

Earth : yeah dad , todays prem’s birthday so we got up

Dad : oh i see..

Earth : is there anything else dad? im going to freshen up now

Dad : yeah earth , u guys have a new sponsor and u guys are doing it

Earth : ok dad..i will tell them

Dad : ok i have to go ...bye

Earth : bye dad

ugh another sponsor , we gotta work hard i guess

end pov

Authors pov

Prem : aoo...where is fluke??

Earth : i dont-

Fluke : i am here!!

Earth : so long!! what did u do up there??

Fluke : wat do u think people do in the bathroom??

Prem : just eat now phi..

Fluke : we are hungry!!

Maid 1 : here u go masters

Prem : my drink?

Maid 2 : here sir

( after a few mins )

Fluke : i want more pasta!!

Earth : u ate too much!! no more!

Fluke : ( whining )

Maid 1 : ( chuckles ) master , i kept only some pasta on fluke master’s plate so he didnt eat a lot.

Earth : ok ok fine!! u eat!! she always supports u!

Maid 1 : ( chuckles )

Fluke : YAY!! yeah she always supports me! ( mocks earth )

Earth : ( smacks flukes head )

Prem : ( eats silently )

Fluke : ouchh , earth !!

Earth : yeah i forgot, guys we got a new sponsor and dad wants us to do it

Prem : i know phi

Fluke : oh ok..

Earth : hmm...

Prem : finish eating phi , we gotta go to school remember??

Earth : ye-

Fluke : no! i will take a leave , i wanna eat my pasta peacefully~

Earth : ( smacks flukes head )

Fluke : the heck!! earth!!

Earth : shut up and eat!!

Prem : ok ok now im going to get ready

Earth and Fluke : ( arguing )

Prem : ugh..whatever

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