Whisper Of Silence

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An Unexpected Offer Brought Two Souls Together. "There's an unspoken rule in the underworld, you cannot enter someone else's land without permission even if you're a mob boss. I cannot risk it, I cannot risk him finding me not now not ever. I must think of other solutions, something maybe someone. I've never been the person to ask for help from others, I've always dealt with it on my own but for the sake of my family, I'll go out of my ways and ask. But who will be willing to help, who would risk their own life going against him, who would have the power to stand up to him?. There's only one person I can think of, one name that brought everyone down to their knees, one that would be able to find them, for my family's safety I'll do it, I couldn't care less about my life. Let's hope I never regret this decision"

Romance / Action
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Luciano's POV

I slammed my fist repeatedly against his face making him cough out blood, as I stepped back and took a handkerchief from Lorenzo and cleaned my bloody hands "talk" I demand

"I don't know I swear on my life that I don't know" he sobbed.

I'm getting sick and tired of the same answer "if you don't talk in five seconds I'll kill you" he shook his head with tears and blood streaming down his face.

"who gave you the order? SPEAK" at this point I was struggling to hold my anger, all I wanted was to take my fucking gun and fucking shot him but I needed information, we've been at this for 4 fucking hours.

I motioned with my finger to Raffaello to give me a plier, I'm done playing games with this fucker "hold his hands down" fear flashed through his eyes as Raffaello and Lorenzo forcefully grabbed his hands and positioned them on the chair's arms.

"i-i beg you p-please don't do this" a sinister smile stretched across my face as I stepped forward looking straight at him "you see Jake this wouldn't have happened if you didn't betray me" I shook my head in fake disappointment which made my smile grow even more.

I placed his index nail between the jaws of the plier and slowly twisted my hand.

His cries filled the room when his nail was severed from his skin, blood dripped from the wound down to the floor, I left him to settle down first before I moved to his next finger.

I was about to do the same until he spoke "it was Jason" he took a deep breath and continued " Jason is the one who gave me the order" I stepped in front of him and bent down to stare at his face "who is Jason?"

He shook his head "i-i don't know, I only know his name, a-and we d-didn't meet I received my orders from a burner phone, I tried to trace it but he threatened me with my daughter, I swear I was forced to do it" I stood up and moved around him in a slow pace.

"When will he contact you again?" I placed my hands on the top rail of the chair, I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled his head back to face me.

He hesitated at first but after seeing the look on my face he answered "I don't know, there's no specific time he called randomly" I nodded my head and let go of his head, I grabbed my gun and hit the back of his head knocking him out in the process.

"What should we do with him?" Matteo broke the silence.

"Keep him alive for now, once Jason calls, kill him" I put my gun back and looked at Edoardo who was standing in the corner of the room "Edoardo, treat his wounds make sure this fucker doesn't die, and Donovan" I turned to my cousin who was standing next to Edoardo "bug his house and bring me the phone, do it in silence and don't let anyone see you, I'm sure this Jason guy put someone to watch him".

"After he wakes up take him to his house and add cameras everywhere inside and outside around his house understand?" Donovan nodded his head and went to do as ordered.

I left the room followed by my brothers Raffaello and Lorenzo, Matteo stayed behind to help Edoardo with Jake, the demon in me is eager to be out but it's not the right time not yet.

The price of betrayal is death no matter who you are, friend, ally, or family, the string of trust and loyalty runs deep within the roots of our family brake it and it'll all crumble down taking everything down with it.

" I don't understand why we didn't kill him?" I shook my head at Lorenzo, my youngest brother, and sat down on the chair behind my desk "because we want Jason" Raffaello answered him and handed me a glass of Vodka he poured when we entered my office.

"I know but we could've found him without keeping him alive" Lorenzo sat down on the brown leather seat on my right side and Raffaello sat down on the other side "How do you expect us to find him when the only thing we know about him is his god damn name" Raffaello snapped at Lorenzo and gulped his drink.

I love my brother but he can be so annoying and clueless sometimes that I end up holding myself back from shooting him.

Enzo put his hands up in surrender and smiled innocently at Raff which riled him up even more.

"Enough you two, we need to plan our next move cautiously if we want to know who's behind the kidnapping" Enzo looked at me and frowned, "I thought it was Jason" I groaned and touched the bridge of my nose " no you idiot, Jason can't do shit all by himself someone powerful must be behind him" Enzo formed an 'O' and nodded his head, I chuckled and closed my eyes.

They've always been like this even when we were kids, Raff and Enzo bickered a lot even though Raff is older than him by three years, I'm pretty sure Enzo liked to get on his nerves and it didn't help the fact that Raff gets pissed off easily.

" Anyways" Raff glared at Enzo and in return, he gave him a smile "what are you planning now Luciano?" I took out a cigarette and lit it up taking a deep breath when the tip burned.

"for now we are going to act like we don't know anything about Jason, once we know the name of the mastermind we'll tell everyone" we need to keep this a secret, whoever attempted to kidnap Isabella knew about our moves, it's possible that we have a mole.

A tense silence fell upon us, as each one of us was thinking about what could've happened if we didn't arrive on time until Enzo broke the silence.

"Soo... Are you coming to the family dinner tonight?" Enzo's question was directed to me, I sighed "I don't know" I leaned back and closed my eyes.

"you know she misses you a lot"

"I know Raff, I do too but I barely have time" the last time I saw my family properly was at Edoardo's wedding and it was two months ago.

I've kept in contact with them just to make sure they're ok, but I haven't had the time to stop by and stay with them.

My sisters kept calling me every day even though I told them not to because they're interrupting me at work but they never listen, women can be so fucking stubborn.

I nodded my head after I checked my schedule and emptied my glass of Vodka "I have nothing planned so I'm free for the rest of the night".

"Then let's go" Enzo beamed with excitement and jumped out of his seat I sware he behaves like a nine-year-old kid.

It was around 10 pm when we arrived at the estate it's an hour and a half from the Mafia's mansion to here.

I got off the car and entered the mansion "Buona sera signore" (good evening sir) Antonio our head butler greeted us with a bow.

He's still the same, white covered most of his hair it's laid back into a tight bun, thin silver glasses rested gracefully on his nose.

I've waited for Enzo to finish high fiving Antonio and spoke "Dov'è Mio padre Antonio?" (where's my Father, Antonio?) Antonio looked at me and answered "è nel suo ufficio" (he's in his office) I nodded and ascended the stairs.

Father was sitting on his leather chair behind his desk reading a newspaper when I walked in and pored me some Vodka, I needed alcohol in my system if I ever want to pass through this dreadful night.

The room has a brown leather couch, located in front of his desk, a small round table is occupying the small place between the window and the floor with two chairs on each side looking out into our backyard.

"Non-dovresti bere prima di cena" (you shouldn't drink before dinner) Father spoke never bothering to look at me, I shrugged and sipped my drink.

He flipped the paper and continued reading the articles, pretending to be interested but in reality, he couldn't care less about them "hai fatto un buon lavoro a che fare con il business" (you've done a good job dealing with the business) to say I was surprised is an understatement, Father never once praised any of us, he claimed that it would weaken us.

I nodded "È Quello per cui sono nato" (that's what I was born for) he closed the newspaper and placed it on the side of his desk and finally looked at me " and you were supposed to protect your Famiglia" (family) I clenched my jaw.

A tense atmosphere surrounded us as me and my father stared down at each other, it would've lasted longer if my father's poker face didn't Crack, a small smile stretched his lips as he got up and opened his arms gesturing for me to come and hug him.

It was really wired seeing him act like this, father never showed his emotions and he wasn't affectionate nether to us or to our mother.

I placed the glass on the table next to the Vodka bottle and weirdly hugged him. I can't remember the last time something like this happened.

He patted my back and stepped back holding the back of my neck and intensely stared at me, I frowned and kept looking at him, but he broke our hug saying "your sisters will kill us if we're late" he cleared his throat and grabbed his phone then left the room as if nothing happened.

What the hell was that about?

I shook my head and exited the room.

"look who finally decided to show up" my angry little sister Luana glared at me when I approached the dining table, she was sitting between Matteo and Raffaello, she followed me with her eyes and as soon as I sat down she opened her mouth.

"Why didn't you visit us sooner Luciano" she folded her hands together and lifted her brow at me waiting for me to explain.

She had her brown hair twisted to the side, she wore a beige off-shoulder dress and pared it with white shoos.

I poured a glass of water and kept my face blank "I had work to do" my blank response seemed to piss her off more than it should.

She knows how I work and how time-consuming it is, even if I wanted to come and visit something would come up that requires my undivided attention, distraction is a weakness.

"Is your work more important than family?!" Luana smacked her hands on the table and stood up with irritation blazing in her blue eyes, I kept my face emotionless and stared at her waiting for her temper to cool down.

"Enough Luana, sit back down" Father spoke to Luana in a calm manner in hopes of calming down his mad daughter, but we both know that's not going to happen anytime soon.

Luana sat back down and ignored my presence for the rest of the night.

Edoardo cleared his throat drawing our attention from the food " May I have your attention?" He looked at Father waiting for permission to speak, he nodded his head signaling for Edoardo to proceed.

He cleared his throat once again and looked at Alexandra his wife " Alexandra and I would like to announce that" he held her hand tightly and grinned at her then he looked back to us "we are expecting a baby".

Gasps were heard in the room when Edoardo announced a new member of the family would be joining us in less than nine months.

" OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS!" Luana looked at Alexandra with excitement, completely forgetting about our exchange earlier and jumped out of her chair and hugged her when Alexandra giggled and nodded her head.

I got up and pated Edoardo on his back "Congratulations bro".

No wonder why he was petrified when she was accidentally kidnapped. He was scared of losing both his wife and his child.

"You should learn from Ed, he has a beautiful wife and a baby on the way," Isabella winked at me making everyone laugh, I raised my eyebrow at my youngest sister, daring her to continue.

"Yeah, Luciano you should learn from our dear cousin" Lorenzo smirked at me when I glared at him and laid back on his chair.

"Thank you, bro" Edoardo pated my back and snickered "I sure would like to see who's the lucky girl that'd have you wrapped around her middle finger" he winked at me and I rolled my eyes and sat down as everyone came up to them and congratulated them.

like hell, I'd allow a woman to control me.

"We deserve to celebrate" Matteo shouted throwing his hands in the air.

And as soon as we're done eating Matteo dragged our assess to a club he said he goes to all the time, he nodded at the bodyguard and entered the nightclub.

The interior design is quite impressive, as soon as you enter the club you're welcomed by a staircase that leads down to the dance floor, a bar is placed on the right wall connected to the one on the second floor, another set of the staircase on the opposite sides leads up to the VIP booths on the second floor.

Matteo directs us to our booth which was in the middle overlooking the dance floor and facing the booths on the other side.

"To Edoardo's baby," we were engrossed in talking, drinking, and watching the stripers dance until Enzo gasped and stared ahead.

I looked up to where he's staring and frowned, I wasn't expecting to see a woman and a sexy one.

She wore a tight black dress with a slit on her left thigh, a deep V neck that showed her cleavage, and sparkling necklace decorated her slender neck, the dress stuck to her like a second skin, her brown almost black waist-length hair fell down on her left side styled in curls.

The air around her is enchanting every man couldn't take his eyes off her and she didn't care.

She stood gracefully resting her hands on the railings looking down at the dance floor. The blue, purple, and pink neon colores flickered across her face allowing me to get a glimpse of her emerald green eyes.

She glanced around noticing everyone's hungry stares, she kept her face blank as she studied each one, her captivating eyes eventually landed on me, they roamed around my body inspecting every inch of it and stopped on my eyes, her intense gaze sends a tingling sensation down my body stopping at my crotch, awaking it.

She was able to turn me on with just one look.

She tilted her head to the side and, a victorious smirk stretched her red lips as if she knew what she was doing to me, seeing those sinful lips stretch made me think of the way they'd feel wrapped around me, the imagination made things worse, she turned to say something to her friend who was sitting on the booth behind her drinking her glass of liquor and walked down the stairs.

I kept my eyes on her trailing her until she stood in the middle of the dance floor "who is that woman" Matteo breathed and brought his glass to his lips moistening his dry throat.

There is no denying the power this woman holds over men, her mere presence hypnotized everyone and I was no different from them, I watched her as she seductively swayed her hips dancing to the retheme of the music.

The more she danced the more agitated I become, I was a hot mess the domineering side wanted to have a taste of her, my cousins and brothers all stared at her as she danced, she looked up meeting my powerful look, she then did something that was the last of my self-control.

She smiled and bit her lower lip while sensually moving her hands up her body, by now it was obvious she was looking at me and she didn't bother to hide her intentions.

I placed my glass down on the table and stood up not caring if anyone saw how aroused I am and walked towards her, I descend the stairs pushing aside drunk people who stumbled my way, my eyes were focusing on something and I will not stop until I get my hands on it.

I stood behind her and watched as she twirled around and hit my hared chest, I wrapped my arms around her preventing her from falling.

Her mesmerizing perfume infiltrated my nostrils making me tighten my hold on her waist as I glanced down at her, she placed her hands on my hard chest pushing herself slightly away from me, she peeked up at me and stared dead in the eye.

My description of her did her no Justus at all, she looked even more beautiful up close, green eyes with a hint of blue color adorned her face, small nose, and big plump lips I grabbed her hand and pulled her to one of the rooms in the corridor next to the bar.

The instant the door closed I pushed her against it and attached my lips to hers, she stiffened for a minute then lifted her delicate hands and gripped my hair deepening the kiss, I groaned when her hands made skin contact with the nape of my neck.

I pushed myself onto her placing wet kisses down her neck, she released a shaky breath when I found her weak spot sucking and kissing on it, she unbuttoned my shirt moving her hands up and down tracing every muscle her hands can reach leaving a tingling sensation behind.

I tugged her thick thighs gesturing for her to jump, she complied and jumped circling her legs around my abdomen I moved us and positioned us on the bed while kissing her addictive lips.

I let go biting her lower lip and kiss down her neck reaching her cleavage I sucked on them moving the straps of her dress to give me some room, she grabbed my face lifting it from her cleavage and feverishly kissed me.

She tightened her legs around my aroused dick and flipped us over making her straddle me, she began assaulting me with kisses all over my exposed chest, I growled when she sucked on my nipple and pinched she then moved back up and kissed me.

I was so absorbed with her mouth that I didn't notice her cuffing my hands to the bed until I tugged on them, "What the fuck" I snapped, she lifts up her face showing me the same smirk she had on earlier she bends down and whispers in my ear "I don't like to be touched, Mr. Russo" her voice filled with smugness as looked back at me again.

She knows who I am "how do you know my name" I questioned furiously, she just smirked and rasped "I know a lot of things" she traced her thumb on my lips wiping the lipstick from my mouth and resumed her talking "I have an offer to make but this isn't the right position for it don't you think?" I looked between us causing her smirk to widen.

She took out a business card from underneath of her breast and placed it between my skin and my underwear saying "Meet me at this place on Thursday at 9 am" I was a raging bull how dare she disrespect me, my demon wanted to come out and shot I couldn't care less if she's a woman "I'll find you and when I do you'll be fucking sorry" I yanked at the cuffs and clenched my jaw, my action only made her arrogance grow.

She bends down and murmurs seductively against my mouth "Oh I have no doubt you will" she peaked my lips one last time and got off of me, adjusting her dress and hair before preparing to walk out but my voice stopped her "Who are you?" She glanced at me over her shoulder "You will know soon enough" she smirked and walked out leaving me tied up in rage and unsatisfied.


Hey, guys, this is my first story I hope you give it a chance, I know this chapter is boring I'm sorry, I'm still new in writing anyways thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day/night/evening.🤍🤍

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