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Behind These Mask (Girl X Girl (Lesbian Stories))

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(WARNING CONTAINS INTENSE SEXUAL EXPLICIT SCENES YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) Out of all the days that Lindsey Melanie didn't have to work was the day that her best friend, Emily has an important masquerade ball to attend, forcing her to go with her. The young Lindsey Melanie accidentally hooks up with the infamous billionaire, Vivian Gernado. Thinking that she would be returned to her normal life in the morning she thought wrong. The cold-blooded billionaire is getting Lindsey for herself once and for all. What chemistry would these two people build? READ MORE TO FIND OUT!

Romance / Fantasy
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ONE: The Accidental One Night Stand



"Where are you, Emily?' I phoned her. I stood outside of the grand entrance with an oversized jacket to cover me from the cold. There were people going in and out of the entrance and one of the counter women was staring at me weirdly.

"I'm sorry. I am still currently stuck in traffic. You can go first. I'll find you later."

"And how the hell would you find me?" I asked. "It's a goddamn masquerade ball," I yelled. "You're the one who dragged me into this damn stupid party and now you're stuck in a traffic jam like why didn't you leave the house earlier if you knew that you are going to be stuck in traffic?"

"I'm sorry," she apologized. "I'll find you just send me a picture of you wearing a mask, and I'll send you mine."

"Fine," I sighed. "But you better come fast you know how I feel about parties."

"I'm on the way."

"You better do, ciao."

I breathe in the warm air from the gardens and glanced at the entrance of the party back to the counter. They were staring at me and waiting for the ticket pass that I have in my hands. I was hesitant to go in. I have never been good at parties especially a grand party like this. I fidgetted around my cross necklace nervously. I breathe in my anxiousness and walked up to the counter giving them the ticket I have in my hands. "Jacket, please miss," the lady asked.

"Y-yes," I replied making me feel stupid. I took down my jacket and they placed into one of the lockers giving me a number and I slipped down into my black handbag. The lady at the counter stared at me from the top to the bottom examining me making me feel like she was seeing through my naked body. It was making me feel very uncomfortable with the dress.

I have told Emily that this dress was not my type, but she insisted me to wear it telling me that I look very elegant and sexy in this dress. I urged her not to buy it for me but Emily being Emily didn't listen and bought it. Now I am stuck wearing this long attention-seeking dress that reveals my whole back with a very low v neck that reveals my chest down nearly to my belly. The only thing that keeps the dress from falling off my body was a zipper that was made from the side of the dress. I pulled in the black lace mask into my face that matched the color of my dress.


I checked my phone Emily is going to wear a gold mask that is going along with a red dress. Can't talk any longer. I have to drive. Emily text.

Drive safe, I text back.

Ok, claustrophobic, here I come. I walked into the ballroom and there were many strangers talking and laughing among themselves while some dance in the center of the room. I have never experienced such a grand party. I have never even been to an actual party and this is my first. If my boss didn't call me that his shop is under maintenance then I wouldn't have been here, and I wish it didn't. Now Emily is here telling me every reason that I should go to this grand masquerade ball with her and here I am.

I stood at the far end of the corner of the room from the undivided attention that I was getting. I took out a phone and send pictures of myself to Emily. This is why I never attended parties. A man came in and held a couple of drinks on the plate urging me to take one. I took one and he flashed a smile at me revealing his perfect white teeth. I blushed shyly and I took a sip. Wow. I have never thought an alcoholic drink would taste so nice. Is this why my dad forbade me to drink?

I continue to drink and I felt all giddy inside rather than isolating myself from the crowds I found myself in the center of the room dancing alone while holding the drink in my hand. Every time I saw the drink from the server I gladly took into my hand and drink. There were a couple of men in the room that have their eyes on me and went their way to reach out to me. I flashed them a smile and they walked up to me to dance along with me.

I felt so happy at this moment. I felt so high and I didn't have to care about the shitty world that I lived in. I wanted this moment to last forever. "H-hey, you guys get your hand off of my friend now," Emily voiced out to the man. He held out his hand and left.

"Look at you," she smiles. "Going all out and crazy. How much did you drink?" she asked.

"I don't know," I admitted. "Three. Four," I guessed. "Ah, I think this is my fifth or sixth drink."

"Shit," she swore. "That's a lot, Lindsey. Stop drinking. I need to get you some water."

"No," I laughed. "I don't water. I want that pineapple drink."

"Lindsey. Stop!"

"No." I pouted. "I want that pineapple drink."

Emily began to sighed. I don't get her issue she always wanted me to relax or to goof off because I can be stiff sometimes, and that I have a lot of stress in paying back the debt that my mom has left on my dad and me. Now I am feeling free and relaxed and Emily wants me to stop. Well, I am not going to stop anytime soon. I am going to dance till I can't dance anymore. I laughed.

"Stay here," Emily demanded. "Don't move. I am going to get you some water."

"Yea," I said reluctantly. She shakes her head out of the crowd and I continue to shake my hip until I accidentally bump into someone. She has a perfect body with a small waist. She was smiling down at me.

"Why is a young lady dancing alone out here?" the woman said. She has such beautiful wavy dirty blonde hair while mine is just dark and straight. I laughed.

"Then dance with me," I urged her and blinks sending her signals.

She flashed me a smile and before what I knew was happening she took my hand and dragged me out of the ballroom. I laughed alongside her. I didn't what was happening as she started kissing me. They felt so good. I groaned when she pulled back the kiss.

"You want more kitten," she played.

I nod. Oh, when did I get so brave?

She pulled me and I race with her to the elevator. We ran through hallways kissing one another until she hits a room and flashed her card on one of the rooms allowing us to go in. She pushed me onto the bed and I laughed. She took off her golden mask revealing an elegant face with grey eyes. I licked my lips which it seems to turn her on. She crawled onto the bed and on top of me. She pulled off my mask to see my face. She was smiling at me like crazy making my heart flutter.

She leans down to kiss me and began to unzips my dress. I felt a quick relief when that tight dress was suddenly being lifted off, but the pleasure doesn't stop there. She began to caress my breast in ways I have never felt would be so good. I didn't want her to stop and doing just that she lets her wet lips touched my nipples. I groaned in ecstasy.

The woman didn't hesitate to let her fingers travel down my panties and began stroking me there. I bit my bottom lips and started moaning helplessly. I wanted to bring my hands up to my mouth when the beautiful woman took my hands down from lips and starting giving me a french kiss and she tastes like that pineapple drink. She pulled away the kiss leaving me breathless while she pulls down her dress and revealing her lacey teddies.

She smirks at me when she caught me looking at her. "Don't fall for me just yet, honey. I still have a lot of things to show you," she smirks and I couldn't help but blush at her. She quickly dove back into my mouth hungrily and pins me to the bed with her hands in mine slowly traveling down to panties again and I couldn't hold back my desires. I arched my whole body when she took her finger and shoved it into entrance playing and pinching my clitoris. She was making me really wet.

Something from within me felt strange and I need her so much but before she could give anything else she pulled her fingers away from me and up into her mouth. "You taste so sweet, dear, and you are ready."

I stared at her confused when got off the bed and took something out of her luggage. I looked up at it in shock and wanted to back away when she held a massive strap on dildo in her hand. She puts it on and climbs over to me. I am not ready for this. I pulled legs together from her not to accessing it, but she wasn't a nice person as she seems to be. She went up to my lips and bit me forcing me to open my mouth and gave me another kiss that makes my legs turn to jellyfish giving her the chance to finish what she started.

"N-no." But the woman didn't listen very slowly she pushed the thing into my entrance. I wince at the slight pain. "S-stop!" I looked up at her. "P-please. I'm a-"

"Virgin," she finished. "Well, I am glad to be your first honey."

I wince at the pain when she pushed into me and refused to hear anything I wanted to say. Tears came out of my eyes and before she could even actually let me breathe for a second she started moving back and forth, and then something even worst happens. The dildo vibrated from within me. "You're so tight, dear." I couldn't talk back to her my body was left weak at her mercy. When the pain subsided strange pleasure abrupted and I continued to moan.

When she noticed my expression becoming better she started to move faster and my body rocks along with her movement. "I can't-" I voiced out.

"Let it out," she whispered and let out a trail of wet kisses from my neck down to my belly. I took one last breath and moaned out greatly soon the bed was then dirtied from my own doing without having to rest something came out of from the dildo and filled inside of me. I panted so hard as she pulls out the cock.

When I thought it was over she puts my leg at the top of her shoulder and started to play with the clitoris biting and playing. I clenched onto the bedsheets at the pressure she was applying. Sweat was piling out of my body and she didn't let them stop. She was trying to make me cum again and to her wish I did. She laughs at my reaction. "You're an amazing woman and you're mine now."

I was slightly dizzy and I was too tired to talk. This was my first sex and I didn't expect it would be this intense. The last thing I heard from that one night stand was that her name is Vivian Gernado, and I gave her my name. From that moment I have never thought my life would be intertwined with hers.
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