Love and sin

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In this story 15-year-old Brandon Taylor and 17-year-old Andy James had sex at a party for Brandon's brother. Brandon then fell pregnant and told Andy. Andy did not want to be in her life for protection reasons even though he really loved her until he finally just gave in an loved her. What happens when Andy's worst enemy comes after Brandon? What happens if they kidnap Brandon? Will Andy get to her in time or will he lose her?

Romance / Action
Tina Plaisance
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Chapter 1

* Brandon’s point of view *

I am hosting a party for my brother’s 17th birthday. I decided to wear a cute white sundress. My dress stops mid-thigh and covers my arms to my elbow in white lace. My brother’s best friend Andy is coming. I really like Andy, but I know he would never like a girl like me. I have long blood red hair, tan skin, and blue eyes, curves too. The girls I have seen him date have thin structures, fair skin, green eyes, and blonde hair. Plus, he probably would not want a virgin girl. I was pulled from my thoughts when Andy smacked my butt. I yelped and he looked concerned. I do not think he meant to smack me that hard.

“Sorry Brandy. I didn’t mean to hurt that cute little ass,” Andy said. It took me by suprise because he never talks to me like that especially with my brother in the house. I just stayed there thinking about the sensation of his touch. Man, how bad I want him to be mine.

A few hours later. The house was filled with people. A lot of drunk people. Andy was flirting and dancing with a blonde bimbo, named Angelic. I felt uncomfortable so I went to get a drink. When I did some drunk guy pushed me up against the wall and started touching me. I screamed for help.

“Help!” I screamed. I guess Andy and my brother heard me because they came to my aid. Andy started beating the guy up as my brother held me tight.

“If you ever touch her again, I will end you!” Andy screamed. I cried into my brother’s shoulder. Andy came and picked me up. He told my brother to go call the cops. Andy took me to my room, and I cried. He held me tight until I stopped crying. I looked into his brown eyes and he leaned in and kissed me. We got more and more heated. The next thing I knew....... I was no longer a virgin. Andy and I soon fell asleep. I hope he likes me back because I don’t want this to be for nothing.

*the next day*

I woke up in Andy’s arms and started freaking out silently not in the good way. I quickly got dressed and woke Andy up so we could get to school. On the ride to school Andy stayed silent like he was afraid. I was to shy to say anything. When we got to school every one of my brother’s friends looked at me with concern. Andy kissed me on top my head and went to his class. I went to my class with my best friend, Dylan. She sat next to me in class and asked if I was alright.

“I’m fine Dylan,” I said with a false smile. She nodded, knowing I did not want to talk about it. Later, at lunch I didn’t feel well. Dylan told Andy and he came to see me. I cannot believe Dylan told him. He probably thinks I am being a baby.

“Brandon are you alright? Dylan said you weren’t feeling good,” he asked. I just nodded. He understood and grabbed my chin to make me look up into his eyes. “Just know I don’t regret last night.” he said and walked away. I smiled to my self-moving my red hair out of my face.

*A month later*

A month has gone by and everything went back to normal except for me. I have gained 6 pounds since the night Andy and I had sex. I’m starting to worry that I’m pregnant. I quickly called Dylan and she brought me a pregnancy test. I took it and I cried because it came out positive. I cannot let Andy know. He will not want anything to do with me. I called and told my brother and he said he would break the news to Andy.

A few hours later my brother returned home said he chickened out on telling him and Andy would be right over soon to find out the news from me. Oh shit! How can I explain to Andy that I am pregnant? Before I knew it, I felt two hands on my waist. I turned and it was Andy holding my pregnancy test. I started crying because he looked afraid. Andy then turned and walked out with his backpack but left a room key of some sort on my bathroom counter. I picked it up and cried. I may have just lost my only chance of getting to love Andy. That night I cried and cried. I told my brother to call the school and tell them I would be out for a while. I knew I could not go back for a while especially now since I am bringing up a baby alone. I need Andy more than ever now. Oh, Andy, where are you?

I fell asleep later that night wanting to be in Andy’s arms. What will I do if Andy doesn’t want to be a part of our child’s life?

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