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'So you are the special one they are talking about?' Atarah raised her head to meet a female model in her stunning attire. 'Seriously am fed up of hearing this question again and again. Why do you all think am special, i mean you all are the special ones being vampires and warewolves while am just a normal girl, a mere human to be precise'. Desperation was filled in her voice but then the lady spoke 'You are way more special than us, because you are his MATE'.......... .................................................. Atarah Davidson led more than a simple life despite being a teenager. She was raised by her 'good for nothing' grandparents as she was told that her parents died in an accident. But soon her life changed, after being kidnapped by vampires. Though she tried to escape something stopped her. Maybe its him, Mr. Perfect. Ryan O Donnels who's said to be her mate, was full of secrets. He was a man with the heart of steel and many demonic powers. But when each of his secrets started to reveal she knew that all her life was a lie. That she's not just a mere human. That she indeed belonged to him. .................................................

Romance / Fantasy
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Vampires do exist.

“This isn’t anywhere I wanted to be.”

I hissed through clenched teeth, feeling utterly helpless and vulnerable.

Shit, if I only knew or somebody just gave me any hints, I would have readied myself. But what would I prepare for exactly? I mean, nothing could possibly prevent me from being here. Please, who on earth would pray each day like,

‘Loving god kindly don’t let the vampires that star in fantasy dramas capture me’

or, on the other hand,

“Dear God, please don’t make me meet the blood-sucking parasites that exist only in one’s imagination.”

On the off chance that you do, you are the best, since I am in front of this attractive vampire for not doing so.

Ew, why the hell did I call him attractive? Of course he is, however, he is terribly overconfident about that and it was irritating me.

He considers himself to be a Greek God; despite the fact that he looks like one, I am not an idiot to say it out loud, and believes that women will fall head over heels seeing him; perhaps that is also true. Yet again, I am not dumb.

Furthermore, it doesn’t change the truth that he is bossy, harebrained, and insensitive. In spite of the fact that he has done nothing cruel to me, I am certain that abducting someone is plentiful to blame for.

Following a couple of moments, I desperately attempted to change my position, but to no end. He had secured me with chains to a shaft. Cool, right...I have read numerous vampire books and wished some of them to be true. I used to mono act in front of a mirror, picturing myself finding a vampire and winding up in love with him, later having many vampire children and what not. Honestly, I was obsessed with Twilight and imagined my life being turned into something like that. However, destiny was truly stubborn while scribbling about my future.

All I needed was to buy some ice cream. I mean, it’s normal, right?

Scratch that.

Maybe it’s not normal. But that’s who I am..... An abnormal girl who craves for ice cream in the bloody middle of a bloody night.

Yup, you heard it right. Guess I was that needy.

Anyway, my life is a joke, a really sick joke.

I bought a family pack of ice cream and was making a beeline for my home enthusiastically, holding the plastic cover I had near my chest to feel the coldness. The night was cool by then and a few individuals, or possibly nobody, were seen on the road. Yet, I am an expert night-walker. I go for a run at whatever point I feel, whether it’s evening or day.

That specific night had a nippy breeze, and the air brought an elegant smell. That is when two large looking individuals kidnapped me, as, in a real sense, dragged me away.

To make matters more infuriating for me, they used a trash bag to do that. Don’t they have any regard for females? Being a vampire doesn’t mean they ought to have a pig’s character, right? Or do they?

The initial thing that gave away their vampire characteristics was their strength. They dealt with me like I am a toy or something. From inside the garbage bag that was tossed into the back seat of the car, I heard one of them murmur, ‘this is my first time dealing with a human. And, damn, she is strong even for us vampires.’

I thought they were bantering, purposely saying so to make me frightened, but the later conversations were not a joke. It mostly contained a Master, a royal residence and another dimension. I thought I was going crazy subsequent to hearing everything.

I tore a small piece of plastic using my nails and peeped through it. The two of my kidnappers were sitting in front and looking forward quietly, not in the least, seeing me watching them. The vehicle amazed me as it was fresh out of the showroom, with a sleek interior and all. I knew from observing the vehicle, their Armani suits and Ray Ban glasses, that they hadn’t kidnapped me for ransom. After that, the alternative of physical assault fell into my brain. However, their civilized men’s looks and professional attire didn’t agree with that, but I do remember the axiom ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ well.

Next thing I saw was the route we were passing. We drove for just about three hours and I am certain we left the open country, yet the highway seemed different to me. The street had gutters and sporadic slants. It was jumpy and my head touched the ceiling of the car mercilessly.

Hearing me curse out loud, the person sitting in the passenger seat turned and asked me whether I was okay cordially and the point of rape was ruled out. Why bother being polite when they were just going to use me? It doesn’t make any sense.

After a couple of hours, I nodded off and was woken up only to see another road ahead. Both the sides had freshly trimmed grass and trees of various fruits. I felt something charming spreading inside me as we crossed orchid blossoms and plants of different varieties. I heard them saying that their dimension is obviously better than the human dimension. I prefer not to say, yet I agree with them on that.

I failed to remember I was being seized and looked outside the glass window eagerly. When we arrived at the civilization, I was confounded to see the framework of the spot. I have never seen such stunning structures that are very much kept up and the city was sans litter. People wore flawless dresses and make-up such that I envisioned them to be coming from an ultra modern era than our own.

What blew my mind was a building with a solitary floor in red paint; its showcase board held the words ‘DELICIOUS BLOOD, TASTY LIFE’.

I desperately wanted it to be a blood donation center, but the following shop cleared it viably. ‘SLAVES AND BLOOD FOR ELITE VAMPIRES’.

My reality twirled around me as I saw the next set up to be a medical clinic, which had two departments, one for people and the other for vampires. Right then, I knew what to believe. All this while they were saying the truth, and now I am actually in another dimension.

Anyway, they gave me over to him. This moronic, arrogant bastard. From the outset, I thought I was his pet or slave or a blood contributor or something that would cause him to empower me, but to my surprise, it was the straight opposite, total opposite, to be precise.


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