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'So you are the special one they are talking about?' Atarah raised her head to meet a female model in her stunning attire. 'Seriously am fed up of hearing this question again and again. Why do you all think am special, i mean you all are the special ones being vampires and warewolves while am just a normal girl, a mere human to be precise'. Desperation was filled in her voice but then the lady spoke 'You are way more special than us, because you are his MATE'.......... .................................................. Atarah Davidson led more than a simple life despite being a teenager. She was raised by her 'good for nothing' grandparents as she was told that her parents died in an accident. But soon her life changed, after being kidnapped by vampires. Though she tried to escape something stopped her. Maybe its him, Mr. Perfect. Ryan O Donnels who's said to be her mate, was full of secrets. He was a man with the heart of steel and many demonic powers. But when each of his secrets started to reveal she knew that all her life was a lie. That she's not just a mere human. That she indeed belonged to him. .................................................

Romance / Fantasy
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Vampires do exist.

My heart pounded relentlessly against my chest. The air was thick with an unexpected sense of dread as I found myself in a place I never imagined winding up. A subtle curse slipped past my lips, a desperate attempt to quell the rising frustration that threatened to consume me. If only there had been a sign, a whisper, anything to prepare me for this calamity. But what manner of preparation could have shielded me from a fate such as this? I silently lamented, questioning who in their right mind would utter fervent prayers each day, desperately pleading to be spared from the clutches of vampires that existed only in fantasy dramas, which had now become my reality, unfortunately.

Or, on the other hand, if you pray, ‘Dear God, please spare me from encountering the blood-sucking parasites that live only within the realms of one’s imagination,' on a frequent basis, then you are definitely smarter than me. Because I am in front of this attractive vampire for not doing so.

Ew, why in the world did I ever consider him attractive? I mean, sure, there’s no denying it—he’s got the looks of a Greek God, but come on, that doesn’t give him the right to stroll around with an ego the size of Mount Olympus! It’s infuriating how he sees himself as some irresistible force, convinced that women will swoon at his every word and gesture. Maybe there’s some truth to that, but hey, I’m not about to play the fool. Besides, it doesn’t change the harsh reality that he’s an insufferable know-it-all, a scatterbrain, and completely lacking in empathy. And yet, despite all his faults, there’s something oddly captivating about his quirks.

After what felt like an eternity, I futilely struggled to shift my position, only to realize he had ingeniously bound me with chains to a sturdy shaft. How utterly fascinating! As an avid reader of vampire novels, I secretly yearned for a taste of the supernatural in my own life. Many a time, I’d amusingly engage in monologues in front of the mirror, envisioning myself stumbling upon a captivating vampire and inevitably succumbing to a forbidden love, later having many vampire children, and what not. Honestly, like any other teenager, I found myself unabashedly fixated on the Twilight saga, imagining my life transformed into a wondrous tale of love and supernatural allure. However, fate had other plans, and destiny, with its mischievous penmanship, was truly stubborn while scribbling my future. All I wanted was to buy some ice cream. I mean, it’s normal, right?

Scratch that.

I may not fit the societal definition of normalcy, but that’s just a part of my identity. I am an unconventional individual who occasionally finds herself longing for a scoop of ice cream in the bloody middle of a bloody night. Yup, you heard it right. I guess I was that needy. Nevertheless, when it comes to the overall state of my life, it feels like an ongoing joke—a rather twisted and unsettling one.

As I eagerly made my way home with the family-sized ice cream container against my chest, embracing the refreshing coldness of its presence, I couldn’t help but notice the tranquil ambiance of the night enveloping me. The air felt crisp against my skin, and the deserted streets painted a serene picture with only a handful of individuals, or perhaps nobody at all, in sight. However, I consider myself a seasoned nightwalker, as I often indulge in evening runs or even daytime jogs whenever the mood strikes me.

On that particular night, the chilly breeze wrapped around me, and there was a hint of worldliness in the air. Little did I know that this enchanting evening would take a sinister turn. Because it was during this moment that two imposing figures forcibly abducted me, literally dragging me away. To further aggravate my irritation, they resorted to using a garbage bag for their nefarious deed. It was truly infuriating! One would question their respect for women. After all, just because they are vampires doesn’t excuse them from having the character of swine, does it? Or maybe it does.

As I found myself caught in the clutches of these mysterious beings, it became evident that there was something uncanny about them. One of the first indications that revealed their vampire nature was their incredible strength. They handled me as if I were a mere plaything. Huddled inside the garbage bag that was carelessly tossed into the back seat of the car, I overheard one of them whisper, “It’s my first encounter with a human, and goodness, she possesses such remarkable strength even for us.” While I listened to their seemingly playful banter, a chill swept over me, and I believed it was all a ploy to provoke fear within me. However, as the subsequent discussions unfolded, it became abundantly clear that this was no joke. The conversations delved into the fields of a Master, the grandeur of a royal residence, and even ventured into the enigmatic depths of another dimension. Each word that grazed my ears only further reinforced my growing apprehension. Suddenly, doubts began to infiltrate my mind, questioning my own sanity as I grappled with the overwhelming weight of everything I had just heard.

I delicately tore a tiny fragment of plastic with my nails, a wave of anticipation washing over me. My curious eyes peered through this makeshift peephole, revealing an intriguing scene before me. Seated confidently in the front, my two captors appeared completely oblivious to my watchful gaze. Their focus was directed forward, paying no attention to the fact that I was silently observing their every move. To my astonishment, the vehicle in which I was confined was nothing short of a spectacle. Straight from the showroom, it radiated an air of freshness, boasting a sleek interior that exuded elegance. Upon carefully observing the polished vehicle, their suave Armani suits, and the stylish Ray Ban glasses adorning their faces, a sense of reassurance tugged inside me—they couldn’t possibly have snatched me for a hefty ransom. Even then, a fleeting doubt crept into my mind, and I contemplated the possibility of physical harm instead. Yet their genteel appearance and professional attire seemed to contradict such menacing thoughts. Nonetheless, I couldn’t shake off the axiom ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, a lesson etched deep within my memory.

The sights outside the car window blurred into a mesmerizing blend of colors and landscapes. For what felt like an eternity, we pressed forward, conquering the winding road that stretched out before us, gradually transforming the open country into an unfamiliar terrain. The once smooth and seamless road now revealed gutters and sporadic slants, converting it into a bumpy, unpredictable path. It was so jumpy, sending my head forcefully into the unforgiving embrace of the car’s ceiling. As expletives flew from my lips, reverberating through the congested space of the car, my fellow passenger gracefully pivoted their head, concern etched on their face like an artist’s brushstroke. With genuine empathy, they inquired about my well-being, dismissing any dark notions of rape. Why bother being polite when they were just going to use me? Truly, the logic behind it all eludes me.

After a couple of hours, my eyelids grew heavy, and I succumbed to a peaceful slumber, only to awaken and find myself amidst another endless stretch of road. A symphony of vibrant colors greeted my weary eyes. The pristine grass on either side whispered secrets of meticulous care, and the trees bowed under the weight of succulent fruits. Something inexplicably magical coursed through my veins as we glided past enchanting orchid blossoms and an impressive array of lush greenery. And, as if reading my mind, they chattered about their unparalleled dimension, subtly hinting at its superiority over our feeble human realm. While I refrain from voicing my opinion aloud, I grudgingly agree, for their weird world possesses a charm that even words fail to capture.

In a bewildering twist of events, I momentarily forgot about the uncomfortable circumstances of being seized, only to be captivated by the mesmerizing view beyond the glass window. The sight that met my eyes upon our arrival in the civilized world left me utterly confounded. The architectural marvels before me were unlike anything I had ever witnessed, with their stunning structures admirably maintained. Moreover, the city itself appeared to be free of litter—a captivating sight indeed. The impeccably dressed individuals, adorned with flawless makeup, seemed to belong to The Avant-Garde epoch rather than our own. It was an experience that transported me instantly to a world of exceptional poise.

My mind was absolutely blown when I stumbled upon a peculiar building that gripped my attention with its vibrant red paint and just a single floor. But what truly took the cake was its titillating showcase board adorned with the words ‘DELICIOUS BLOOD, TASTY LIFE’.

I desperately wanted it to be a blood donation center, but my hopes were dashed mercilessly as the subsequent establishment materialized before me. Its name, proudly displayed, read: ‘SLAVES AND BLOOD FOR ELITE VAMPIRES.’ Decorated with gothic flair and adorned with intricate details. I wondered if there was a fair going on.

My very grasp on reality seemed to spiral and dance as I saw the next set up to be a medical clinic, which had two departments, one for humans and the other for vampires. In that extraordinary moment, an unshakeable certainty ignited within me, for it became irrefutably apparent that this was no fabrication. All this while they were saying the truth, and now I am actually in another dimension.

Anyway, I was handed over to him without hesitation by my captors. This moronic, arrogant bastard. From the outset, I thought I was his pet, slave, blood contributor, or something that would cause him to empower me, but to my surprise, it was the straight opposite—the total opposite, to be precise. The expectations I had harbored all my life were utterly shattered, leaving me in awe of this unforeseen twist of fate.


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