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'So you are the special one they are talking about?' Atarah raised her head to meet a female model in her stunning attire. 'Seriously am fed up of hearing this question again and again. Why do you all think am special, i mean you all are the special ones being vampires and warewolves while am just a normal girl, a mere human to be precise'. Desperation was filled in her voice but then the lady spoke 'You are way more special than us, because you are his MATE'.......... .................................................. Atarah Davidson led more than a simple life despite being a teenager. She was raised by her 'good for nothing' grandparents as she was told that her parents died in an accident. But soon her life changed, after being kidnapped by vampires. Though she tried to escape something stopped her. Maybe its him, Mr. Perfect. Ryan O Donnels who's said to be her mate, was full of secrets. He was a man with the heart of steel and many demonic powers. But when each of his secrets started to reveal she knew that all her life was a lie. That she's not just a mere human. That she indeed belonged to him. .................................................

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

“This is not anywhere I want to be.” I hissed through clenched teeth feeling utterly helpless.

Shit, if only I knew or someone gave me any hints, I could have at least been prepared. But what would I prepare for exactly. I mean nothing can possibly stop me from being here. Come on, who in the world would pray every day

‘Oh god please don’t let the vampires that feature in dramas kidnap me’

or rather

‘please don’t make me meet the imaginary blood sucking vampires anytime.’

If you do, you are the best because I am in front of this handsome vampire for not doing so.

Eww why did I call him handsome, of course he is, but he is too proud for that.

He thinks himself to be a Greek God

(even though he looks like one, I am not a stupid to admit that) and believes that girls will fall head over heels seeing him (maybe that’s also true but again I am not stupid).

And it also doesn’t change the fact that he is arrogant, idiotic and heartless. Though he hasn’t done anything violent to me I am sure kidnapping someone is enough to blame for.

After a few minutes I desperately tried to change my position but in vain. He had tied me with chains to a pole. Cool right...I have read so many vampire stories and wished some of it to be true. I used to mono act in front of mirror, picturing myself meeting a vampire and ending up in love with him, later having many vampire kids and all. In fact I was deadly in love with Twilight and also wanted my life to be something like that. But fate was really stubborn while scribbling my future.

All I wanted was to buy an ice-cream, I mean its normal right?

(Scratch that).

Maybe it’s not normal. But that’s who I am..... An abnormal girl who craves for ice cream in the bloody middle of a bloody night.

Yup you heard it right. Guess I was that needy.

Anyway my life is a joke, a really sick joke.

I bought a family pack ice-cream and was heading back to my home happily, holding the plastic cover I had close to my body to feel the coldness. The night was cool already and few people or maybe none was seen. But I am an experienced night-walker, I go for a jog whenever I feel whether its night or day. That particular night had cool breeze and the air held a flowery smell. That’s when two silhouette looking people kidnapped me, like literally carried me away. Even worse, they used a garbage bag to do that. Don’t they have any respect for ladies? Being a vampire doesn’t mean they should have pig’s character right. Or do they?

The first thing that gave away their vampire trait was their strength. They handled me like I am a toy or something. Inside the garbage bag that was thrown into the back seat I heard one of them whisper, ‘this is my first time dealing with a human. And damn she is strong even for us vampires.’

I thought they were joking, purposely saying so to make me scared but the later conversations were serious which included a master and a mansion and another dimension. I thought I was going insane after hearing everything. I tore a shapeless piece of the plastic and peeped through it. Both of them were sitting in front and looking forward silently, not at all noticing me watching. The car surprised me as it was a brand new one, with sleek interior and all. I knew from seeing the car, their Armani Suits and Ray Ban glass, that they did not kidnap me for ransom. After this the option of rape fell into my mind. But their gentleman looks and executive postures did not match with it, though I did not forget the proverb ‘Do not judge a book by its cover.’ Next thing I noticed was the route we were passing, we traveled for almost three hours and I am sure we left the country side but the path was new to me. The road had gutters and irregular slopes, it was jumpy and once my head touched the ceiling of the car. Hearing me curse the person sitting in the passenger seat asked whether I am ok in a polite manner and the point of rape was ruled out. After few hours I slept and was woken to find a new road ahead. Both the sides had freshly cut grass and trees of several fruits. I felt something pleasant growing inside me as I passed orchid flowers and plants of different varieties. I heard them saying that their dimension is far better than the human dimension. I hate to say but I agreed with them on this. I forgot I am being kidnapped and looked outside the glass window eagerly. Once we reached the civilization I was amazed to see the infrastructure of the place, I have never seen such beautiful buildings that are well maintained and the city was litter free. Men and women wore impeccable dresses and make up; I imagined them to be coming from an ultra-modern era than ours.

What took my breath away was a building with single floor in red color; its display board held the word ‘TASTY BLOOD, TASTY LIFE’. I badly hoped it to be a blood bank but the next shop wiped it completely. ‘SLAVES AND BLOOD FOR ELITE VAMPIRES’. My world spinned around me as I saw the next building to be a hospital which had two departments, one for humans and the other for vampires. Now I knew what to believe. All this while they were speaking the truth and now I am in another dimension.

Anyway they handed me over to him, this stupid arrogant son of a bitch. At first I thought I was either his pet or slave or a blood donor or something that will make him empower me, but to my surprise it was straight opposite, polar opposite to be precise.


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