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Chapter 10

It’s been seven days since I came here and there are lots of questions unanswered. Whenever I ask something to someone, they try to divert my attention. I don’t have the foggiest idea why yet it resembles they are concealing something from me, every one of them including Sid.

Ryan has gone to a meeting ever since that day and has not returned yet. When I hear a knock each time I expect it to be him but get disappointed seeing either Marg or Sid. Not that I complain because they have been a great company to me.

Alice and Rose visited me twice this week, it was fun and I am beginning to like them.

Edmund, Jeril, Adrian and Neha also went with Ryan. They didn’t tell me what the meeting was about, but only that it’s important. All this week I have been sitting idle in my room. And boredom’s really striking me hard. I think it’s time to socialize.

Next morning I woke up ahead of schedule, which is a marvel, got spruced up and made a beeline for the kitchen. Marg had told me where it is before, in fact she had given me a mini map of this whole place, avoiding confusion in the future. And I am so thankful to her for that.

The kitchen was threefold the size of any typical inns. Variety of groceries was stored to the side.

I wonder what their business is to become this rich.

The kitchen was empty as it is only 5 Am. I made my own sandwich with whatever I got.

While stuffing my mouth, I heard someone clearing their throat. I turned to find a man in chef’s clothing. His face was damn serious and looked around 27.

I smiled genuinely at him and offered my extra sandwich to him. He looked at me like I have grown two heads.

“Are you new here?”

I anticipated a ‘thank you’ or ‘I will pass’ however not this.

“Do you know everybody here?”

It seems like he also didn’t expect my inquiry back.

“I asked you first.”

He said folding his hands.

“Well, its like ‘ladies first’ ”

He sighed,

“I know everyone who doesn’t speak to me.”

That’s weird.


“Because I am a werewolf”

First it was vampires, then witches and now werewolves. God, what else is left in this world?


His face changed hard.

“So? So? Am the only werewolf here, rest are vampires.”

I stood blankly.

“So what?”

“Are you kidding me?”

I remained in my same posture. He looked defeated now.

“So no one talks to me.”

I scrunched my eyebrows.


“You are new here aren’t you, that’s why you don’t know the rivalry between vampires and werewolves.”

So all this while Twilight was true.......

“Why do they fight?”

He thought for quite a while. Is he recollecting the story?

“Because vampires killed the princess of werewolves”.

“Vampires killed the princess of werewolves.”

I repeated, sounding foreign to myself.

“Yeah, and ever since then they have been fighting like hell.”

“Why did vampires kill her?”

I asked, thinking about several situations. She might have made the vampire guys really angry or something.

“Because she loved the prince of vampires”

Oh, that poor soul. She died for her love.

“But why can’t she love him? Vampires go out with witches, so why can’t they with werewolves? Especially when she’s also a princess”

“It was ok if he was a normal vampire but this was a prince and that too a future King.”

I nodded. But still...

He seems to understand my confusion.

“Look, I shouldn’t be telling you this, but unlike others you had the mind to come and talk to me. This is really rare here. So I think I am bound to give some company back.”

I nodded, satisfied. At least I don’t have to wait this time.

“A long time back, Vampires and Werewolves lived in a solitary domain. They were so pleasant to one another and surprisingly wedded to the contrary ones. The children so conceived are a vampire or a werewolf, however never both.

It was on a Halloween day that everyone came to know about the secret relationship between the vampire prince and werewolf princess. Everyone tried their best to separate them, but in vain. In fact, their love for each other only increased over time. Despite other’s opinion, there was one person who supported them. It was Master Ryan.”

“Ryan? I thought he was...”

“Yeah everyone thinks ill of him but he’s a really great guy with a heart no one knows. He’s the one who gave me shelter here. So Master Ryan planned an escape for both of them, and they ran away to the human dimension.”

“Was this Prince Ryan’s friend? And won’t he be having any problem for helping them?”

“No, he was not Master’s friend but his father’s stepbrother. And also ‘No’ for the second question. Master has special powers which he gained from witches. So no one dares to question him or cross his way”

And there I was back, answering him like hell.

“Continue, please....”

“Later I came to know that Master was trying to get something by uniting them but I don’t know what. Anyway, no one knows what happened to them for three years but was later found that both prince and princess died. She was killed by the vampires and that he committed suicide out of grief. After that, vampires and werewolves parted the territory into two. It affected the citizens a lot. Children lost their parents to other territory. They reintroduced the rule book stating several new laws. It mentioned that any wolf that’s crossing the territory would be killed and same applies to vampires if they cross the line. My dad was a vampire official while my mom was a werewolf. During the partition, my mom got murdered by vampires. They planned to murder me too, however halted on Master’s order. But all others here have individual resentment against me. Lucky that you are here, it’s been a long time since I have talked to someone.”

“I think you talked too much”

There was that velvety voice again. Ryan was standing near the entrance with eyes turned red.

Oh oh trouble.....


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