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Chapter 11


The Chef was shivering like a leaf. God, how much this man scares others.Poor soul is going to be punished for my over curiosity. And I am not going to let that happen.

“Actually, it’s my fault. I demanded him answers.”

“What answers?” Ryan was now analyzing each word before speaking. Is he that angry?

“Answers which you guys are not willing to tell me.” I yelled for I was also angry now, you know why, because I am scared.

Unexpectedly, his features softened. “Do not get yourself into trouble by asking unnecessary questions.”

“You seriously think I am going to be quiet after some blood-sucking vampires kidnap me. I want to go back to my family.” I snapped at him.I was really angry now, not because of fear but purely out of anger itself.

“For a start, do you even have a family? Or did you refer to that every time missing old bags? And where do you mean by going back, to the graves, so that you can meet your dead parents?” He gritted.


I was shivering from top to bottom. He has gone way too far. Tear drops were falling uncontrollably making me look like a pathetic human and he seemed to come out of some trance seeing me like that.

“You...” I pointed a finger at him “has no right to talk about my parents. And yes, I will go back. Even if I don’t have someone waiting for me, I will not stay here any minute from now. I want to leave, and if you don’t allow me to, I’ll kill myself so that, as you said, I can really go back to my family, to my dead parents.” I spat.

Even though his eyes were expressionless, I could hint a bit of guilt in it. He was about to say something, but before that I stomped out of the kitchen. I do not want to hear him anymore; I heard enough.

I went to my room, cried for some minutes, and then packed my clothes, which I wore on my first day. I don’t want anything from them.

I was interrupted by a knock on the door. I opened and found the werewolf chef.

“Hello”, I greeted trying to bring a smile but failed miserably.

“Hello to you too ma’am, Master has asked you to wait in the library. He’s completing an important job now. After that he’ll take you back to your home.”

A wave of happiness flowed through my body, and I smiled broadly, suddenly forgetting the incident before. “Thank you.... “

“Nathan. Nathan Frets”

“Yes, thank you Nathan.”

He nodded and left the place. I zipped my bag and headed to the library.

I considered offering farewells to everybody except it might cause undesirable opinions, which I truly don’t need at the present time.

This library was way bigger than our public library. I sat on the couch and waited for him. After a long fifteen minutes of waiting, I stood up from the couch and headed to the books section. I picked ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and sat on the floor reading.

‘So you are the special one they are talking about?’

I raised my head to meet a female model in her stunning attire. (When did she come in?)

’Seriously, I am fed up of hearing this question again and again. Why do you all think I am special, I mean you all are the special ones being vampires and werewolves while I am just a normal girl, a mere human to be precise.”

Desperation was filled in my voice but then the lady spoke ‘You are way more special than us, because you are his MATE’..........


I was speechless. I have read so many vampire stories and clearly know what a mate is.

I am his mate? No way. I can’t be. Can I?

“Stop overthinking, it’ll cause you unwanted confusion.”

I rose to look at her again.

“Please tell me it’s a joke.” It sounded more like begging. My mind was whirling. I am human; I can never be a vampire’s mate. That’s not possible.

“I can’t, because it’s not. You are named his mate even before you were born. It’s a long story, which is not my place to tell. Its someone else’s right.”

She smiled at me genuinely and started to leave. I was like a marble stuck in that place.

“Wait... Who are you?”

She turned to me, still smiling. “Helena.” And with that, she vanished.

For what reason does the name sound so similar? I made an honest effort to recollect, however, to no end in light of the fact that my brain was loaded up with the ‘mate’ thing.

If what she said is true, then will we marry? The thought itself sent a shiver down my spine. But he hasn’t even looked at me that way. Then our little pool scene popped into my head.....

I am so confused right now, but a part of me is filled with excitement. Why should I be excited?

“Ugggrrrr” I growled a bit aloud.

“Any problem?”

Came the velvety voice again. He’s the last person I want to meet now.

“Yes, there is. Some random woman has told me that I am mated to the worst human on earth.” I said through gritted teeth.

He looked dead. He was staring straight into my eyes, taking slowly what I just said. Then he looked down, suddenly interested in his shoes. I heard him murmur something.

“Excuse me?”

“I said I am not human.”

“Thank you for reminding me. Especially when I came to know that you are my mate.”

He remained silent. So he knows how to keep quiet ha.

“Is there any way we can change it? Like switching my position to someone else or anything like that.”

He raised his head, eyes turned red. What did I say to make him this mad? I was just mentioning my view. It’s not like I wanted to actually do it. Wait, you really want to change this position, don’t you? Goddd......

He walked slowly towards me. How much I hate the feeling when he does this. He was a foot away from me, then leaned forward.

“You are my mate and you will be. No one, not even you can change it.”He was leaning more closely so before anything could happen I pushed him hardly and ran back to my room.



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