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Chapter 12

Why the hell did I run? He may have taken me for a quitter. However, again the circumstance with him was abnormal. All I needed was to move away from him. He gives me unusual emotions, sentiments that I haven’t encountered previously.

I don’t know whether to be scared or be happy. I am sure as hell is going insane.

I fell on the bed, my face hitting the soft pillow. I remained in that position for I-don’t-know-how-long, then slowly got up. I checked the time, and it was only mid noon. Great day to socialize, isn’t it? I was going to get a shower, but my door burst open and in came two curious looking faces.

“What are you doing here, Sid and Marg?”

I have no state of mind to recount the entire story now, however from their looks I realize they will make me spill each word.

It was Marg who started. “What are we doing here? What were you doing when you planned to leave this place and that too because of my stupid brother? I thought you were bold enough to handle him.”

I remained silent.

Next was Sid. “Do you even know that you can’t leave this place even if you want to? Don’t ask me why because I am not supposed to say that.”

I sighed weakly. “I know I am his mate.”

They both remained stuck.

“You know?”

“How did you?”

“Who told you?”

“Is it Nathan?”

“How are...”


The two of them were assaulting me with questions.

“Just allow me to speak, please. Yes, I know I am his mate. And no, it’s not Nathan who told me, it was a girl named Helena.”

I was looking at them when both their expressions changed. Marg was thinking nervously while Sid was panicking. Did I say anything wrong?

“Helena?” Sid whispered.

Oh, gooddddd. How can I forget? She’s the witch who cursed Sid.

Sid sat on the floor with a thud. We joined him soon, worry filled in our faces.

“She was here.” He was talking to himself now.

“I swear I didn’t know it was her. Otherwise... otherwise”

Otherwise what? What could have I done? Nothing. So I kept silent.

Marg ‘psst’ me.

“What’s his emotion now?” She murmured enough for me to hear.

“Strained and stressed.”

“I wish I could help him.”

“Me too.”

The whole place was silent for at least ten minutes.

“I haven’t seen her after that incident. It’s been centuries.”

We both turned to look at the now talking Sid.

“Will she be still mad at me?”

Marg did not say anything but kept her posture by looking down. I on the other hand looked at him as if to say something, but nothing came out.

“She will be? Won’t she? That’s why you guys are not comforting me.” His eyes held pain, pain of regret.

“Everything will be fine.” Was all I said.

He smiled at me, but it did not reach his eyes. He knew I am lying.

We sat there enjoying each other’s company and at some point I slipped into a dreamless sleep.

Something dragged me closer, and I tried to get up, but a hand around my neck stopped me. I turned to the other side but was met with a muscular body.

I felt stuck between these two. Marg’s one hand and leg was on top of me, while Sid was using a large portion of the bed. Who put me on the bed, anyway? And how come vampires sleep like this. I thought they never slept (all thanks to Twilight). Sid was snoring loudly. I looked around and found a lady holding a phone. It was Elizabeth. Is she taking our picture?

“Aren’t they charming?” Guess she didn’t see me woke up and my battle to relax.

“You have taken enough pics Beth.” It was Ebenezer. Great, everyone’s here.

“But Ben, these are memories and I don’t want to lose a single moment.” She said taking another picture.

“Ryan is lucky to get a girl like her.” By mentioning his name, all my senses lit up.

“He sure is.” Was Ben’s reply.

I was hearing their conversation about how lucky he is to have me and how I’ll control him, how I’ll help him reduce his anger issues and how I’ll give them cute grandchildren.

On that part, I blushed like a Barbie doll.

I mean, I haven’t even decided to stay here while they planned from our wedding to grandchildren.

Vampire or human, all parents are same. I heard their wild imaginations for some more time until Elizabeth went all serious.

“What will happen if they come to know about her existence?”

They? Who they? My existence? Am I in danger?

“I don’t know. I informed to Ryan concerning it however he simply stays silent. I can’t help thinking about what he has in his mind.” Ebenezer sighed.

“But we can’t lose her. Not again.”

Again? Ryan also told me the same that day. Are they really talking about me?

“There will be some way. Right now, don’t tell her anything. I don’t want to spoil her happiness. She has never spent her youth like other teenagers, partying or anything like that. We’ll give her some time to mentally get stable before disclosing everything.”

How do they know how I spent my childhood? Were they following me all my life? After a few minutes, they left the room. I was thinking what they meant by all that, but soon felt sleepy. I’ll never get tired of it. Slowly, darkness filled my vision.

I woke up to the feeling of someone stroking my hair. I opened my eyes to see none. Even Sid and Marg left the place. When did they leave? And I slept for the entire day. From where are all these sleep coming from? The clock showed seven in the morning. Great! My stomach grumbled loudly, showing how hungry I was.

I brushed and showered, then headed down for breakfast.

The kitchen was not empty as before, thank god. Two young ladies were chuckling while at the same time taking care of their job. Would it be advisable for me to intrude on them? My stomach protested again accordingly.

“Hello, will you give me some space as well?” I grinned, not sounding abnormal.

They both looked horrified at me.


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