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Chapter 13

Slowly their features softened.

“We thought you were Diana”

“Who’s Diana?”

“The head here, after that werewolf.”

Werewolf? I think they meant him.


“Oh, you know him already.”

“Yeah, he’s my friend.”

They looked at me as if I have gone insane. Then mumbled a ‘whatever’.

One of them began to make my sandwich while the other kept on taking care of her work. Yesterday I was unsuccessful in socializing, but not today.

“So what are your names?”

“Rosalie.” It was the young lady who was making my sandwich. She was short with brunette hair and fair skin. She’s a vampire obviously, however one can undoubtedly confuse her with a human. She always had a smile on her face.

“Eva” It was the other girl. She was taller, with earthy colored skin and dark hair. She’s a bit serious type, but still I like her.

They both look somewhat in their early twenties.

“Don’t you want to know my name?”

“Duh. We all know your name. Everybody’s discussing how fortunate you are being his mate.”

My demeanor out of nowhere changed as his name was referenced.

Eva hit Rosalie by her shoulder, hard.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken that way.”

“That is alright. It’s simply that I don’t feel so fortunate. Anyway, leave it. Tell me more about you guys.”

Now I have made two more friends. Keep going Atty...

I feel like a schoolgirl right now, chuckling and snickering over senseless things. I should say these two are a bundle of surprises. They were making funny comments about everyone, including Ryan, which I enjoyed more.

I learned a lot about them over this little time. The two of them are cross varieties and lost their folks at the hour of partition and wound up here. It seems like Rosalie is having a secret crush on Nathan. We advised her to confess, but she’s scared of the law.

Eva is a kind of feminist and always talks about giving more priority to women. She’s not against marriage or anything, but still... you know what I mean....

We were laughing wildly when a female voice blast all through the kitchen.


We all jumped up from our seats and came face to face with the angriest looking lady I have ever seen.

Both Eva and Rosalie apologized in unison and headed to their work hastily.

The hot head then turned to me.

“Who are you? And what are you doing in my kitchen?”

Didn’t she know who I am?

“I thought it was Ryan’s.”

My reply was unexpected for her.

“How could you call my Master by his name?”

Her face turned paler, and I saw fangs popping out of her red lips. Before I could move, she cornered me and her ridiculous teeth were going to puncture my neck.

“If you touch her, consider yourselves dead.”

She froze on hearing his voice. It was calm yet full of warning. She released me carefully as if I am made of glass then looked at him scared. What a quick change in emotion. Only he can make that possible.

“I’m incredibly sorry, Master. I didn’t think this young lady was of any worth.”

“Do you value me, Miss Diana?” His tone was damn serious.

“Of course my lord, more than my life.”

“Then you have to value her too because she’s my other half.”

I am double, no triple sure that he was smirking in the end but hid it quickly.

“Your mate...” Diana was whispering. Then looked at me, guilt filled.

“I am so sorry, my ladyship. Only if I knew. Only if you told me.”

Is she crying? Oh god, she is. Are they this afraid of him?

“It’s fine, Diana. I can understand.”

“Oh no. What an unfaithful servant I am” She was sobbing, which melted my heart.

“Actually quite the opposite, you are really dedicated to your Master. That’s the reason why you attacked me in the first place. So don’t feel sorry for doing your duty.”

She sighed and murmured another sorry. After that she left the kitchen, I turned to look at my vampire mate but found none. Show off much.....

That afternoon I, Marg, Rosalie and Eva were sitting near the garden, enjoying the beauty. Though I called it a garden, actually it was a mini forest. There were all kinds of birds and wild animals which acted like pets. When I found Eva petting a tiger, I was shocked and climbed on the nearest tree. Guess vampires have a way with animals too.

Our little chatter was going on well when we heard a loud roar from deep inside the garden. The sound was nearing as time passed. We were expecting some really wild animal, but in came much worse than that. It was a wolf bigger than me, no bigger than anyone. It came barking (which we thought was roaring) towards us. I wanted to run, but my legs were glued to the ground. It came bouncing but stopped dead in tracks when it looked at me. Something passed in its eyes, a look of recognition I guess.

It slowly walked towards me and bowed. Something captured me when I made eye contact with it. We stood looking at each other for a long time but were interrupted soon.


Five guards rounded it, and then a big fight started. The wolf was battling its best before one of the vampires infused something on its body. The wolf fell down and right before my eyes ‘it’ turned to a ‘him’. He was an elderly person with white hair and wrinkled face. He was looking at me intensely when one of them took a dagger.

I don’t know what got into me as I rushed towards him and defended him. The vampire was yelling something, but I didn’t listen.

“My ladyship, you are doing a crime by protecting the enemy.”

“Cut the shit you... If anyone tries to harm this man, I swear I will not leave them unpunished and if I can’t do that, then I’ll die by myself.” I snatched the dagger from him and placed it near my neck.

I don’t know why I am protecting this man, but right now that seems to be very important.

No one moved from their position except one. Ryan. From where did he come? Was he here all this time?

“Remove the blade Atarah” He was calm. Hell with his calmness.

“Promise me you’ll not hurt him.”

“And who is he to you?”

I was asking this myself, but I don’t know. So I looked down, still holding the knife.

“I don’t know. But you can’t kill him.”

“I know. After all, he’s your grandfather.”


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