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Chapter 14

“What bull shit are you speaking?”

I am not a person to curse normally, but what he said now doesn’t make any sense.

“I am not bullshitting and he knows that.”

Ryan kept up his cool stance while turning towards the man.

“Aren’t you happy to meet your granddaughter Alex?”

The alleged Alex snarled out of frustration.

“So the news was true. My daughter indeed has a child.”

I am his daughter’s child. But how?

“Oh yes. Whoever gave you the news was honest. And I am also honest when I say that he will be punished for doing this.


Pushing past the small crowd that was forming, Adrian entered with a small girl who was handcuffed.

Those little blue eyes were pleading for release.

“You wouldn’t.” Alex warned.

“See with your own eyes.”

Ryan was grinning evilly. I haven’t seen this side of him yet, the side of wickedness. He took a knife from one of the guard and placed it near the girl’s neck.

“You may be able to protect the traitor, but not his daughter.”

He moved the knife from her neck to hand and made a sharp cut on it. Fresh blood dripped down.

I stood like a stone, unable to move.

“Next is you. But watch her die first.” He said to Alex.

Without waiting further Alex pushed everybody hard and rushed to the backwoods thundering like a frantic wild monster.


With that, he disappeared.

Ryan stood there as if he expected it already.

“Let’s finish it.”

He was going to cut her neck when I screamed. All heads turned to my direction.

“Don’t touch her.”

This person’s not me. My voice, it felt so new. So strong!

“And what if I do?”

He pressed it a little more, creating a mark.

“I’ll hurt myself.” I kept the dagger, which was with me, on my left-hand pulse.

“You know you can’t do that.”

“Really?” I said smirking then made my first cut. Blood oozed out with pressure. I thought, it’ll hurt. But nothing. I felt nothing.

Ryan’s face changed. “Atarah stop it.”

I was still smirking.

“The show is just started.”

I sliced again and more blood came out. Marg cried to stop, but I didn’t listen. I continued to cut more and more. Rosalie and Eva tried to approach me but I moved the dagger towards my pulse and they stepped back crying hard. Then I turned to Ryan, who was having a shocked face.

“Am I scared?”

A cut.

“You think you can stop me?”

Another cut.

He came towards me, but I stopped him. “Don’t...”

But he moved more.

Next cut.

My legs felt numb, and I fell on the ground loosing balance. He rushed and picked me up bridal style.

“Don’t hurt her”

were my last words before blacking out.

Ryan’s point of view....

She looked delicate while lying on my bed. What happened today was startling. I knew someday her true self would come out, but not this soon.

I looked at her blood drained face and wrist. I never thought she would hurt herself like this and that too for an unknown kid.

I stroked her hair a little. This has become a habit now. Consistently, I would go to her room and stroke her cheek or hair. Now and again I even massaged her head and legs when she experiences awful dreams. A large portion of the dreams were about her parents. She missed them so badly.

“Planning to tell her anytime soon?” It was Adrian. He’s more than a commander to me. He’s like my own brother.

“Tell what?” I asked, now caressing her hand. She relaxed a bit. I know I have an effect on her, but she doesn’t know that she has a double effect on me. The way my heart flips when she’s near. God....

“Are you even listening?”

“No” was my simple answer.

“I asked when you are planning to confess your love to her.”

“Why should I confess when it’s filled in the air?”

“Oh my, the lover boy is back. Only if the world could see this.”

I smiled. They won’t because I am like this only in front of him.

“I wanted to Adri, but I am scared.”

He smirked. Stupid!

“What? Ryan ‘O’ Donnels, strongest of all vampires, is scared of a mere human... That’s surprising information.”

I grinned once more. I love being terrified of her. I love being delicate before her. I love her.

“If you loved her so much, then why waste eighteen years.”

“I wanted her to be free from all these duties and tensions. But the day she turned eighteen is the day we were supposed to be together. That’s why I asked you to kidnap her on that day.”

She still thinks she was chosen randomly and doesn’t have a clue about her true identity. Sure, she was kept away from her actual world but can’t she notice how well she adapt with this environment. Can’t she see the difference? It was difficult for me to watch her from a distance and see her pained face, each time her good-for-nothing grandparents leaves.

Atarah still thinks she was alone on her graduation day, but I was there, proud of my girl’s achievement.

“How did you deal with those grandparents?”

I turned to Adrian, who was now occupying a chair next to the bed.

“They were a major disappointment. I figured they would take care of her, however deserted her in the middle. So I excused them and erased ​their memory. Presently they are in Spain, I presume.”

“Gee, so what now? What are you going to do about that kid?”

I sighed. I have been thinking about it, but never finalized my decision.

“I didn’t arrive at a conclusion however for the present she will remain here.”

“But what about the rules?” He asked, dumbfounded.

“Hell with the rules, I am only concerned about Atty and nothing else.”

“As you wish, I’ll go deliver the news to your parents. You know how tensed they are.”

I nodded, and he left. I know how tensed they are. They are tensed about Atty. Mom considers her like her daughter than my mate, and I am happy for that. Atty never received a mother’s love; I hope my mother could cover that for her.

I turned to look at my sleeping beauty. She looks so peaceful. I’ll destroy anyone who tries to hurt her. That day when she disappeared in the swimming pool, my life came to a standstill. I thought I lost her just like eighteen years before.

But I won’t make that mistake again. She’s mine. I won’t allow anyone to take her away from me, not even her grandfather. After all that happened, he has no right over her. I won’t let another of this incident happen again. Never...........


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