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Chapter 15



I flickered once, twice. Despite the fact that my vision was obscured, I could figure Marg and Eva’s strained face.

“Is she dead?”

I asked, already knowing the answer. That monster would not have spared her. Tears started to fill my eyes. How can I ever forgive myself for this? She was just a kid.

Eva pointed her finger to the right, revealing Rosalie holding that girl. She looked so scared yet pure. I looked at Marg questioningly.

“Even I can’t understand.”

She said raising her hands in the air.

What made the monster go soft on that child? I think he has some heart left. I wonder...

Eva gave me some water, which helped to sit upright. I felt so drained.

“Do you remember anything that happened yesterday?”

“Yesterday? I was blanked out for this long?”

“So you don’t remember anything. Do you?”

I shook my head. All I remember was seeing her throat pressed with a knife.

“You were a rebel yesterday. God... the way you shouted at him. Actually, you threatened him”

I heard the entire story described by Marg. First, I thought it was a joke, however their appearances gave me no solace.

What the hell possessed me yesterday?

“I need some space.” I muttered. It was too much to take at a time. Marg was a little disappointed but understood my mental state.

They all left except that little girl. It seems like she needs to tell me something, so I called her towards me.

At first, she hesitated but slowly made her way over and stood next to my head rest.

“Hello. How are you?” I said, trying to calm her.

“Thank you for saving me back there.”

I smiled. She looked so innocent.

“Don’t thank me; I would have done the same if it was my sister. And I am honest when I say that. I never had a sibling, but if I had one.... You know.”

A small smile escaped from her but soon covered it.

“You know you should smile more. It’s a god given gift, and it’s absolutely free. So use it properly, Angel.”

She laughed like a normal girl for the first time. She’s so adorable...

“I am not Angel.”

“Oops sorry. Then what’s your real name? You resemble an Angel, however.”

“Namrita, but dad calls me Nami. So you can call me Nami too.”

“That’s a privilege... What does your mom call you then?”

She was silent, then looked at me with teary eyes.

“She’s dead.”

I wanted to comfort her but remained silent. How much this pure soul has suffered?

“I know that feeling. I lost both my parents when I was a child. Though I have my grandparents to look after me, I felt alone. At least you have your father.”

Now it was her chance to be quiet.

“You have me.”

I didn’t expect that to come out of her. I suddenly felt a close relation with her. I hugged her, and she hugged me back. We sat in that position for few minutes.

“And you have me Nami.”

She hugged me more tightly.

I must protect her.


I have gotten more acquainted with everybody in the course of recent days and each of them holds new position now.

Nami, my cute little sister; with Marg to accompany her.

Eva and Rosalie as my best friends.

Neha, Jeril, Edmund, Alice and Rose are my protective friends.

Sid, my brother, along with Nathan.

And you won’t believe when I say Adrian has also become my friend. Seems like the tough one is a jolly type. He says jokes that’ll make one cry. For example, one day we all were sitting near the tree and he entered telling that he just found a puzzle.

“Ok guys. While I was eating, I discovered a new puzzle and let me tell you that I am so good in it. Do you want to hear one?”

Marg yelled “No”.

I didn’t understand why she said so, but encouraged him to say. Marg covered her ears instantly.

“Why are you acting like this?” I asked, confused, only if I knew.

“Ok here you go. One day a person was trapped in the dessert alone. He was hungry and tired. What should he do to escape and for his appetite?”

That’s a nice question. Each one of us told different answers, but nothing came out right. Even Marg joined us after a few minutes. Nami was the one who tried most of the answers, but nothing suited him. We all gave up at last.

“Haha i knew it. It’s a tough one you see.”

We all sat eager for him to speak.

“People inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, right?” All heads nodded...

“That man exhaled carbon dioxide. He separated the carbon into a car and bun. He used the bun to eat and the car to escape.” He said with a winning smile.

We all looked at each other, speechless. He didn’t just say that. Did he?

“Who’s first?” Marg asked seriously.

“I’ll do it.” Eva said.

“Do what?” Adrian asked, confused.

“KILL YOU.” We all shouted in unison and went after him. That was a fun day, really.

But ‘Ryan the mystery’ is yet to reveal.

Sometimes he appears all of a sudden and vanishes the same way. I wonder what he is doing. What his job is. His hunting methods.

I should know something about his whereabouts, correct? After all, I am his mate. That idea itself gave me chills down my spine.

Today I will find about him. I pledged to myself.

At night, after Nami and almost everyone slept, except the guards, I sneaked out of the room wearing black jeans and a hoodie. Thank god vampires also sleep at night. Who the heck told sun is harmful for vampires. They are more active during the days, just like humans. Stupid movies!

I slowly tiptoed to his room, which was slightly opened. I peeked through it and found a brown lit room with black walls. Almost everything in it is black. The bed, couch, table, drawer, everything. I noticed that the bed’s empty. Where did he go in the middle of the night?

I walked inside the room, suddenly hit with his manly cologne. It feels like he’s near me.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping now?”

I jumped like a cat and turned to find jet-black eyes staring at me, amused.

“You almost gave me a heart attack.” I said placing my right hand over my heart which was beating uncontrollably.

“This is what happens when you sneak into others room.”

“Halloo... one day this is going to be my room too.”

I flushed with embarrassment immediately. When will I ever learn to control my mouth?

He had a huge grin plastered on his face.

“Oh really. Glad to know that you accepted it.”

“Whatever”. I turned to leave the place when he grabbed my wrist.

“What do you think you are doing?” I asked, suddenly conscious about my surrounding. I am alone here, with him, in his room. God.... This is my fault.

“Not what you are expecting.” He said smirking.

I lowered my head, unable to face his captive eyes.

“Don’t you want to know about me? That’s why you came here after all, isn’t it?”

I lifted my head immediately, which hit his jaw. Was he this close?

“Got a strong skull there.” He said massaging his temple.

“Are you really praising me or am I dreaming?” I said proud of myself.

He clutched both my hands, taking me off guard.

“Now.. now.. don’t go too filmy there. I still have a hold on you. See.” He said coming closer.

Hell with the butterflies.

Hell with the summer saults forming in my stomach.

Hell with him.

He leaned more closely and whispered into my ear.

“Come with me. You shall get your answers.”


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