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Chapter 16

“Are you seriously going to tell me?” I asked, thrilled.

“You should know it one day or the other.” He’s right. Oh, I am so excited.

“But you have to come with me.” His voice sounded so firm.


I inquired, already following him out of the room.

I didn’t even think whether it’s safe to go with him and that too in the middle of the night.

All I had was an inclination of security. I feel complete when he is near me. Possibly that is the impact of being mates.

“I asked, ‘Where are we going?’”

“Somewhere we are forbidden.”

“What do you mean by forbidden?”

“A place where we are not permitted to visit.”

I sighed weakly. “I know what ‘forbidden’ is. I implied, why are we going there.”

“If you want answers, stay silent and follow me. Else you may return to your room.” He said irritated.

I instantly sealed my mouth. Of course I want to know what his secrets are and I am going to take any risk for that.

We exited the main gate and entered the outskirts of a mansion. We walked a little more between the pine trees. I thought this was the forest yet was met with enormous stone dividers which nearly touched the sky.

There was a big single wooden door in the center. I haven’t seen this part of the mansion yet as I was sleeping for the last hours when kidnapped, so I looked around eagerly.

Two gatekeepers were set on the two sides of the entryway. There was no lock or handle; I can’t help thinking about how they open it. Ryan called one of the guards and requested that he open the door.

He hollered “OPEN” and ten guards came out of nowhere. They released a thick rope which was attached to the highest point of the door and began to leave it gradually. The massive thing soon tumbled to the ground with a crash. I followed Ryan, who was currently strolling over the fallen entryway. The view outside was something I will never forget. The entire manor was encircled with a deep canal loaded up with dark water. The gigantic entryway currently acted like a crossover between the manor and the thick woods. I strolled over to the edge of bridge and discovered something moving in the water. I looked nearer and what I saw in there made me heave.

The whole canal was filled with thousands and thousands of snakes. That’s why it looked like black water. Not just ordinary snakes, but King Cobras.

What are these vampires terrified of to construct such exceptional security? I thought they are the powerful creature on Earth.

“Enjoying the view, are we?”

He asked, slightly annoyed.

“What are these things doing here?” I asked, pointing at the cobras.

“Oh, they are here to protect us from other inhuman creatures.”

“Other inhuman creature means witches and werewolves?”

“No, they don’t cause threat to us, though werewolves are our enemies because of certain circumstances. I meant something evil that lives in these forests. These snakes are no ordinary. They have special venom that burns these creatures.”

“What are these creatures?”

He was silent for a moment, then looked at me straight to my eyes.

“The dark shape shifters.”

“What are these dark shape shifters?”

“You’ll know.”

With that, we passed the door and entered into the forest.

Do I have night visual deficiency? Because I can’t see anything on my way, and the most exceedingly terrible part is that I am continually hit by tree limbs, which gives me minor scratches like safety pins. But he.... that blockhead doesn’t get hit by a single leaf. I can’t see him however, he’s definitely not making ‘Ah’, ‘Uff’ sounds like me.

“Will you please go through a path where there are no stupid branches?”

“Then it won’t hurt you. Right?”


I stayed quiet for the rest of the excursion. It’s smarter to stay silent than squandering my energy on him.


(or maybe 10 minutes)

II eased back my speed, depleted and was gasping for air like hell.

“Will we reach today?”

“Perhaps, perhaps not.”

“But I can’t walk...” He didn’t allow me to finish the sentence as usual.

“Stop talking.”

Who the hell is he to command me?

“I won’t” and started walking again only to collide with a wall.

Suddenly that wall engulfed me with two hands.

“I said stop talking.”

Oh, it was him. I was somewhat taken aback by his abrupt closeness, yet recuperated soon.

“What if I...”

He covered my mouth with his big palm. “Now don’t move until I say.” He whispered.

I attempted to be liberated from his grasp, however halted when I heard something moving.

I am in my position and so is he. Who else is here?

We remained there for like five minutes or something when the entire spot got loaded up with dim green smoke. The moon shone splendidly now to such an extent that every single component in the forest was obvious.

Smoke filled the whole place.

I felt Ryan’s body tensing behind me.

“They are here.” He muttered.

I was about to say something when the dark green smoke formed a shape.

If I open my eyes a little more, I am sure it’s going to pop out of my eye socket.

I couldn’t see anything but finally, when all the smoke settled I was struck by the sight. Hundreds of creatures which have a human figure with extra fittings like tail and all stood in front of me. They were grey with black stripes. Each of them held a tattoo on their shoulder. Their hair was so long. When I saw their eyes it was dark green in color, just like the smoke, and it was sinister full.

“Be near me.”

It was a warning.

I stood there like a statue until one of them moved towards me. He lifted his hand to my face. I waited for Ryan to do something, but he made no response. That creature touched my face, then moved his index finger to my neck. I caught a glimpse of his fangs slowly coming outside.

I pushed him hard, but to my surprise he vanished into that green smoke. I turned to see Ryan missing from the spot.

Did he just abandon me here and that too with them?

Was he trying to kill me?

Is this all his plan?

Anger and disappointment washed through my mind. Without waiting for a single moment, I ran to some direction like a normal human, but my mind ran like a vampire.

I was starting to develop feelings for him. But he.... He betrayed me. Tears fell out of my eyes like raindrops.

My life will never be perfect.

I was running like a mad person till my legs went weak and I collapsed on the ground. I have survived before, but not now. They are going to kill me for sure. My vision blurred because of the sudden entry of green smoke all over me. I closely looked at one of its formation. First, the smoke formed a pair of eyes, then rest of the body. It was scary seeing that sight. Can’t they just form all together, why it has to be like part by part?

All of them moved towards me and started forming a circle. Life of Atarah Davidson is going to end.

My self-sympathy thoughts were roughly filled with angry roars. I spun around to find the source of that sound.

Infinite numbers of werewolves pushed past the dark creatures and formed a protective cover around me. I immediately identified one of them to be my so called ‘grandfather’. He was in the lead, accompanied by a very young yet handsome looking wolf.

Wait, how can I call a wolf handsome? I am definitely going crazy.

After a few minutes, an actual war broke out in front of me. Though everyone was hurting, they made a clear mission to protect me.

There was no end to this fight as the dark creatures vanish to smoke and then come back again. Is there no death to them?

I didn’t know what to do. If I interfere, it’s only going to be a burden for them. I didn’t notice one of the beast crawling towards me until it was so close. He was about to stab me with some kind of sharp object until his neck was torn apart. I stood there in disbelief.


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