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Chapter 17

So they can die? But who killed them?

“Told you not to hurt her” came the velvety voice. Was he here all this time?

The entire battle around me instantly halted.

“Leave. Every one of you.” He said in an instructing voice.

I thought he implied the wolves yet was stunned to see the dull animals vanishing.

Are the creatures that vampires are scared of are scared of him?

Woo, I am losing my mind. Anyway, you got what I said right.

All the wolves started to change their form. It was a sight to be seen.

My grandfather already stood with an expressionless face staring at Ryan, who was unfortunately and fortunately beside me.

The other wolf that was with him also turned into a human. And I was right. He is handsome indeed.

Everyone held a typical emotion at Ryan. I wanted to break the silence, but my grandfather won over me.

“You controlled them. It’s you. It was always you.”

“What is what?” I asked, confused as usual.

“He didn’t tell you. Did he? In fact, he didn’t tell anyone. Thought you would keep it a secret?” He said raising voice now.

Ryan was calm, freaking calm. “I was about to tell her myself, but my bad luck that you morons have to interfere.”

“Why should you call us morons when it’s actually you bloody vampires?” That handsome guy spoke. Such temper...

“Ok. I can smell a fight right now, but I am seriously not in a mood. So can you please tell me what is going on?” I have lost all my temper at this moment.

My grandfather spoke with venom in his voice.

“I’ll tell you. Your mate is not just a vampire, but the king of Dark Shape Shifters, or rather Demons.”

The way he said that resembled someone telling the details of the villain they are hunting. It was that dramatical.

“Good. Now what do you mean by that?” I said simply.

I heard a chuckle from behind me. Was that seriously Ryan?

“You don’t know?” Alex asked shockingly.

“You know, I was not brought up in this hell of a place. So how will I know about these stuffs?”

“Don’t curse in front of your grandpa.” My ‘few days before discovered grandfather’ scolded.


“Demons or these dark shape shifters were created by someone”

he said taking a gander at Ryan now “with the point of annihilating vampires, werewolves, witches and each component of life on this world.”

“How can you do this to your own race?” Disbelief was filled in his voice when he looked at Ryan.

“I don’t have to tell you.” Ryan was calculating, as usual. How is he able to do that all the time?

“You may not have to tell me, but to your father? You have no other option.”

Alex was angry now. I know that creatures are dangerous, but why is he blaming Ryan for that. Not that I am supporting him.

“I am not answerable to him either.” It seems like Ryan is provoking Alex.

“And to me? Aren’t you answerable to me?”

I said breaking their gazing challenge.

“I truly need to understand what’s happening here.”

I am tired of this dramatization.

“I wanted to tell you but as I said, they interfered.” This guy is going to be the death of me.

“So? That doesn’t stop you from telling me. After all, I am your mate.” I regretted telling the last sentence. But it happens often right... Especially to me...

“His mate?”

I turned to look at that handsome werewolf man.

“Indeed Cole, she is my mate. Didn’t you hear her?” It was Ryan this time.

For what reason do I have a terrible feeling about where this discussion is going?

Cole was irate when he talked. “In the event that you are his mate, what does it make me?”

OK. What? What is he to me?

He talked once more. “Alex gave me his word that she,” he pointed at me “will belong to me. As my significant other or as my mate, to be exact.”

What in the world???????

How might I be a mate of two attractive men? I haven’t seen this in any movies or anything. Wait, Twilight is something like this, right? But my life isn’t a movie, it’s my life. How can it be like a movie? I haven’t been in a movie before. I haven’t even been in a drama. No, I was there in the school drama, but it was not like this.

Stop blabbering, Atty.......

I inhaled and exhaled slowly. Why does this happen to me?

“Oh really. You mean to say she’s your mate by word? Too sad because she is my mate by fate,” was Ryan’s beautiful reply.

Are they fighting for me? Isn’t there any better thing to be fought for? Like pizza or burger or limited edition Barbie doll or...


My life is screwed.... Totally screwed. First, I lost my parents, then my grandparents, and now myself.

The wolf man or Cole was getting redder time by time.

Good gracious, there will be a major battle and that too for me. I’m not going to allow this to happen..

“Guys...” My voice was loaded up with concern.

“You don’t meddle in this Atarah. The vampire kid must be shown a thing or two. You will wed Cole and just him.” It was Alex this time. What a lovely grandpa.

“What did you say?” I saw fangs popping out of Ryan’s lips.

What should I do?

“Stop it. I said stop it.”

Yes, I got all the attention now or may be too much because everyone’s head is towards my direction. Was I that loud?

“Let me make one point clear to you. THIS IS MY LIFE and not yours to play with. It’s my decision whether or not to marry. I have given no one the right to decide it for me. If you once again bring up the word mate or husband or anything you will see my real face and I am sure you will not like what you see.”

I felt hot, like I am burning. I was that much angry. These ancient fellows have to be taught how to treat a human.

All eyes were staring at me as if I am an alien.

“What are you guys looking at?”

I asked, still shouting.

“You are on fire.” said Cole.

“Oh really. Then what do you expect a girl to be when she is in a mixed up situation. Of course she will be angry.”

“No Atarah, you are really on fire.”

First, I thought he was joking, but later found myself burning in flames. I didn’t know what to do. I looked at myself and at them.

“Someone please help. Why is it not burning me? How come it’s just warm?”

I was literally screaming. No one took a step, not even Ryan. He was shocked. Yes, guys mark my words, Ryan the Vampire and Demon king is shocked.

“diftfflms” He murmured still looking at me.

“What?” I asked, roughly patting my body in order to cut out fire, but in vain. It was increasing as time passes.

“The Gift of Flames” This time he was clear, just that I didn’t comprehend what he implied.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Ignacia” Helena came flying like a heavenly messenger towards where I am standing. Where does she come from? Hope Sid is not here.

“Yes. She got the gift from Ignacia. She is the future fire goddess.”


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