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Chapter 19

I may have resembled a sculpture right now. You know why, since I gave up breathing, completely. Not that I want to, but rather my lungs literally quit working.

For what reason is everything coming over my head? For what reason is God making my life so muddled and contorted? Am I the only one here for him to do tests?

“Atarah relax.”

Ryan was currently scouring circles around my back. Guess it’s his way of comforting. By the way, when did he come near me? And why do I have a feeling of suffocation? First it was kidnapping, then vampires, witches, werewolves, dark shape shifters, me being on flame and now the owner of deathly creatures. This is ridiculous!

“Atty, please listen to me. Inhale.”

Did he just call me Atty? Anyway.... Can’t he understand I want to. But some heck of a thing is not allowing me.

Oh, I think that ‘thing’ is called ‘shock’.

Suddenly my surrounding started to spin. Am I on a giant wheel?

Without permission, my legs gave out, and I fell on the ground with a thud.

“Shit, she’s passing out.” Those were the last words I heard prior to slipping into a delightful rest.


“Please, wake up for me.”

Who the hell is this trying to separate me from my best friend? (Sleep, of course).

“I want you, Atty. I need you.”

Ryan??? No, it’s not him. He never talks this way. Yet, that voice....


My eye balls moved here and there trying to separate the eyelids.

I slowly opened my eyes to see him sitting on a chair right next to my bed, his head and hands placed over my right hand which is attached to some tube.

Is this a hospital?

“Thank God. You are awake. You have been unconscious for two days.”

“Two days? But I just started sleeping.” I pouted.

He gave me a sad smile. “You are unbelievable.”

“I am?” I asked, rising from my position slowly.

“You are and don’t get up. Your body is so weak. The flame that you caused decreased your energy level. You are still partly human Atarah, but what you did yesterday was beyond that. You were showing vampire traits. Not just a normal vampire, but a powerful one.”

“I can’t comprehend Ryan. I am totally blank.”

I seriously did not get a single word on what he spoke now. I am partly human? I am showing vampire traits? God, it’s making me dizzy again.

“Look Atty, I want you to listen carefully. There are many things that I hide from you, and I know that you know it. Now I want to tell you everything. No more secrets between us. Ok?”

“No more secrets.”

I said, nodding my head. This is the time I was hanging tight for. Finally, my inquiries will be replied.

“Okay. You already know about the eloping story of vampire prince and werewolf princess from Nathan, right?”

I nodded.

“And I also know that you helped them.”

“He’s correct. I was with them.... Till they died.”

It seems like he missed them so much.

“How did they die?”

My natural curiosity was at its peak.

“After their successful elope, they stayed in the human dimension. It is difficult for any inhuman species to enter your dimension without being caught by the law. I had influence on the court, so it was easy for me to accommodate them. I was a constant visitor there. Seeing them made me feel... happy, perhaps.

One day Raphael, the vampire prince, requested for my urgent visit. I thought there was some problem, but soon found out that Lillian was pregnant.”

The names sent an electric jolt all through my body. My parents had the same names as Raphael and Lillian. This story is not going to be good. All my beliefs are questioned now, all the things I know about myself are wrong, if what he says is true.

“Only if their joy could increase. After nine months of waiting, Lillian finally gave birth to a beautiful girl. And when I say beautiful, I really mean it. By her arrival, the family looked complete. I somehow had a special attachment with her. I don’t know why, but her eyes were so captivating. She was like an Angel to Raphael and Lillian and sometimes to me too.”

He smiled a little, as if he was reliving the moments.

“On her first birthday I decided to buy her a special gift when I got a phone call from Lillian stating that they are under attack by some random vampires. Though I was fast to reach, it was too late. The entire house was demolished and I could hear screams coming from inside.

The indoor scene was something one would never like to witness. Entire place was filled with blood and torn body parts. First thing I searched for was the child.

I walked towards the direction of voices and found Raphael fighting with someone while Lillian stood behind him clutching the baby. I did not see who Raphael was fighting with, but when he turned around, my entire world stood still. It was Asmodeus, the King of Evil. He was evil than the devil himself. There’s no need for him to fight with them. I was clearly dumbstruck.

Asmodeus suddenly seemed to be aware of my presence as he stopped fighting and faced me. I asked him the reason for this sudden attack. His reply was simple. He wanted the child. Of course it was not happening, and I also got engaged in the fight. After sometime he managed to get me out of the room and locked the door, with his power acting as a shield to keep me outside. I was helpless and when I finally entered, everything was so quiet. I found Raphael and Lillian’s body on the ground and it was lifeless. Ignacia was holding the child, whom I have no idea about the entry.

Ignacia simply gave me the girl and told me that she was my mate.

Yes Atarah it was you. You are the daughter of Vampire Prince and Werewolf Princess. And your grandparents are people whom I appointed to look after you.”


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