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Chapter 2

He took me to a manor (as expected), treated me royally (which was certainly not expected) and requested that I take some rest. We should also not overlook the delightful dinner they gave.

An inviting grin was plastered all over his face. However, some way or another, I wished to smack it off. I'm not a guest here for the good of paradise, but rather brought forcibly. He has no right to treat me pleasantly. God! I'm surely being paranoid.

I was expecting an abrupt assault or something from him, however nothing really occurred. For nearly two hours, I stayed in a room which had the length of a corridor, pacing back and forth. It contained a four-banner bed and a love seat, but I didn't use both as adrenaline continued to pump in my body.

Their intention of taking me is befuddling, as I am not from a prosperous family, nor I have sufficient strength to battle with them. Why pick a weak teenage girl like me then? On the off chance that it was for being a pet, I don't think this is the way they treat a human who will be their slave. My brain was filled with speculations, and it was heavier than an arc.

As minutes ticked by, I was unable to hold my nervousness any longer and hence jumped through the window, which was amusingly not bolted.

Wrong move, no erase it, most exceedingly terrible move because the second my feet hit strong ground I was welcomed by five vampire guards.... five attractive vampire guards.

I grinned at them apprehensively and posed the most moronic question one could ever think of.

"Hello mates, I was looking for the post office. Do you know where it is?"

Seriously, post office? Out of everything! I might have even asked for a dumb park, but no, I went for a mail center. That's how brilliant I am.

I intellectually slapped my head. The gatekeepers gazed at me as though I have grown two heads and returned me to 'HIM.' Though I struggled to escape from their hold, I was nothing contrasted with the five muscle men who conveyed every one of my appendages.

And yeah, here I am being tied to a pole in an unknown room which was painted green and was bare except for a pole at the center and an armchair. He was going through some arbitrary book which was clearly not English, Latin, possibly, but I seriously have no clue and I don't expect to know.

Out of the blue, he started rambling.

"What?" my brain was focused on the cover page of the book that I didn't hear a thing he said.

"Didn't you hear what I said previously?"

He was irritated a bit when he began once more, "I said you can wish for anything and I shall grant you, but only three chances."

I was somewhat shocked by his unexpected discussion and the selection of his subject, yet kept up my guard. Vampires are known to deceive people, and I am not falling for his trap.

"Would you be able to make Sean O Pry my boyfriend?"

His facial features hardened immediately, and he shook his head, mouthing no.

"Something that you believe is ordinary, and it doesn't include dating somebody."

I didn't wait anymore. He's trying to play games with me and game is what he will get.

"I want Apple 8 plus. It's not launched yet, but I want it before others."

A grin was clear on my face regardless of the circumstance I was in; these folks are perhaps vampires, however Apple? No chance.

He smiled, not wide but enough for me to see, and afterward took out his cell phone to call somebody.

"Hi Apple store... Keith right... Yeah, I am Adrian... I might want to put in a request for 8+. Ensure it gets conveyed to me before anyone else."

That is it. He slipped the phone back into his jean's pocket and looked at me typically.

"That will be done. Next?"

I stared at him like he was an alien.

"Are you messing with me?" I asked, in the wake of recovering my senses. He is playing stunts with me. Apple isn't his privately owned company to get a phone that isn't yet launched. Or is it?

He laughed a bit, which was truly charming. Uff Atty... Focus....

"You know, being a vampire has its own benefit."

Like drinking blood and hijacking? I don't imagine that is an advantage. It's smarter to hush up about my musings. I don't need him to get thoughts from me. If he isn't having one, that is.

"So I will get the phone before others?"

He gestured as though it's no biggie. I screeched and grinned like a distraught individual.

"If you are fooling me, then please book your pre-funeral services."

He grinned at the sentence.

If he's talking the truth, then that just filled my heart with joy. 'Apple' before others, that could make me a star among my colleagues, if at all I am going back to the human dimension, that is. Thinking about home brought back recollections of my ice cream that were tossed to the ground and its contents poured out. My sweetheart was lying on the pathway splattered and the sight made me extremely upset. I quickly decided what my next wish would be,

"Should I ask my next wish now or tomorrow?"

"Your offer is only valid till the end of the day."

My eyes turned wide, and I asked in a flash,

"I need Nutella and Oreo seasoned family pack ice cream with three Flutes on top of it."

I said all this in a single breath and he watched me with amusement. I ought to have requested that he make me rich, but that would be pointless if I am never leaving this place or if they are going to kill me.

He set another call and murmured something in it. A couple of moments later, a watchman came inside holding a plate of three family pack ice cream, exactly as I requested. And my eyes watered with happiness. Not standing by any more, I assaulted the crates and disregarded the individual, who was laughing close to me. Inside thirty minutes, I completed every last bit of it, and I looked at him satisfied.

"Dude, I should be on Guinness Record." I said burping.

He laughed once more, and his eyes gleamed. He truly is gorgeous. Atty...

That is the point at which I considered my circumstance; goodness, I need to escape these chains.

"Hey Genie, can I ask you my next wish?"

He was confused a bit

"Genie? Really?"

"Yeah, why not? You grant my wishes just like the Genie in Aladdin."

He mumbled a 'Whatever'.

"My next wish is to be freed from this." I said, lifting my tied hands.


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