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Chapter 20

Ryan’s point of view.......

I have just revealed a great secret to her, but her reaction is........ calm.

She seems to be thinking.

No panicking, no freaking out, nothing.

She is lying on the bed as if we just discussed about the weather. And guess what it’s making me tensed.

“You know Atarah it would be better if you fall unconscious or something, because I am seriously done with this silent play.”

I somehow want to get her back to normal self.

“I am not going mad Ryan.”

I wanted to tell ‘I don’t think so’ but allowed her to continue.

“I just feel its time to end all of this drama?”

Did she just say drama?

“I mean please man, how might somebody’s life be this confounded? I thought my parents passed away in a mishap, however now you are saying that they were murdered by some random abhorrent ruler. What’s more, the individuals whom I considered as my grandparents are really the ones you recruited to take care of me.”

Her eyes began to get watery. I hate it when she cried. Yet, I can’t utter a word since she has a point. She had been living around a circle of falsehoods all these years and out of nowhere getting presented to her actual self is something so difficult to adapt to.

She doesn’t want an advisor now, but a listener who will listen to all her sorrows and pain.

And I am here as anything she wants because she’s the girl I love.

“You know Ryan, I used to watch a lot of vampire movies and read those books. I even wanted to be Bella in Twilight. But all those are just my fantasies. It can’t come true, can it?

No, it can’t.

I mean, I am more than a Bella now. I am a princess; I am a leader. Don’t you think it’s funny? All these stuffs cannot happen to a girl like me, Ryan. I am just a normal human girl who only wished for some love, care and affection. It’s more than I could take. My life isn’t a fairy tale and I don’t want it to be.

I am done with this. I want to leave.”

Ok, I have been more than a good listener now.

“Where will you go, Atty? Your parents are from this dimension and this is where you belong.”

She rose from her laying position and sat, crossing her legs.

“What parents? The vampire and the werewolf?”

She took her necklace and opened the locket delicately.

“They are my parents. Just normal parents who died during an accident, leaving their only child with her grandparents.”

Her voice was shaking. God, I want to hug her till all her sorrows disappear into thin air. But now is not the time.

“Who gave you this locket, Atty?”

She looked at me, her hands placing the necklace back.

“I don’t know. It was there from the beginning. Guess my grandfather gave it.”

She’s so naïve. How many times I told her he’s not her grandfather but my hired employee.

“I gave you this Atty. The special gift I wanted to give you on your first birthday... was this.”

And I am glad I did it.

Tear drops rolled down her cheeks like diamonds and she started crying hysterically.

“I can’t Ryan. I can’t hold any longer. I am just a mere girl. Why is God so arrogant towards me? Why?? All I wanted was a normal life. Please, Ryan, help me get up from this sleep. Please wake me up from this bad dream.”

“How can I Atty when you are the best dream that has ever happened to me?”

And I was true to my every word.

She hugged me all of a sudden and soaked my shirt with tears, not that I care.

She is going to catch some sickness if continued like this

“You know what, I feel like a Shakespeare now.”

She laughed a little to my unpracticed humor, which vibrated through my entire body. How much I want her to smile always.

After fifteen or twenty minutes, her crying subsided. I took this as an opportunity to straight her up and looked right into her eyes so that she can see how serious I am.

“Look Atty I know it’s difficult for you but this is the truth.

You may see the world as a place for human but it’s a habitat for many. Sometimes it’s the lies that cover the actual world. This is your life, Atty. You are not just a mere human but one of the most powerful thing on Earth who is blessed immensely with unique powers.

But these powers are a boon only if you know how to control and use it. Otherwise, it’s the worst curse.”

I have never been more patient and I have to be... For her... for us.

“How will I?” She said sobbing.

“I don’t know. Only Ignacia can teach you that, because she is the real owner of that power.”

“Where is she now?”

I think I succeeded a little in changing her mind.

“I don’t know about that too. We have to find her as soon as possible. Adrian, Sid, and Helena will accompany us.”

“Sid and Helena?” She asked, giving me a ‘is that necessary look’.

I just nodded.

She’s right it’s not a great idea but still both of them are helpful in their own way and this is a time when I need lots of help, so how can I choose among them.

I have talked to both of them about the trip and how important it is for Atty. They wouldn’t have agreed if it was not for her. Sid and Helena seem to have a mutual liking towards Atty. I just hope they cooperate.

“What about your father?”

She asked, bringing me back to my senses. All these are making me mad.

“I talked to him and I guess we have an understanding.”

At first it was really difficult explaining to him and mom everything. Yesterday they came to my room and apologized for dad’s behavior. They told me that they would be with me, whatever the situation is. I was partly relieved after that.

No matter how strong you are, your parent’s support is something that will encourage you to take big steps.

Oh, I totally forgot about it..

“And Namrita will be looked after by Rosalie and Eva. I have made all the necessary arrangements.”

There was no need for any ‘thank you’ because I could clearly see it from her eyes.

There was a knock on the door and in came Sid holding a bag.

“Enough of these sentiments... It’s time to hit the road.....”


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