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Chapter 21

I know that you are fed up of these late updates... but honestly so am i..... I dont know why but somehow i got detached from my story and didn’t know wh
Our baggage was set out of the mansion, probably waiting for our means of transportation to arrive. I said good byes to Ebenezer, Elizabeth and Marg.

Except Helena; Adrian, Sid, and Ryan were with me.

A ‘don’t know what model’ BMW car parked in front of us.

Adrian and Sid helped the driver to load the luggage, and then the three of them got inside.

“Guys what about Helena?”

I asked, looking confused as always...

“It’s better if she doesn’t show up.”

Yup, you guessed it right... It was ‘Sid, the great’.

“Shut up, Sid. And Atarah, get inside. Helena will come on her own.”

Ryan’s voice was demanding, so I didn’t waste any more time.

He sat in the front, leaving the rest of us to adjust in the back seat.

We got out of the mansion and into the dark forest. Thank God it’s morning, otherwise that shadowy creature would have attacked us already.

Though I am their Master, I still don’t know how to control them. In fact, that’s why I am playing this seeking game, where my person to be found is Ignacia.

My thoughts and the car came to a halt at the same time. Everyone got out, followed by me. It was an Airport.

Are we going by flight? Was it this close to the mansion?

“Where are we heading to?”

I asked to no one specific.

“You will know. Sid, you go get the tickets and Adrian deal with the security.” came from my lover boy.

Oops, did I just say that. Whatever.

Both Sid and Adrian gave a dutiful nod and left the place.

I examined my surroundings.

Somehow I felt happy for getting out of those walls, after all it’s been a long time since I have contacted with humans.

I can run away if I want to, though they will find me, eventually.

Even so, something’s holding me right here with him. Moreover, the trust he has in me that I won’t leave him. It would cost my life to break that.

“Are you happy to see everyone? Or are you planning to elope?”

Although Ryan asked me seriously, I could sense a bit of tease in it. It seems like he knows that I won’t leave him.

“You are not going to get rid of me that easily.”

“Oh, my bad... I have to tolerate you then.”

How dare he? Before thinking twice, I punched him hard on his right shoulder. Not that it will affect him.

I withdrew my hands immediately, and looked down, blaming all my stars. I just couldn’t withstand his staring eyes.

“Guess you are having your own way with me.”

He said sending bullets through my head.

“No, I did not mean to... Actually...”

“I like it.” The words were barely audible; still I heard it slowly and steadily.

I looked right into his eyes to see many emotions passing by.

It caused my cheeks to heat up like a hot pan.

Out of the blue, he chuckled. Yes, my Lords and Ladyships, Ryan, ‘my maturity master’ mate chuckled like a normal boy.

“What?” I knew I sounded like a whining kid but didn’t care any less.

“You are red as a rose Atarah.”

His voice was so relaxing, which got filled inside me soothingly, however I acted embarrassed. That’s what proper ladies do, right?

“You don’t have to act if you can’t. I know that you are a lady”

“How did you?” I shut my mouth with my hands. Could he read my mind?

He chuckled again. Is today his birthday? Or did someone hit him on his head, because he is really acting weird.

Still, I wish he is like this all the time.

“Look Atarah, you don’t have to be formal in front of me or constrain yourself from getting close to me, because you are the only one who has that right to do so and also because......

I love you.”

One.. two.. three.. four......... ten

Say something, Atty, he is waiting. A thin smirk formed on his lips.


Thank god Helena- ‘My Savior’ is here.

I turned to look at my witch friend, but she was nowhere to be seen. Instead, I saw a young girl about my age.

She wore black denim with brown crop top. Her hair was in a high ponytail, resembling Ariana Grande. She was no longer a witch but a girl who seems to be the captain of the school’s cheer leading club.

“How do I look?”

She asked me in a sassy way.


Wait last time I checked my voice was female’s but now it’s so.... boyish?

I looked at my right and found Sid dumbstruck.

Oh, it was his comment.

I cleared my throat so that at least he can close his mouth.

“I mean I got the tickets.”

Guess he got my signal.

Helena was embarrassed as well. I think it’s my chance to repay her.

“Come, let’s get inside.” By saying that, I grabbed her hands and headed towards the entrance.

“Thank you so much.” She said breathing heavily.

“Oh, that’s fine. Take it as a gratitude gift”

She nodded and continued.

“I was suddenly out of words. It’s been a long time since someone has commented on me like that.”

She was looking down, avoiding eye contact with me.

“Don’t worry, I know how that feels.”

Honestly, I don’t know anything about it. Still, that’s how you console someone. I guess.

“How would you know when Ryan has not left you for another girl? How can you feel when the person you have loved so much has not abandoned you for a slut?”

She completed her sentence with a sad laugh.

She’s right. I can’t even imagine how I will survive if Ryan does something like that to me.

I want to hit Sid till he screams ‘I am sorry’.

After five or ten minutes Adrian came and we were ready to board the flight. It was a huge one with three seats on either side of the window and a group of four in the middle.

I, Helena and Adrian took the window seat, and the other two sat in the center.

The two sitting near Ryan were kids, maybe seven or eight years old. They seem to be twins.

As the flight started to take off, one of them clutched on Ryan’s hand and cried ‘mummy’.

We four erupted into fits of laughter seeing his expression.

I am sure this trip is going to be a long fun one, where ever this is heading to.


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