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Chapter 24

“I thought we were heading to a hotel or something”

I told Ryan still glancing at the passing trees outside.

It looks like another forest.

Do they have an obsession with creepy forests? Of course... after all they are vampires....

“We have a house to stay here. It’s one of my friend’s.” He said the last part dryly.

“You don’t seem to like your friend that much.” I stated looking at him.

“Is it that evident?” He frowned.

I chuckled a little.

“No I just guessed it.”

“Well... he’s not my real friend... but.... it’s like... ‘Enemy of your enemy is your friend’ right?”

I nodded.

“So who’s your common enemy?”

Silence awaited me for a few seconds...


He said through gritted teeth.

My eyes moved down to my lap, wanting to ask the question that is now filling my mind.

“Is he..?” But my question trailed off, unable to complete.

“Yes, that’s him.”

Each word he said showed how much he hates him, no actually despise him.

I didn’t respond anything in return. After all what should i ask about the man who killed my parents, for God knows what reason?

Anger bubbled inside me thinking that he is the one who is to be blamed for all my sufferings.

•It’s him who killed my parents.

•It’s him who made me an orphan.

•It’s him who separated me from them.

And I continued to form a whole sheet of demerits about this stupid Asmodius in my mind.

My charting progressed till the car came to a halt.

Ryan paid the cab driver and we both got out of it.

My head suddenly snapped to the side where I could hear a waterfall clearly.

“Are we were I am imagining we are?” I said raising an eyebrow.

He nodded and I responded with a squeal..

I have never ever been to a waterfall before.

I saw the other three walking towards us so I ran to Helena and hugged her squeezing the life out of that poor soul.

“We are going to see a waterfall... OH God it actually feels like a vacation.” I screeched like a child.

I removed Helena from my clutches only to see her face filled with amusement.

“You have never seen a waterfall before?”

What.... I am not a flying witch like her, neither I had parents who took me everywhere.

I slowly shook my head side to side suddenly feeling all gloomy.

“Sorry to disappoint you.”

And she was really sorry. I could hear it from her voice.

She held my face high with her pointing finger

“If you haven’t seen a waterfall yet, this is going to be a great surprise for you because this one is sooooo special.”

I could feel my spirits regaining its wilderness.


It came out like a whisper though I don’t know why.

“You’ll see why.

Shall we?”

She motioned her hands towards the dark forest.

Without any hesitation I walked towards that direction.

I heard Sid murmur “Girls” to Adrian to which he responded “Complicated.”

We chuckled.

The sound of water became more and more audible as we walked deep inside.

Ryan was leading the way. I and Helena followed him with Sid and Adrian behind us.

Ryan pushed past another tree branch and we finally came in face to face with heaven in disguise.

It was ‘I don’t know what’ long, but I think it almost touched the clouds. The heavenly liquid was pushed out of the edge and it collided with the ground in loud splashes. There was fog around it and the bottom formed a medium sized lake.

“If you open a little more widely I am sure your mouth is going to tear apart.”

I turned to see Adrian grinning at me and it immediately made my mouth shut.

“This is amazing.....” I murmured still looking at the godly sight in front of me.

“Believe me this is nothing compared to what i have seen.”

He said making me look at him with wide eyes.

“There’s more beautiful place than this?”

“Of course there is. I am sure Ryan will take you there sometime later.”

I slightly blushed thinking about our little trip.

I slowly nodded and turned my head only to find a smirking Ryan.

Idiot... He caught me blushing.

“So is the sightseeing over?”

Ryan asked getting back to his serious self.

I saw Helena near the water with her right foot dipped inside it. She was clearly enjoying the soothing feeling.

Nor was she the only one who’s enjoying but I noticed Sid looking at her with a spark in his eyes.

These two seriously have to talk someday.

We circled the lake and reached at the back of that waterfall. Enormous rocks blocked our way.

“Are you sure this is the right place?” Sid asked while knocking on those rocks.

“Helena” Ryan called her or more like commanded her.

As an obedient girl she moved towards where Sid was standing.

“Take your hands off.” Rude much. But Sid deserved it.

He quietly walked towards us and stood near Adrian who leaned and whispered

“Though i am the only one who can’t see your expression now, i can pretty much guess it.”

With that he laughed like a school boy.

But he was right; Sid looked as if he’s going to break into tears soon.

Ryan was still looking at Helena who is now chanting something while pressing her forehead on the rock.

Within seconds the rock moved apart revealing a set of stairs.

I gasped. This place indeed is special.

Helena, Sid and Adrian started climbing the stairs and I was also about to, until Ryan held my wrist. He came closer to my face fanning his hot breath on my ears. I couldn’t control the stupid butterflies in my stomach as well as the tingling feeling.

“The person who’s waiting us there is having a thing towards all the women in the world. If he makes you uncomfortable by any means tell me. You got it.”

Unable to answer, due to our lack of space, i slowly nodded.

I looked at Ryan to see his eyes sparkling.

I didn’t wait any longer but entered inside the cave followed by Ryan. The rock automatically closed on its own.

He stood right behind me and murmured.

“I like the way you respond to me.”

His voice sent a shiver down my spine. I wanted to say something but my stupid mouth betrayed me by sealing itself.

We climbed the stairs and was met with a huge wooden door. Ryan opened it and immediately his shoulders tensed.

I couldn’t see what was in there as he was blocking my view, so I pushed past him and found the other three same as Ryan, all tensed.

My eyes trailed to the other side of the room and were indeed shocked.

There sat in the luxurious couch was none other than Cole the almighty with a smirking face.

“Asmodius is my enemy too.....”


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