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Chapter 25

No one said anything. Not even Ryan.

This was supposed to be a secret hideout not a place where you expect ‘unwanted visitors’.

“Come on guys loosen up a bit.”

The sound was foreign to me as well as the person. But from his looks, I am quite sure that he is enjoying the situation right now.

Ryan shifted his right foot clearly not liking his presence either.

“James”.... Ryan addressed him with a sharp nod.

“Hey bro... was sup?” He asked to an annoyed looking Adrian, who didn’t respond anything in return.

And it seems like even James didn’t expect any reply from him.

“Hey hotty. You have a striking resemblance to someone i know.”

Helena’s face heated up a little, which made Sid jealous.

“It’s me James... Helena.” She said, a pink shade crawling at the side of her neck.

“Holy heavens. You are a changed woman...

Sid. You must be regretting now. Aren’t you?”

That was unexpected. Thank God he couldn’t see Sid’s face, because he was red as a tomato.

“Don’t bother yourself with my personal matters James.” He muttered under his breath.

Even Helena didn’t like the sudden interrogation as she looked everywhere but James.

Next it was my turn.... My heart beat increased thinking what he will say about me and how Ryan will react to it.

I am sure if he comments me in a wrong way, he’s a dead person. Because Ryan was sending daggers at him as he closed our distance slowly.

“Wow...look at what we have here. She is one hell of a....”


It more came out like a chorus. One was obviously Ryan and the other was... Cole?”

Cole was already standing from the couch with his fists closed tightly.

Ryan was also mirroring the same posture.

Great.... I am really going to enjoy this trip with these two.

“Well... well... this reminds me of two love sick teenagers fighting over a single girl. So cliché...”

Despite the warning given by two powerful creatures he was still approaching me, with an amused smile.

“Yet she’s worth the fight.”

His breath fanned my neck. Unlike Ryan’s this one gave me an odd feeling. Suddenly I felt sick to my throat.

“You have been smoking.” I bluntly stated.

I hate smokers. My expert nasal organs could sense one, miles away.

He chuckled, finally bringing some space between us. I breathed out heavily not knowing that I was holding it all this while.

“You are a good observant.”

“No you are a bad smoker.”

Why am I talking to him like this? I shouldn’t be wasting my energy on this arrogant son of a bachelor.

I saw Ryan smirking which is a good sign. Right?

“Hmm... Indeed a price...”

With that he walked away from me.

“Okay guys... you can stay here as long as you want. Ignacia is hard to find but I am sure she’s somewhere close.

There are only two guest rooms here which means you boys have to sleep together.”

“No way are we going to share a single room with this coward dog.” Sid spat with hatred. Still the so called coward dog did not even flinch. In fact he was enjoying the show like an outsider. not even considering he is being insulted by his opposite species.

When are they going to sort things out...

“Then he’ll stay with us.” Helena folded her arms threatening Sid to say more.

“With you guys?” asked Adrian not liking the idea at all.

“Yeah... I mean no offense Ryan... But he has to stay somewhere right? After all he is here to help us out.”

“We don’t need his help.” Sid hissed through clenched teeth.

Helena suddenly turned red and started to tremble.

“Not just help; you don’t need anything or anyone in your life. You think that you can survive in this world alone. According to you beauty is the only thing that matters.

Look at these two; they are here for Atty no matter how dangerous the situation is. And that’s what love is. You be with them whenever you are needed the most.

You don’t know what love is. You don’t know how your silly acts affect others. You don’t even care about others feelings or affection, because you are a breathing statue who’s just existing and not living.”

With that she stormed out of the living room and slammed the door behind her.

Sid stood there as if he’s hit by a large truck.

I was the first one to recover from her sudden outburst so I slowly walked towards him and placed my hand on his shoulder.

“Years of pain do that to a person.” I whispered trying to make him understand.

He nodded and smiled at me that did not reach his eyes.

“Where’s our room James?”

“Right there” He pointed his finger to a door in the left.

Sid weekly walked towards the room and was about to close before he looked at Cole.

He sighed contemplating himself whether to say or not before giving in

“Sorry for my behavior Cole. You can stay with us.”

Sound of the door being locked resonated the entire living room. It was that silent.

“Who wants Pizza?” And James’s voice brought us all back to Earth.

He probably went to the kitchen, I guess, and Adrian followed him like a lost puppy. I know he’s worried about Sid.

“I think I should go check on Helena.”

“No. Give her some time to calm down.”

Ryan has a point. If I show my sympathetic face now, that’s only going to make matters worse. I’ll give her some time to cool.

I looked at Ryan, only to see him glaring at Cole, who’s now looking at me intimately.

“Stop looking at my mate that way.”

Ryan said through gritted teeth. I know he’s controlling himself from attacking Cole.

But the werewolf was unaffected.

He looked at Ryan like any other normal person or even... below that.

“I have equal responsibility to her like you, though she’s not my mate.”

Ok. That’s my cue to interfere.

“Enough guys” I said in a tired voice. “I already had enough drama today and I am not wishing for it more.”

I didn’t bother to look at their faces before heading to where James and Adrian disappeared.

Food is the only solution I can find right now.....


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