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Chapter 26

I was munching on my fourth slice of pizza when James asked me something.


“I said you eat like a pig.” He said smirking.

I didn’t bother to answer him because he is right.... I do eat like a pig when am hungry. And who’s going to stop me? No one.

“So who are you going to be with? Ryan or Cole?”

Doesn’t this idiot have any other job to do???

I turned to look at Adrian for a support but he was dozing off right in the kitchen counter.

He should be really tired.

“Adrian?” He did not hear me.

“Adrian.” I called a bit louder this time and he jolted up from the seat.

“What? Is there any problem?” He was looking frantically here and there.

I sighed, a small smile gracing my lips.

“No. There’s no problem. You look so tired, so take some rest in your room.”

He scratched at the back of his head and slowly nodded.

“Call me if you want anything.”

I smiled at him and he left the kitchen.

I found James looking at me amused.

“That was a neat way of avoiding my question.”

“At least you understood that.”

He chuckled.

“So it means you are having confusion in choosing?”

He is ‘Hopeless’....

“There is no need to choose when I already know who I want to be with.” I said finishing the slice.

“Ok. So is it Cole or Ryan?”

"“Why should I tell you? You are not my father.” He is getting into my nerves.

“Dude... Relax... I am just looking if I got a chance.”

He is not just hopeless but shameless too.

I looked at him disgusted to which he responded with a toothy smile.

For next ten minutes everything was so quiet and boredom started to strike me very badly.

“So why are you against Asmodius?”

I hate saying his name but I could not find more interesting common topic than this.

His jaw suddenly clenched and the grip on his glass tightened.

“For a reason that I am not willing to discuss now.”

His voice held so much pain and hatred. I guess it’s something terrible that Asmodius did to him.

Knowing that there’s nothing more to speak I slowly got up and left ‘all serious James’ alone.


I knocked once, twice... No response. I opened the door a little, only to be welcomed by darkness.


Something shifted in the bed as a reply.

I entered further and moved the curtain blinds aside to let some light in.

Helena was lying in the bed and the pillows were socking from her tears.

“I thought witches were tough...”

“They have feelings too.”

Her voice was rough and filled with grief.

I sighed feeling sorry for her. I laid myself near her and without thinking twice, hugged her.

If someone told me that i would be hugging a witch in future...

Probably you could find him in a mental asylum by now.

Surprisingly she returned my hug, making me so warm.

“I have never loved a person like Sid. I thought we were forever. He made me believe that he changed for me. Even after everything he had done to me, I still cannot hate that stupid.”

She lifted her head and looked directly into my eyes...

“Am I that desperate?”

Though it was just a whisper, that single sentence held so much emotion.

“You are not at all desperate... But you are in love and so you admitted. It’s neither your fault nor his. Of course he has played with your feelings but still he does have something towards you too. I have seen it several times.”


“Yes... Just give it some time. Everything’s going to be all right.”

She gave me a genuine smile.

“I’ll give you some space to collect yourself.”

She nodded.



“You are a great friend.”

I did not say anything in return but just smiled.

With that I left the room feeling relieved. I walked towards the boy’s room (I sound like a mother) and was about to turn the knob when the familiar scent blocked my nose.

“What is it Ryan?”

I need not have to turn around and see if it’s him, just the tingling sensation in me whenever he’s near, is more than enough.

“Just checking on my mate.”

My legs started to wobble beneath me.

For heaven’s sake Atarah that was a mere sentence. So stop acting like a jelly bean.

“You know your heart could come out if it continues beating like this. Right?”

The nerve of him. I took a quick turn and faced directly into his jet black eyes. And suddenly I felt lost... lost in that mesmerizing eyes. I think i will soon be a poet, if continued like this.

“Like what you see...” He smirked widely and almost grinned.

“Not a bit.” I am never the type to surrender. Am I?

“But your eyes say another story.”

He lifted his finger and started to play with my disordered hair.

“That’s because you think so highly of yourself.”

His smirk turned to a fake pain.

“Ouch... that hurts.”

“It should.”

“But you know what hurts more?”

His eyes were invading mine.


I don’t know if he even heard that, because my breath hitched in my throat, making me unable to speak.

“That you are not mine yet... officially.”

My heart skipped a beat or two. I stood there like a statue.

He did not just say about marriage. Right? Or did he?

Am i ready for that?

Can i seriously become the wife of a vampire?

I didn’t know my mind could thing so rapidly until then.

His minty breath woke me up from my trance.

“Relax... I was only testing you. But honestly you should have seen your face. You looked like a corpse.”

His chest vibrated as he chuckled.

I slapped on his biceps trying my maximum to hide the smile.

“That was not funny. You almost gave me a heart attack there.” I glared at him but in vain.

“You are right it wasn’t funny. It was hilarious.”

I pouted and he chuckled more.

“But prepare yourself. Because you really are going to be mine sooner or later.”

This time he was not playing with me. I could sense it from his voice.

He walked past me and opened the bed room door only to hear a snoring Adrian.

Right....Back to normal.....


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