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Chapter 27

“Hey Sid. Wazz up?”

He was lying on the bed next to a snoring Adrian. His face all scrunched up.

“Apart from having a broken life and a deathly snoring friend, Yeah I am holding up.”

“But you love him anyways.” Ryan said in a duh tone.

We both sat on the couch with Ryan’s protective arm wrapped around my shoulder. And guess what, I am loving it.

“What? Him? Bro how can you say that even after hearing him.”

“He’s just tired Sid. Don’t be dramatic.”

I kept my silence, more interested in listening to their ‘bro talk’ rather than me blabbering.

“My life itself is a drama.”

“Well someone else has told me the same dialogue.” I said remembering Helena’s words.

The room was quiet for a minute then Sid got up.

“How’s she doing?”

“Bad time.”

“She hates me right?”

He looked so defeated.

Should I tell Sid that she loves him? No it’s not my place to say. Or, I could give him some hints.

“Sid. You really should talk to Helena. Like a proper talk. Just be patient and hear what she has to say.”

“But she won’t listen to me.”

“You can say that after you tried once. Maybe it’s for good.”

I smiled at him hopefully.

“I don’t know.”

He went back to the bed and hid himself under the covers.

“He’ll never learn.”

I muttered under my breath.

“He will... one day.”

Here comes the mysterious Ryan.

The door suddenly opened and in came James, still with a serious face.

Isn’t he over my question yet?

“Ryan, we need to talk. It’s urgent.”

Ryan got up from the couch following James outside.

“I’ll be back soon.” He called out before leaving.

I nodded leaning on the hand rest and closed my eyes welcoming a little sleep.

Darkness surrounded me. I could hear Ryan calling me from a distance but can’t reach him.

Thankfully a small light lit the whole place.

It was more like a vast hall.

But where did that light come from?

“Ryan I am scared.”

I saw a muscular shadow approaching me from afar and it somewhat looked like Ryan.

“Ryan.... is that you?”

He nodded his head a little.

I happily ran to where he now stood, with his head down.

As i moved closer he appeared to be little taller than normal.

I slowed my pace and watched the form in front of me carefully. It was clearly not Ryan.

This person was broader with longer hair.

“Who are you?” My voice started shaking.

He lifted his head and for the first time I saw devil in face to face.

He smirked indicating how cruel he is. Fear consumed me immediately.

I took a step back and he reciprocated by taking one front.

“Tell me who you are?” I tried to sound like am not afraid but in vain.

“How can you forget me?”

“Who are you to be remembered?” I shot back.

“Me? Oh I am the one who killed your pathetic excuse for parents.”

I stood frozen in my place.

“Asmodius...” I trailed off..

He laughed evilly and his sound resonated the whole hall. It made my ears bleed.

“STOP” I yelled covering my ears.

But he continued laughing.


I was shaken by someone vigorously.

“Atty get up it’s only a dream.”

I refused to open my eyes scared of whom i might see.

“Atarah, get back to your senses please.”

I did what he told and found a concerned looking Cole kneeling near my couch.

“Asmodius.... I..... I saw him.”

I stammered breathless.

Cole’s grip on me tightened.

“In your dreams?”

I nodded.

“This means he knows about you. He’s trying to communicate.”

Cole was more like thinking aloud.

“Communicate? And that too through dreams? Doesn’t he have a phone?”

“Just know that it’s a bad sign.”

“Is he going to come after me?”

“I will not let anything happen to you. Ok”

I don’t know why, but I felt relaxed hearing that from him.

“Where’s Ryan? And what time is it?”

I slowly sat straight, my heart beat coming back to normal.

“It’s six in the evening. James, Ryan and Adrian went to meet someone who happens to know about Ignacia. Sid went for a walk and Helena is still in your room.”

“Did she eat anything?”


He was now staring at me so intimately. I suddenly felt guilty for him. I know he has something for me but my heart already belonged to someone else. To it’s true owner.

“Cole... you see...”

“You look just like your mother.”

He blurted out.

I looked at him questioningly.

“She was always like a big sister to me. My mother was a servant to her. When she died Lillian brought me up as her own younger brother. In fact she concerned about me just like how my mother would be.”

“I knew about their relationship. At first i wanted her to stop dating Raphael but then I saw how happy she was around him.

I used to act as a messenger between them after that. I even helped her to get out of that palace when they eloped.

I visited them often in the human dimension and once found out that she was carrying you.

She told me that am soon going to be an uncle. But Raphael corrected her saying that as I am younger I will be a big brother to their child. She even made me promise to be with you whenever you are in need.

She loved you so much Atty.”

A small tear rolled down my eye.

“I miss her. Though I haven’t seen her, I do miss her a lot and I am still missing her.”

“I miss her too.”

Suddenly I remembered what he just told.

“Wait... So you don’t love me?”

“Of course i love you. I love you like my own sister.”

Now that’s new information.

“But what about Alex? He told that...”

“Don’t worry about that. Alex likes me a lot and thinks that I should marry you. That’s it. Also you are with your mate, no one can replace that position, you know.”

“I thought you liked me in another way.”

“Of course I made it sound like that, so I can irritate Ryan. I don’t know why but I always liked it.”

I felt as if a huge weight had just shifted off my shoulder.

“You have no idea how happy I am right now. I have a mate and a loving uncle.” I screeched.

He growled to which I chuckled.

“I am not your uncle.”

“Of course you are. That’s what my mom told right?”

“That’s not funny.”

“Of course it is.” I pouted and then started to clap my hands.

“Cole is my uncle... Cole is my uncle....”

I danced around the room like a small kid.

At first he was angry but later gave up and joined me.

I like the reality more than my nightmare.


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