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Chapter 28

I sat near Helena, who was still under her covers, narrating the whole incident about Cole. Somehow I managed to exempt the nightmare part.

She’s only going to get more tensed than now. And I really don’t want to do that.

After listening everything patiently Helena removed her blanket and pulled me into a warm embrace.

“I am so happy for you and Cole.”

“Me too...”

There was a comforting silence between us, but not for too long.

“She chose Cole over Ryan?”

We both jolted around to see the unwanted presence. And there he was, with an amused smile.

“What are you doing here James?”

I asked irritated.

“Last time I checked, it was my house”

His stupid smirk.

“So your cocky nature is back.”

I said thinking how serious he was before they all left.

“What to’s in my blood.”

I did not respond anything. Why should I? It’s just a waste of time anyway.

After half an hour we all gathered in the living room.

There was a serious tension between Sid and Helena but luckily no one addressed it, not even James.

“Well, we came to know about some of Ignacia’s whereabouts and luckily she’s in the forest but difficult to reach.”

“Tell us something we don’t know.”

Cole yawned and looked bored, making Adrian unable to complete.

Cole has a point there, though he expressed it in a little rude manner.

We all know that Ignacia’s in this forest according to certain informants of Ryan and that’s exactly why we are here.

And we also know that Ignacia is difficult to find, well who doesn’t?

“Do you know that Ignacia is being chased by Asmodius and she’s hiding here?”

We all looked with wide eyes at Ryan. He was casually sitting, as if he just did not say that.

“She’s being chased?” It was Sid this time. Oh I forgot he went for a walk instead of going with them.

“And that too by Asmodius?” Helena completed our thoughts.

Adrian sighed.

“Well, I was coming to the point before being rudely interrupted by a particular someone.”

He sent daggers at Cole, who was clearly enjoying this.

Werewolves’ and vampire’s ego problem, I mentally face palmed myself.

“Just continue already Adrian.”

An impatient Sid said.

“Oh about that, Asmodius knows that Ignacia is the only one who can give us information that we require and somehow he wants to block it.”

“Which means he doesn’t want us to know what happened on that night” James stated as if reading my mind.

“This only makes the thing more important. And also we have to find Ignacia before Asmodius does.” Adrian pointed the obvious.

“What happens if Asmodius gets her first?” I have an answer to that question myself; still I wanted to confirm my doubts.

“She dies.”

Ryan only spoke little bit but that’s enough to make one’s heart beat faster, whether of excitement or fear.

I thought Asmodius will torture her but dying was another level.

‘For heaven’s sake, she’s a freaking Fire Goddess.’

“That doesn’t make any difference Atarah when Asmodius is evil himself.”

“You are a mind reader?”

James looked at me sympathetically and then chuckled.

“You said that out loud dear.” He patted my shoulder as if am his pet dog.

“Ok. The point is, we are leaving tonight for searching Ignacia.” Ryan said getting up.

“But we can’t. Not today anyway.”

This was the first time Cole talked after his interruption with Adrian.

“Why not today? Is the little boy scared?” Ryan said clenching his fist.

“It’s not that I am scared and you know it. But without a clear plan we cannot take Atty into this.”

“You think I don’t care about my mate? That I won’t do anything to protect her?”

Ohhh this is not going to be good. I threw a worried look at Helena who returned me the same.

“I know that you’ll protect her even after you are dead.”

This took Ryan by surprise.

Not only Ryan but everyone was now staring at Cole as if he has grown two heads, including me.

“Then what’s your problem?” Ryan was still sharp but much better than before.

Now that’s a change.

“It’s not my problem Ryan, it’s Attys.”

I looked at him wondering what my problem is.

Ryan also looked at me questioningly, then back at him.

“What’s with her?”

“Asmodius... he tried to communicate through her dreams.”

There was big noise of a glass breaking.

It was all so fast, stupid vampire speed. Because the next thing i saw was James standing in front of shattered glass.

He broke the glass table!!

And he’s a vampire. (Only for confirmation.)

We all looked at him horrified as his face was of a.... serial killer perhaps. I don’t know, anyway it was that dangerous.

Ryan and Cole looked unfazed. How do they manage to remain so calm?

“He’s doing it again. I am going to kill that son of a bitch.”

James hissed through clenched teeth. He once again punched on the already dilapidated table before storming out.

I kept on staring at the door when Ryan sat next to me.

“What happened to him?”

“That’s a long story for another time. Now, from when do you have these dreams? And you didn’t think it’s important to tell me?”

I sighed. I knew it would hurt Ryan’s pride, especially when that came from Cole.

The thing is I was about to tell him after this gathering. Too bad Cole interfered, though am happy he did it. Because now it will be less of a strain for me to even start this awkward conversation.

“I am sorry Ryan; you have to hear it from someone else. But I was going to tell you anyways.

And the dream just happened after you left, while I was taking a nap. Cole found me screaming and I told him everything.”

He sighed. “It’s just... I got a little pissed off.”

“I know.”

He looked straight into my eyes

“Did he hurt you?”

“Cole?” I asked glancing Cole, who was eagerly watching us.

“No, not him, Asmodius.” He gritted.

Memorizing that terrible dream is really hard for me. How can i not?

“No...” I trailed off.

“Are you hiding something from me?”

“No... No it’s not that. I just cannot even think of him. His evil laugh is still dancing around my ears.”

He let out a deep breath.

“I am not going to let anything happen to you.”

He said taking my hands in his.

“I know that. Cole told me the same. He was actually...”

I stopped mid-sentence when I found his grip tighten.

Ohh how can I forget? Fool... He doesn’t know that Cole considers me like a sister.


“Atty?” I was interrupted again by a smirking Cole. He got up from his seat and walked towards me. Now what!!

“What do you want?” Ryan asked trying maximum to keep his posture.

“I just want to tell her that she could rely more on me in future same like today.”

My jaw dropped after hearing him.

I know he is trying to play Ryan. But I guess it’s not the perfect time now.

And my assumption was right. Ryan threw a punch at Cole all of a sudden.

Though blood was oozing out of his swollen lips, Cole still had a smirk plastered.

I looked frantically for others, but they were missing. God.... great time for ditching me.

“What? Don’t you believe your mate?”

Cole is making matters worse. Why is he doing this? Why to me after everything?

“I believe her with all my heart. But it’s you who I don’t trust.” With that Ryan lunged towards him. Before anything serious could happen both of them were torn apart by James.

“Are you guys trying to play cat and mouse at this moment. I thought you were better than that.”

For the first time I like James.

He may be a jerk but a sensible one.

Cole and Ryan still looked as if they are going to rip each other’s head apart. And it might have happened if.......

I shuddered at the thought.

“As I can see that both of you are not in a good mental condition, I am taking the decision here.”

He looked at everyone before continuing.

“We will leave at mid night. I have made necessary arrangements for her protection. Any questions?”

But his looks said opposite. So we all kept silent.

“It’s decided then. Helena and Atarah, come with me.” He turned to leave and we soon followed....but before exiting, I looked at both of them coldly.

“Cole... never ever try to do that again. Ever.” He hung his head low, but his small smile didn’t go unnoticed.

“And Ryan, for your information, Cole is my brother.”

It was Ryan’s turn to be shocked though he masked it in a mille second.

“Or to be precise my uncle.”

With that i banged the door shut.


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