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Chapter 29

We were outside the main door. James led the way to some stairs. There’s a second floor here?

Helena was in a complete silence. She might be angry with me for not telling her about the dream. But I had my reasons.

I decided to give her some time to calm down.

As we came to the end of stairs, another wooden door blocked the way. James took out a key and unlocked it. The door opened with a screech and we all entered.

I and Helena gasped at the sight in front of us.

In there were deathly equipment that would be enough for winning a battle against Thor.

Maybe not that much but you got it, right?

“Are you planning on World War 3?”

He looked at me with a slight smirk.

“I am not planning to start one but these have helped me in the previous two wars.”

“I did not have any weapons. Still I fought well.”

Helena said and shrugged.

I didn’t know what to say. Two of my acquaintances are simply talking about their experience in world wars while my grandmother hasn’t even had my father’s fetus that time.

Wait... what a fool I am. probably my father would have been the one who led world war 1. Of course, after all he’s older than both of them.

I felt like a kid being between two of the ancient creatures while they rambled on their adventures.

I cleared my throat. Still they were in a deep conversation.

So I walked towards the accessories and saw one old model gun. It looks so small.

Without thinking twice I took the pistol. Suddenly the whole place was lit with red laser lights.

“Atarah don’t move.”

Though James was yelling I could not hear anything due to the sirens.

“What’s happening?” I shouted.

“You happened. Why did you take it? These weapons are under strong security.

If you take one single step we will be shot by hundreds of bullets.”

“Well you should have said it in the first place. How the hell will I know?”

“Now you are blaming on me?”

We were shouting at each other like maniacs.

Helena seemed to be helpless between us.

“Because of you we all are going to die.”

I suddenly felt the urge to kick him. He kept on blaming me and that only added heat to my boiling blood.

I suddenly experienced a solid ball in my left palm and given the opportunity I threw it at James.

He was fast enough to duck my fire ball but it collided with the security system behind him making it shut off.

The room was once again silent except the annoying sound coming from that stupid machine.

James looked back at his melting security boards and let out a groan.

“That would have been me.” He didn’t take his surprised eyes off me.

“Well... you provoked me.”

I said as if that’s a big crime.

He was about to say something but stopped knowing that am still angry.

“Holy freaking shit”

We looked at Sid who was now standing near the door. Actually all four of them were there.

“Who did that?” Ryan asked to no one specific.

“That’s your mate’s art work. Isn’t it beautiful?” James gritted with a fake smile.

Ryan’s lips tugged upwards but controlled his smile seeing James’s face.

Cole on the other hand was rolling with laughter.

Adrian looked at me and smiled genuinely.

“I am never going to mess with you again.”

That brought a giggle out of me.

“Are you ok?”

Sid asked to Helena with a concerned face.

She looked a bit shaken but nodded her head slowly.

“Why did you take the girls here?”

Cole asked after his laughing session.

“I thought it will be good to give them any of these for safety. But that won’t be necessary after this.” He said pointing to the damage I made.

I must say I am not even slightly guilty. He deserved it.

“Not only them, but it will be better if we also have some.”

For the first time I saw Ryan acting like a child.

He rubbed both his hands and went over the table. Ryan took each one of them and examined it with keen interest. Soon he was joined by rest of them.

I decided to keep my old looking gun, not wanting to go anywhere near those things again.

After fifteen minutes each of them settled with different tools. When I saw everyone holding long guns, bullet chains and all, I constrained myself from singing

‘Cuz baby now we got bad blood...’

That would have been hilarious.

We all headed to the first floor with our gears, except James and Adrian who stayed back for fixing the security.

All thanks to me.

Once we reached Sid and Helena went to their respective rooms as expected.

“I am impressed.”

Ryan smirked.

I smiled at Ryan before placing myself near him on the couch.

“Me too” I had a winning smile on my face.

“I am so proud to be your brother Atty.”

Cole said sitting on the opposite chair.

“But I am disappointed in you.” And poked my tongue at him to which Ryan chuckled.

For the first time I felt comfortable with both of them together in one room.

One hour later we packed everything and were ready to leave.

James still had his grim face on and Helena avoided me through the hour.

I entered the kitchen where she was packing canned foods and few packets of frozen blood.

(Yup, I became familiar with that. They don’t use it all the time but for maintaining energy vampires still need to feed on blood.)

“Helena I am sorry.”

Apologizing is not a bad thing for me especially when it’s my mistake.

She continued her work as if I am not there.

“Look I know. It’s my fault. I should have told you, but you were already in a mental stress so I didn’t want to increase that. I know you care about me that is why I was unable to tell you.”

Still no response, I sighed.

“Also I couldn’t even think about that dream without having a mental concussion. Thank god Cole helped me with that, otherwise I can’t even imagine explaining that terrible thing myself...”

She strode towards me and hugged me so tightly as if her life depended on it.

“It’s me who should apologize. I was selfish for thinking about myself. Sorry Atty, so sorry.”

We shed some tears and I told her the whole dream but choked on my words in between. She cried along with me and hugged again.

“Please finish off the drama and get out of my kitchen.”

I think it’s his entertainment to disturb our beautiful moments.

“Are you provoking me James?” I wiggled my eyebrows and his face went all serious with a bit of fear.

“Don’t even think about it.”

We both giggled like school students. Now that’s settled.


“Where are we heading to?”

I asked panting. We were walking for almost two hours. It’s a good thing Ryan’s carrying my backpack; otherwise i would have been dead by now.

“Ohh is the pretty little princess tired?” Cole cooed.

I sulked and trailed behind them, cursing under breath.

“Why aren’t you flying?”

She’s a witch then why not use her powers?

“Because my sister is walking”

I ruffled Helena’s hair lovingly making her swat my hands.

After half an hour I was exhausted like a running dog.

I lay on the grass as if am a dead person.

“You can leave me to die here.”

I heard Adrian mutter ‘Drama Queen’ but didn’t care less.

My eye lids gave out and relaxed on to the cool night breeze.

But the ground under me suddenly disappeared and I was floating in the air.

I opened my eyes to see Ryan carrying me bridal style.

“You weigh like an elephant.” He said after watching me staring at him.

“If you can’t even carry your mate, then you are no strong vampire.”

I slapped on his chest.

He chuckled which vibrated through my whole body.

I looked up at the shining stars and the beautiful dark blue sky. They seem to be happy for us just like me.


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