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Chapter 3

He smiled evilly at me and expressed that every one of my desires would be conceded except for leaving this hellfire. The nerve of him!

“You know what, this place sucks. You told me I could wish anything that’s normal. And all I wanted was for you to release me from this God damn place but you are saying NO. Isn’t that normal enough or don’t you keep your word?”

I shouted on top of my voice.

He recognized me with simply a smile. That is so infuriating....

Anger came storming to my head and shouted the most dangerous words.

“I’m hungryyyyyy.”

If anything, that could stop me from murdering him now is food. Don’t ask me from where I get such appetite; it’s just in my blood. I eat and eat and eat, but I still manage to maintain a lean frame with ample curves for me to be satisfied after wearing a body fit dress.

He immediately stood up with a guilty face and turned, walking towards the exit. He shouted to someone and within five minutes my food was served. Well, at least that was fast. The aroma of freshly baked bread and bacon filled the place. I was so hooked up in the smell such that the clinging voice of my chains being released didn’t deter my attention. I picked up the fork and shoved the whole plate within minutes. Hell with lady-like manners.

After completing the mission successfully, my eyes roamed my surroundings only to find the self-praising Greek God with yet another amused eyes. I treated him with chilling disdain and chose to leave the room, regardless. But unfortunately he interrupted me by enclosing my left wrist with his large chilly hands. How dare he?

“No, my woman, you are not approved to leave this spot, since you constrained this on yourself. You need to stay restricted for one more hour, as indicated by the law book for attempting to get away. Then you can leave back to where ever you want within this mansion. That’s the least non harmful punishment we could give for your misbehavior.”

He asserted the words ‘within this mansion’ to specify that I am really trapped here. Furthermore, does tying somebody on the post for two hours be innocuous? I truly need to know who wrote that law book.

You see, I am usually a joyous woman, but I just hate others telling me what to do and what not to do. Even if he’s a vampire, I am an independent lady. At least I became one today, so there’s no way he’s stopping me from my rights.

I disregarded him and began stepping towards the entryway, yet was quickly halted by him once more.

“No sweet girl, you can’t just leave this place without completing your punishment.”

That’s it, I was on a fine string before, but right now the situation spun out of control.

“Who the hell do you think you are? I realize you are punishing me for leaving this deadbeat place, but who wouldn’t when you are being grabbed? Do you take me for a moronic or something? You think I am some sort of toy to play with? Tune in, Mr I am not a quiet individual and I am doing whatever it takes not to hurt your vain pride but rather you are pushing me to my skirt. You folks capture me and afterward punish me, and all I need to continue doing is sit quietly and make the most of your joke plays. Sorry chap, but you are meddling with a wrong person. I don’t mind whether you are a vampire or a parasite, however I am a human and I need my right to freedom now.”

Good God, I am super cool...... Somebody ought to have snapped his photo since it was great.

His jaw was dropped somewhat and eyes wide, yet when I followed his look, it was not towards me but on something at my back which really angered me more than previously.

I’m conversing with him and he is gazing at something different. How intense of him. Doesn’t he know anything about manners? I promptly snapped

“Man, where do you think you are taking a gander at? My face is here.”

Still, his looks remained the same. I irately turned around to perceive what he was unexpectedly keen on, but halted abruptly when I found the king of Greek gods. The other guy is nothing compared to this person here.

Is he a vampire or a resurrection of ‘Zeus’? Since that man before me was past any female’s creative mind.

He had dim earthy colored hair that was in a muddled wave, his eyes were coal black which I have seen no place else (not that I have seen many still...) His nose was prominent and had wonderful blushing lips. His facial structure, OMG, is entirely molded. I meandered my eyes towards his ideal body.

He was wearing a dark suit with a white shirt, dark tie and dark shoes, giving him the appearance of an enchanting yet cool finance manager. Maybe he’s from Men in Black. Who might know? The sky is the limit in this strange world.

When I looked at Mr. Perfect again, he was furious. Why was he furious?

“Finished drooling?”

His definitive, smooth voice cut through the quietness of the room. I was so centered on him it took me a couple of moments to handle his inquiry. I reddened somewhat, however I am never the sort to surrender, am I? So countered back at him.

“There’s nothing worth slobbering over your ineffectively sculptured body.”

An immense lie..... Indeed, even his hair merits slobbering for quite a long time.

There was a sudden gasp from behind me which brought a smirk to my lips. Guess I am the only one who spoke to him like that.

Ha, my pleasure!

If only looks could kill, I would be dead already. Mr. Perfect was literally burning holes through me with his mesmerizing jet-black eyes.

Hold your mind Atty, don’t lose to him.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Are you trying to intimidate me? Because it’s seriously not working”

I said, folding my hands over my chest, which is frantically beating now. My poor rib cage!

I thought Mr. Perfect would snap my neck at any point in the near future, however he was quiet, quiet as in a sort of quiet which bothers you like hell.

“Adrian, leave her”.

With those words, he evaporated like a phantom. I presumed that vampires have extraordinary speed, yet encountering it with your own eyes is far past one’s creative mind.

I turned to find the Greek god, whose name is supposed to be Adrian, looking at me like I am a foreign creature.

“Now what are you looking at?”

A grin discovered its way towards his pink lips.

“They have been right; you are one of a kind, special indeed.”

I don’t have a clue what he implied by that however I was plainly not expecting those words from him; it caused a light shade of pink creeping on my neck. To maintain a strategic distance from any further shame, I shrugged at him in a cheeky way and left the room.

Thank god I know my way back. It was on the subsequent floor while I have been detained in the third.

On my way to the steps, I heard a radio playing Cheap Thrills. It came from one of the rooms in the hall.

It is extremely unlikely I am leaving it undetected as it gets a fifth position in my favorite playlist.

I remained before an entryway from where the melody was more audible. Shutting my eyes, I began to murmur alongside the tune, and afterward it advanced to mouthing words. Later I was singing a bit loudly, however, when it went to the significant part I was shouting.


My sound was scarcely heard when a teen kid, presumably my age or somewhat senior, remained close to the presently wide opened entryway.

I’m screwed...... again.....


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