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Chapter 30

I jolted up feeling someone stroking my cheek. This was not the usual relaxing one; on the other hand it made me feel sick to my throat.

The dark room’s empty and i was on the floor. Which place is this?

I thought I slept in Ryan’s arms.

A distant sound of footsteps approaching made me alert. It was nearing with each second.

My heart rate increased to a whole new level and it would soon break my rib cage.

The hooded person had a candle with him. By seeing his masculine figure I immediately knew who he was. After all how can i forget my worst enemy?

Gathering all my courage i looked through his sinister eyes.

“You again?”

“So my previous introduction was worthy after all.” He was smirking like a moron.

“Shut up and tell me why you are here.” I gritted.

“You are feisty just like your mother.”

“You have no right to talk about her.”

I yelled, suddenly feeling the urge to drown him. Only if that was possible.

He laughed. But unlike before I was prepared. So his evil laugh affected me lesser.

“Stop acting like a fool and tell me why you are here.”

He looked at me like he’ll drain every drop of my blood.

“I am here to tell you that you’ll never find Ignacia. So ask your little boyfriend to stop searching and prepare for the war with me.”

“You don’t tell me what to do and what not to do.”

I spat at him with venom.

“Believe me dear only I have the right to order you.” He said leaning towards me.

I jerked back looking at him with disgust.

He smiled seeing my discomfort.

“I am leaving now but I will be back soon.”

With that he vanished into thin air.

Suddenly it felt like someone pulled me into a deep hole and soon darkness covered my eyesight.

“Atty get up.”

I blinked few times to adjust with the piercing daylight.

Helena was right beside me, whose face was filled with fear.

“You scared the living hell out of me. Was it bad this time?”

“How can it not be when it’s Asmodius we are talking about.”

“Right, what did he say?”

“To stop searching for Ignacia, Whatever, Where are the others?”

She sighed and helped me to be on my feet.

“We have come a long way. Ryan and Adrian went to look for further directions. James ditched me with that fool and we ended up in another fight. As expected he left. So here we are in the middle of a wild forest alone. Anything else you want to know?”

I smiled at her. Witches may be short tempered and arrogant but that’s only a way to hide their true emotions.

“Nope, That would do for now. I am hungry.”

We spent almost an hour gossiping and eating and all the other things that two teenage girls would do. Sometimes I even forget that she’s a witch.

We were soon joined by rest of our team. Yeah I would like to call us a team for some reason.

I told everyone about my dream and this was Ryan’s reply

“There’s not a single moment to spare. We are almost near her.”

And so we walked and walked and walked.


“Shit.” I raised my head to face an angry Ryan. His sculptured head was enveloped by a massive map which he claimed to be given by the informer.

“What happened?”

Sid mouthed our thoughts.

“The point where Ignacia’s said to be is right here. But there’s no sign of her.”

“Maybe your informant got it wrong” Stated James.

“No. He’s the best when it comes to stalking or locating.”

Adrian supported Ryan.

It means we are lost, Right?

I looked around my surrounding. A beautiful lake encircled the place. It was a perfect round and the water was so still. It didn’t seem to be affected by the cold wind. Well that’s typical.

“We’ll camp here for today. It’s dusk already.” Said Sid dropping his backpack, followed by us.

Ryan still had his head on the map. I know he’s under too much pressure and regretted for me being the reason.

I looked at Helena and she nodded in response, clearly reading my mind.

I took baby steps to him and kept both my palms over his large ones, which was holding the piece of paper. He looked a bit taken aback but relaxed seeing me.

“I swear I will find her before him.” He more like said to believe himself.

“I know you will. But right now come with me.”

I didn’t allow him to respond but started to drag him towards the lake. The others were trying to build small tents, so none of them bothered us.

“Where are we going?”

“We’ll simply walk around the lake. You’ll feel light headed then and will be able to think properly after that.”

He nodded in response and we silently made our way to the opposite side. I am glad he accepted my idea.

The weather was so peaceful and light breezes graced our faces. If it was any other time, this could be called as a romantic eve. But for now we have so much going on in our minds and romance probably secured the lowest position. Not that I am complaining.

Ryan sat on a large rock and tugged my hands to join him, which I happily accepted.

I slowly immersed my legs through the warm water just like Ryan.

Wait... What?

Warm water?

But the weather is so cool then how can the liquid be warm.

I glanced at Ryan who had the same expression as mine, Confusion.

I touched the water with my hand and suddenly it started to divide.

Me and Ryan immediately got on our feet and stared at the now splitting water which actually looked like a gate.

On the other side I spotted Helena and Adrian with opened mouths looking at the now completely separated water.

Under that was a small house with roof covered in leaves.

The only door in that house opened and an elderly woman stepped out of it. She was shaking with fear and when her dazzling eyes settled on me, her pink lips parted with a sigh.

“Atarah” She looked at me with so much love and affection which actually scared me.

“Ignacia” Ryan said breathlessly.

It took a few seconds for my brain to start functioning again. And when it did my eyes widened with realization.

We made it. We found Ignacia before Asmodius. And she is the one who have whole solution to my problems.


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