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Chapter 32

“Say something Ryan, At least to comfort me.”

Raphael was pacing back and forth in the large library while Ryan sat on the couch, looking at his uncle with concern.

When Raphael first told that he loves Lillian, Ryan burst into a fits of laughter. But seeing Raphael’s emotionless face made him shut.

“What can I say?”

“Should I tell her?”

Ryan scratched his temple thinking hard on Raphael’s question.

“Even if you tell her, you know how the end will be right?”

“I know.”

Raphael sat on the couch making Ryan slightly shift from his position due to the force he exerted.

“I really know it’s not possible for both of us to be together, But I am not worried about the law right now. That comes second actually.”

“Then what?”

“Whether she’ll love me back”

“Well... like I said before only if you try, you’ll know.”

“But what if she has a mate unlike me? What if she loves someone else? A werewolf maybe...”

“Go and ask her man. How the hell will I know?”

Raphael bowed his head feeling defeated. He really wanted to tell her how he feels but is just scared of after effects.

“I’ll ask her to meet me today by the fields.”

“Send her a letter before you change your mind and be a chicken.” Ryan patted his ‘elder brother kind of uncle’s’ shoulder.

As for Raphael he maned up and immediately asked his personal servant to pass the message to his beloved. But the moment she sent her acceptance he was more than tensed.

Ryan was smirking evidently witnessing Raphael’s panicked state.

“You are not helping with your stupid smirk, you know.”

“Should I be helping? I thought the vampire prince was better than that.”

He sighed tying his shoulder length hair into a bun.

“Please Ryan. You know am not an expert when it comes to girls. But I don’t want to lose her because of that. I really love her.”

Ryan already got the point and smiled at Raphael genuinely.

“You are so into her man. Anyway ‘Ryan the almighty’ will help you on one condition...”

“And that is?”


“Whatever. So what’s your plan?”

“First impress her. Then know her heart and clear all your doubts. Later propose to her, if everything’s ok that is. Simple, isn’t it?”

“Actions are tougher than words you know.”

“Actually it’s quiet opposite.

Ok enough of pep talks; we have a long evening ahead.”

It was indeed long and eventful.

By the time Lillian reached the fields, it was deserted. There was no sign of Raphael or anyone. It was just her in the middle of long grown wheat paddy’s.

It wasn’t the first time that Raphael insisted on a meeting but it was the urgency in his letter that made her heart skips a beat. His tensed handwriting gave her no less comfort.

Lillian knew that Raphael had something towards her but the thing is that she felt the same, but scared to admit that because of the consequences.

She was so lost in thoughts that she didn’t hear Raphael calling her from behind.

He called again. This time she turned and faced him with a sly smile.

“Is there any problem Raphael?”

She asked looking at him concerned.

“Do you have a mate?” Raphael blurted suddenly and mentally face palmed for doing so.

Ryan did the same as he was watching them in quite a distance.

Lillian’s face frowned with confusion.

“Ummm. No. Why do you ask?”

“What about a lover?”

Raphael couldn’t stop his treacherous mouth. It was working on its own.

Ryan hid a snort. This was not going anywhere as he planned. But the best part was that Raphael has never been more embarrassed than now.

It wasn’t hard for Lillian to connect dots and know where this conversation was leading to.

“Why are you suddenly interested in my love life?”

Lillian smiled seeing Raphael’s red cheeks which almost covered by his hair.

After composing himself Raphael lifted his head and looked sincerely at Lillian.

If he loves her, he shouldn’t chicken out like Ryan said.

“I know this can lead us to nowhere due to the stupid law. But I can’t take you out of my mind.”

Lillian gulped hearing Raphael’s sudden boldness.

“I contemplated whether to tell you or not. And thought it as an infatuation but I know it’s not. I haven’t felt like this to any other girl. I don’t want to think about future problems or court now because it matters nothing in front of you.”

He took a deep breath before kneeling on the ground and opening both his arms wide.

Lillian was rooted to the spot and Ryan’s eyes were wide as saucers. This was not in the plan, but it’s actually better than that.

“Lillian Sarah Marleigh... I am so in love with you. You don’t have to tell me anything now, take your own time. If your answer is positive, I promise I don’t care a hell for these councils and i will be with you no matter what. But if it’s opposite....”

He avoided her eyes and looked down

“Please don’t let my stupidity ruin our friendship. I don’t think I’ll be able to live without seeing you.”

Though he murmured the last sentence Lillian heard it clearly and specifically.

She wanted to say yes immediately but restricted herself from doing something that she may regret in future. It’s an important decision in her life, shit it affects more than her life, her parents, her pack, everything.

“It’s getting late. I’ll take your leave now.” Lillian said hastily looking at everything other than Raphael’s sad face.

She may not be able to control herself after his confession.

Something pricked in his heart seeing her reaction.

But a single tear that betrayed her didn’t go unnoticed by Raphael. A slight hope lighted somewhere in his chest.

When she was alone again Lillian stumbled on her foot and collapsed on the floor letting out a sob.

She didn’t know that she was so in love with Raphael all this time. And the tear brimmed eyes he had when she left made her all the more depressed.

What have she gotten herself into? Lillian knows that whatever Raphael told today was from his heart, but..... There always have to be a but right?

She thought of avoiding Raphael from now on but her heart clenched in pain. She had never felt this ache before. And it’s scaring her.

After debating with her conscious mind Lillian came to a conclusion. She may lose everything because of her decision but for the first time she was going to follow her heart.

Raphael lay on his bed chanting “idiot”, while Ryan occupied the couch.

They haven’t spoken a complete sentence after the so called ‘eventful’ evening. Only an occasional “Alright?” and “Ok.”

Ryan blamed himself for encouraging Raphael to propose.

They were both thinking hard and the sudden rustle of leaves snapped both their attention to the opened window.

“Stupid wind” Muttered Ryan, and walked towards the window to close it. As he was handling the lock Ryan was faced with two large brown eyes staring directly at him.

He squealed and moved backwards, losing his balance and fell on the ground.

Raphael jumped from his bed. “What happened?”

“She happened.” Ryan said glaring at the now opened window.

Raphael eyed at the pointed direction and found a white she wolf with a smile.


She nodded.

“What are you doing here in middle of the night?”

He asked approaching the window followed by Ryan. She motioned Raphael to follow her. He looked at Ryan knowingly before jumping out of the window.

They walked into the woods slowly, an uncomfortable silence troubling them.

Lillian stopped in between and with a low growl asked him to wait there.

She ran to the back of a large tree. He heard some rustling behind it making him move, but stopped when Lillian, in her lady form approached him. She was beautiful and sparkling in the moon light.

She blushed seeing how Raphael was looking at her. Her emotion was in a rollercoaster already.

“Hey?” It was more like a question.

“Hey.” Raphael said still not taking eyes off her.

Who in the proper mind would? She was that gorgeous.

“I am here to say sorry.”

Raphael was pulled back to reality.

“Why are you sorry? It’s probably me who should say that.”

“No. I am sorry for running away like that....”

“It’s ok, after all....”

But she didn’t allow him to finish

“And for hiding my true emotions towards you”

Raphael felt as if his heart is about to explode.

“What emotions?”

She looked down blushing uncontrollably. She’s never the type to blush but now it seems like the most functioning thing in her body.

“Do you? I mean.... by any chance.... love me?”

Raphael’s voice broke at unwanted timings and his heart beat raced dangerously.

All it took was a single nod from Lillian to make his poor heart go wild and do a happy dance all around his throat and ribcage and everywhere he could sense a pulse.

Is he dreaming? Is he imagining things?

If this is a dream he wants to die right now. He thought.

Seeing ‘Raphael the stone’ Lillian chuckled. She moved towards him and placed her small yet long palm over his. Electric jolts passed between them.

“I do love you Raphael with all my heart, but I was blind not to see it.”

With that she shifted and ran like a wind.

Raphael was unable to move, he couldn’t even blink.

Ryan’s mocking cough took Raphael back in the present world.

He hugged Ryan all of a sudden and Ryan gave him a manly hug back.

Ryan was not a penny less happy than Raphael. He felt really great actually. His uncle or rather brother, as Raphael preferred, has finally found his true love.

After getting their hormones steady Ryan looked dead at Raphael.

“Now... what the hell about council?”


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