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Chapter 34

An angry growl made them detach from their intimate embrace. Lillian turned to see a fuming Alex, who was assumingly going to bite the living hell out of Raphael.

As he was flashily approaching, the Beta, Cole and Ryan rushed to the place, covering the couple from Alex’s intentions.

They insisted on an immediate council and to take necessary decisions there, so that he will not do something terrible.

Alex gave up after a long protest and left towards the Castle, again, not forgetting to send warning glares to his daughter and her lover.

Lillian and Raphael didn’t expect the ball to be their death cause but it ended on that anyways. Now they have no other option than to reveal themselves.

Ryan and Cole were with them all the time, giving small encouragements. Even Sid, Adrian and Helena were on their side.

Soon the council began, consisting of eleven officials from each creature, including human. The table was also occupied with Ryan, Ebenezer, Cole, Alex, Ignacia, Felicia and the list goes on with other Goddesses.

Raphael and Lillian were made to stand at two different corners, forgetting about their social position.

It was the official from fairies who spoke first.

“First we will let them talk.”

Everyone seems to be confirming it as the amount of silence only increased.

Raphael looked at all of them still maintaining the dignity of a Prince

“Lillian and I are in love for almost a century. And we don’t plan to stop it anytime soon.”

The boldness in his voice did pretty well to Lillian as she stopped trembling like leaf a little.

Alex pushed past the chair and was about to hit Raphael when Ebenezer blocked the way.

“You will not dare touch my brother.”

His eyes were cold and calculating just like Ryan.

Alex stopped abruptly and breathed a few times to calm him down. He will never be able to stand against Ebenezer alone.

“Are you approving their relationship?”

He seethed through clenched teeth.

“I am neither approving nor.... denying it.”

That erupted a few gasps and curses around the table.

Ignoring them all Ebenezer continued

“They have emotions just like us, but their interest happened to be something illegal. So as much as I want to help my brother, i also have the responsibility to protect the law. Hence I assure the whole council that my brother, the Prince of Vampires will no longer be committed to Lillian Sarah Marleigh.”

Alex was not satisfied but he had no other choice than to accept it and close the case. But it did everything to the two lovers.

A hysterical Lillian was forced out by Alex and his minions.

Cole promised to ensure the safety of Lillian and went along with them. Raphael on the other hand was calm, calmness that was clearly inherited by Atarah. He did not burst or cried but just thanked everyone including Ebenezer, for his support and left the room.

No one could sleep that night not even Ebenezer. Everyone was worried about Raphael and what he might do.

Lillian also spends her entire night closing out everyone including Cole.

No one had access to both of them, the whole night.

Next morning Ryan decided to break the ice and knocked on Raphael’s door. Hearing no answer Ryan broke the lock and entered only to find an empty room.

After a lot of search Ryan reached the fields.

And his guess was right. There in the middle was a high wooden tower with a small platform, which was usually used for guarding. The two lovers were sitting together, an eerie silence surrounding them. While Raphael was staring at the horizon, Lillian slept soundly resting her head on Raphael’s shoulder. They were in their own world embracing the beautiful moment.

Ryan was about to take a turn when he heard something rustling behind the large leaves.

“Who’s there?”

The warning tone was clear in his voice.

“Don’t be a drama queen. It’s just me.”

Cole popped out of nowhere with a smugly face.

“What are you doing here?”

“For something that you are here” He said in a duh tone.

Both of them settled on the ground covering them.

“You know for anyone coming from outside, we may look like two lost lovers.”

Ryan shot Cole with a deadly glare, to which he chuckled.

They spend almost half an hour sitting idly, enjoying the morning cold breeze.

“Lillian we have company.” Raphael said looking at their two dear brothers getting up.

“I thought we were the runaway lovers.”

Lillian was laughing as if nothing terrible had happened last night.

“I was tensed to death and here you are laughing like a moron.”

Cole slapped Lillian’s head lightly.

Her face changed to a guilty one. Mouthing a sorry, she hugged Cole like a loving sister.

“So you guys don’t seem to abide the rules.” Ryan was fully smirking, showing them his support.

“Do we look like we do? Nothing can stop us from being together.” Raphael stated with head held high.

And that was true. Nothing stopped them. They continued their affair for another thirty years. But this time they took more precautionary measures. Their meetings were held on midnight and avoided any incidents during parties which brought them together.

But as the saying goes ‘nothing can be permanently hidden’. Somehow the secret went out again. This time it was more than a breaking hell because everyone including Ebenezer was furious.

The lovers had no other option than to elope. With the help of Ryan and his power they managed to sneak out of vampire dimension to humans. Cole also helped in the process.

No one was able to track the runaway couples. For the first few months search was on its full force. Eventually everyone lost hope but the fear of a newborn filled their mind.

In the meantime Raphael and Lillian married and led a happy life in the middle of New York City.

They were visited often by Ryan and Cole.

The real problem happened between Sid and Helena. Though Witches and Vampires could marry, it affected them as Sid has Royal blood in him.

Helena’s father called Sid and convinced him to leave his daughter alone. When Sid didn’t agree he threatened to take Helena away and make her locked up in the punishing cell.

(Punishing cell was a place where guilty witches were taken and their powers deteriorated, which also included lot of pain.)

That did the trick and Sid lost in the argument. He was also made to promise that he will never reveal this to Helena, because of her anger. Her father feared she might fight against him and he didn’t want their close relation to end for Sid. In short Helena’s father wanted Sid to act the bad player boy so that Helena will leave him and neither will she fight with her so called loving father.

Sid succeeded in changing her mind but he suffered from its consequence. More than the curse, Helena’s betrayed face broke Sid’s heart. He was scarred for life from the moment Helena left him crying.

While weeping for her cheating boyfriend, little did she know that he was going to propose her for marriage.


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