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Chapter 35

“Ryan please come fast. It’s urgent.”

“Is there any problem?”

Ryan has never heard Raphael speaking breathlessly. And that was a bad sign. Something terrible has happened. Worst scenerios passed through his mind in a flash.

“There is a problem. And i don’t know how to deal it alone. Please be fast Ryan.”

Raphael was almost pleading and he didn’t have to say twice as Ryan was already slamming his foot on the accelerator.

“Is Lillain ok?”

“I am afraid she’s not.”

It was like the air got sucked out of Ryan’s lungs.

The call ended due to poor signal strength and Ryan prayed to almost every God on Universe to let his favourite people be safe.

Within forty five minutes (record breaking) Ryan parked the car and got out, marching towards the front door only to see a mad Cole. From the look on his face and shirtless body Ryan guessed that he came here in his wolf form.

Before knocking, a smiling Raphael opened the door as if he was waiting for them, of course he was.

“Took you long enough.” He said still maintaining the posture.

“What happened to Lillain?”

“Is Lillian safe?”

Ryan and Cole asked at the same time.

Raphale moved a little, allowing them the entrance.

“Why don’t you see for yourself.”

Both the boys were confused. Either Raphael has gone mad or he is digging his own grave by pulling a prank.

Cole went in first glaring at Raphael.

“I’ll deal with you later.”

Ryan did the glaring thing but did not say anything.

Lillain was sitting on the couch playing with her fingers nervously. Her eyes lighted up seeing the two familiar, yet worried faces.

She got up before Cole pulled her into a tight hug.

“What the heck happened?”

She looked at Cole and then back at Ryan.

“I fainted and we went to see a doctor as my energy drained like hell lately.”

Lillain glanced at Raphael, who was smiling from ear to ear now. He mouthed a ‘go on’ encouraging Lillain to continue. She nodded a little then looked at her now confused brothers.

A chuckle escaped her lips.

“And he said that we are soon going to welcome a new family member.”

Seconds passed and still both of them remained still.

Lillain’s smile slowly started to fade. But before it could vanish, a strong pair of arms lifted her from the floor, making her float in air. All she could hear was yelling and screaming and “Yess”.

The two boys for the first time acted their age. It was a child for heavens sake. Ryan frowned and motioned Cole to place her down, fearing that she might get hurt.

It was the best day of their life. The baby was going to seal their relationship. Now no one will be able to seperate them.

But after the excitement, fear crawled on everyone’s mind. What if the child is indeed dangerous to the world? What type of creature will it be? What if others find about it?

Hundreds of questions were unanswered and they decided to keep it that way. Its better right?

Ten months passed in a blur with all the flickering emotions of Lillian and an exhausted Raphael looking after her. Mood swings were the worst.

The pregnancy period was as normal, lighting some ray of hope that kid born will also be normal.

The previous cross bred child was born within three months. So it’s obviously better.

On the day of delivery everyone including Sid and Adrian were present. Helena sent her wishes apologizing for her busy schedule. But the real reason was clear as water. Sid...

After lots of screaming and sweating a soothing cry surrounded the place. A beautiful barbie doll was taken outside the theatre by Raphael. Atleast that’s what Sid said.

He looked shaken, and amuzement was filled in his eyes. Raphael couldn’t believe that he was a father now. And that too with a woman whom he loved like anything.

Everyone was more than happy and Cole soon got assigned as her elder brother.

But happiness was a small word comparing to what Ryan felt. That hazel eyes unlocked something in his heart. Yet it was indescribable.

Sparks erupted when he touched her small hands which soon engulfed his pinky finger, holding it tightly. He thought everyone felt the same as he have never ever met a baby before, not even Marg as he went for boarding school that time. (Yup vampires do have boarding schools....)

Ryan also had the urge to lock her up in a room so that nothing hurts her. And he determined to be a gaurdian protecting her from the evil outside. In short, that pretty little thing already stole Ryan’s heart.

“Did you name her?”

Asked a chuckling Cole as he watched her sneeze and turning her face into a red tomato.

“Yes.... Atarah..”

“Atarah” Ryan repeated the name like a chant. His tongue melted while calling her name.

“Yes. It means Ruler.”

“Then she’s going to make an adorable ruler.” Cooed Adrian.

Sid must also have been happy but only Ryan could say that.

Time fled as if it needed to catch a train. Soon Ryan was getting ready for attending Atty’s first birthday.

Atarah was raised like a normal human child. She haven’t shown a single trait of vampire nor warewolf yet. Raphael guessed may be she was none. Just a simple girl. And it was good that way.

Lillian crossed each number on her list as she checked the dishes on table. It was like a feast though only a handful were invited. Raphael decorated the whole place like a barbie house, with baloons and snow flakes and everything pink.

“Are you done Raphi?”

“Yes honey. Just a little touch here and there.”

A small yet grant party was what Raphael wanted for his little princess. Ryan, Adrian, Helena, Sid and few of their neighbours were the only guests invited.

Cole couldn’t make it that day as he was under major transition. But already sent his wishes and birthday gift which was a beautiful white frock.

The door bell rang and Raphael headed to the door, expecting no one at this hour. The party started at 8 ‘O’ clock and its only six.

But soon he regretted his actions as the evil himself stood at the door step.


Rapahel tried to hide his surprise amd anger but it was a failure. Asmodius is bad news. Rapahel only saw him a couple of times, during council meetings or so. It is said that he played a huge role in provocating the King to kill his wife and newborn, centuries ago.

Raphael’s eyes widened like a ball knowing exactly why Asmodius was here.

To take their daughter.

But that will never be possible. As long as he lives he will not allow Asmodius to kill his precious girl.

Asmodius along with his minions entered the house and soon dominated the kitchen area.

When Lillian finally registered who the guest was, a bowl of hot soup shattered on the floor, making her feet imbalanced.

Everyone was dreading for this day.

“Hmmm.... delicious.” Asmodius purred like a cat, smelling the wasted soup.

“What are you doing here?” Rapahel asked throwing a protective hand around Lillian’s shoulder to steady her.

“Is this how you treat your guest? I thought better of you Raphael.”

Asmodius sighed and shook his head showing how disappointed he was.

“I guess i’ll have to be comfortable on my own.”

With that he moved to the couch. But before sitting Raphael interupted

“That won’t be necessary. We are quite busy. So it would be great if you leave us now.”

Raphael was gritting through his teeth.

“Rude much. I am honestly sad by your hospitality but i’ll pass it this time. Ok then, lets come to the point. I want Atarah. You know the reason and further consequences on denial.”

It was damn to the point which silenced the couple.

Lillain after a long time yelled “Nooo”.

“I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer Marleigh and you know it. Marcus!”

One among his members walked straight up to the nursery. How the hell do they know?

Raphael tried to avoid him but it only led to a big fight. In the middle Raphael took Lillian to the room where Atarah was crying and closed the door protecting it with a shield.

Bangs and curses eurupted around the house. If it wasn’t for his power they would have been already dead. Though they are soon going to be.

Raphael was pacing back and forth like hell while Lillian sobbed, hugging her little girl.

Seeing this made his heart break into million pieces.

They didn’t want to die. They didn’t want to end their life when it only started.

Determined to not give up Raphael took out his phone and called Ryan.

Ryan answered the phone while he was packing a beautiful gift for the beautiful baby. After half listening and half shouting Ryan literally snatched the gift box and rushed to the house.

Meantime Asmodius broke the spell and entered the room still maintaining the cool posture. His lips tugged up into an evil smirk seeing Atarah.

He moved towards Lillian to get the baby but Raphael caught both his legs, pleading to spare his daughter’s and wife’s life.

Lillian thought that the walls were closing upon on her when she saw the most bravest person she has ever seen begging shamelessly on the devil’s feet and that too for them.

She had the urge to bury Asmodius alive but knew very well that its never possible.

“Please don’t kill our daughter. You can take my life instead. I swear to God that she is of no threat to any living form. She’s a poor soul. Please. She’s anything unlike the previous monster.”

Raphael didn’t know what wrong he said as Asmodius became red and started to tremble with anger.


The whole New York might have heard him, still Rapahel and Lillian looked at Asmodius with blank face.

“What. Do. You. Mean?”

Raphael was breathless and so was Lillian.

Asmodius looked outside the window and talked, audible for only nearby people.

“I meant that the so called ‘monster’ is my son.”

No one spoke anything. Even young Atarah stopped crying.

“He’s not dead but only in a coma. He has been in that position for centuries. Everything is because of that stupid King. The moment he realised that i have an affair with his wife, he started punishing her. But still Ella loved me.”

He now looked at Raphael with burning eyes.

“Henry is not his son. He is mine. That idiot knew it and tortured both of them, especially when i make a visit during councils. He made Henry a monster by altering his gene with the help of powerful witches, right from when Ella was carrying. My boy destroyed everything that came across him. Taking this into advantage the stupid King tried to kill both my beloveds. I lost Ella but my men managed to save Henry. I later killed the King and claimed that it was me who gave him idea to kill the newborn and his mother so that no one will doubt me. ”

He sighed and turned his attention back to the outside world.

“Henry was barely living by the time i got him. He has never even grown an extra hair over these years. He is still my little boy. After lots of witch medications and checkups, they concluded that only the heart of a royal cross breed can save him.”

“After years i found her. She” he raised his pointing finger at Atarah “is going to bring my son back.”


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