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Chapter 36

He moved towards Lillian to get the baby but Raphael caught his legs, pleading to spare his daughter’s and wife’s life.

Lillian thought that the walls were closing upon on her when she saw the bravest person she has ever seen begging shamelessly on the devil’s feet and that too for them.

She had the urge to bury Asmodius alive but knew very well that it’s never possible.

“Please don’t kill our daughter. You can take my life instead. I swear to God that she is of no threat to any living form. She’s a poor soul. Please. She’s anything unlike the previous monster.”

Raphael didn’t know what wrong he said as Asmodius became red and started to tremble with anger.


The whole New York might have heard him; still Raphael and Lillian looked at Asmodius with blank face.

“What. Do. You. Mean?”

Raphael was breathless and so was Lillian.

Asmodius looked outside the window and talked, audible for only nearby people.

“I meant that the so called ‘monster’ is my son.”

No one spoke anything. Even young Atarah stopped crying.

“He’s not dead but only in a coma. He has been in that position for centuries. Everything is because of that stupid King. The moment he realized that I have an affair with his wife, he started punishing her, But still Ella loved me.”

He now looked at Raphael with burning eyes.

“Henry is not his son. He is mine. That idiot knew it and tortured both of them, especially when I make a visit during councils. He made Henry a monster by altering his gene with the help of powerful witches, right from when Ella was carrying. My boy destroyed everything that came across him. Taking this into advantage the stupid King tried to kill both my beloveds. I lost Ella but my men managed to save Henry. I later killed the King and claimed that it was me who gave him idea to kill the newborn and his mother so that no one will doubt me. ”

He sighed and turned his attention back to the outside world.

“Henry was barely living by the time I got him. He has never even grown an extra hair over these years. He is still my little boy. After lots of witch medications and checkups, they concluded that only the heart of a royal cross breed can save him.”

“After years I found her. She” he raised his pointing finger at Atarah “is going to bring my son back.”

“No. No please. You can’t do that. He will kill everyone. He’s a destroyer.”

Though Raphael tried to reason with Asmodius, it was all in vain.

“I don’t care a heck about the world. All i want is my son back. I want to be a good father for him. I want to hear him call me ‘dad’. I want to see him grow up.”

Lillian was hysterical when Marcus and the other man tried to take Atarah.

“My daughter may be a cross breed. But she doesn’t inherit any powers. She’s harmless just like a normal girl.”

Raphael pushed Marcus across the room.

Asmodius laughed humorless.

“Is that what you thought? That she’s a normal girl?”

He laughed again seeing Raphael’s and Lillian’s worried expression.

“She’s more than what you think fools. She’s a girl with infinite powers, but only a late bloomer. Her heart will make my son even stronger. And with him by my side, I will rule the whole world.”

Atarah was finally taken by Marcus after beating the pulp out of Raphael.

Asmodius carried a trembling Lillian by her shoulder.

“I am very much thankful to you for giving birth to Atarah. But your services are no longer needed.”

He snapped her neck in no time just allowing her to scream Raphael’s name.

Blood splattered all over the space and Raphael was too shocked to move.

He stood there with wide eyes watching the love of his life in two separate pieces. Her eyes were looking at his direction and he could still see the love for him, but only it was lifeless this time.

The other minion left Raphael and he stumbled to the floor, unable to keep his legs straight.

He slowly crawled to Lillian’s head and the pain in his heart was intolerable. He wanted it to be a dream.

He wished to go back to those times when Lillian used to sit on his lap and watched television. When they used to play hide and seek, when she dried his hair like a mother, when she fed him and sang to him, when she scolded him for stupid mistakes, when she says sorry first after a mini fight.

Memories flashed like a chain and Raphael could hold no longer.

He wished for a tear to roll down but nothing came. Emptiness.... that’s what Raphael felt.

But he was brought back by Atarah’s voice.


Doctor said that Atarah was a late talker. It was a routine for Lillian to make Atarah call her ‘mommy’. But when she finally called, Lillian’s not there to hear. Raphael’s heart broke into million pieces. All he has now is Atarah. And he was definitely not going to give up on her.

With determination and sudden strength Raphael managed to grab Atarah and ran out of the room. But he was soon thrown back and kicked.

Holding Atarah tightly by his arms Raphael got up and closed the door again. More of Asmodius’s men gathered outside the room.

A breathless Ryan entered the dilapidated house expecting the worse. But it was more than that when he saw Asmodius.

Ryan tried to fight everyone along with some of his own people and witch powers.

Somehow Asmodius got inside the room. This time, it was him who shielded the door, making it double stronger.

Raphael was kneeling beside Lillian, with Atarah laid down and a knife in his hand.

“I will never let you use my daughter.” With that he stabbed on Atty’s left chest.

A slow whimper was all she mustered before bathing in a pool of blood.

Asmodius was furious. He roared like a beast.

“You filthy son of a b*tch. You ruined it. You ruined everything.”

Within seconds Raphael’s lifeless body fell beside his wife and daughter.

After stabbing the life out of Raphael, Asmodius yelled and was about to burn them when he heard his shield breaking.

Ryan was using all his power to break the door.

Without completing his task Asmodius left the room through the window, cursing aloud. He knows what an angry Ryan could do to him, so he did not stay to take his chances.

When everything was silent inside, other than the outside noise, Ignacia entered the room out of nowhere. She knew this would happen. She knew it even before Raphael was born. Nothing could stop fate. But she was here to change it.

She was here to bring back Atarah, as she is the only soul who can destroy evil. Asmodius.

Ignacia picked the blood covered baby and started chanting spells. A bright light formed on Ignacia’s forehead.

After becoming a full circle, the light slowly moved towards Atarah’s stabbed heart.

The light disappeared as well as her injuries. She cried indicating her rebirth. Ignacia smiled at the innocent thing.

“Fire Goddess...” she whispered on Atty’s ear.

The door broke into two halves and in came Ryan. He was shocked and regretted for being late after seeing the two dead lovers.

After shedding few tears his eyes travelled to Ignacia and the child she’s holding.

Ignacia walked towards Ryan and handed him the baby.

“Keep her safe. She’s your mate.”

With that she disappeared into thin air.

Ryan could not believe that Atarah was her mate. But it explains his sparks and special emotions when she’s near.

Ryan held her close to her chest. He was not going to lose her, like her parents. And he also determined to take revenge on Asmodius.


End of flashback.

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